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  1. Normally I would agree wholeheartedly but there are extenuating circumstances which is why I’m unsure how to handle it. I realize that’s still an excuse but it’s where I am currently.
  2. I’m struggling telling a friend of mine who’s becoming more and more religious. I wish I had answers for you. I can only offer support. I love the idea of just coming out and telling my friend but I’m very concerned how she would handle it so I’m still holding out but it’s very hard. I’m living a lie. How are you doing with this? I realize I’m coming to this thread about a month late but maybe things have changed for you.
  3. What evidence do you have that the NIFB god exists and is also worthy of the amount of time and vitriol you spend on him? Genuinely curious.
  4. Welcome! I'd struggled for a while with wanting to tell everyone and yet fearing the repercussions. I haven't told the people who are firmly entrenched in their faith. What I mean is: I haven't told those who believe in a literal hell. On one hand it feels dishonest not to be open with them but I'm simply not ready yet. It's ok that I'm not ready yet. I hope I will be someday, but for now I go on as normal. This may be a terrible thing I did but I'd like to put it out there. The other day a friend of mine asked me if I would pray for her. I hesitated because I don't believe anymore
  5. I can relate. I will probably always have a baseline of anxiety, but I've been blown away how the active, daily, life-altering and inescapable anxiety I felt while I was still attending church has vanished.
  6. Wow, harsh penalty for asking that question!
  7. @Hierophant, Ah, thank you. I misinterpreted your question.
  8. How does a book using real locations prove it’s true? Lots of books mention locations that actually exist. Harry Potter is set in the UK. Neil Gaiman’s American Gods was set in real places all over the US, even using impressively specific real-life details about those places. Both stories are fantasy, even though they’re set in real locations.
  9. Welcome Jenni, I'm Katie. It's good to have you here. The "yes, no, maybe" of answered prayers certainly gets old eventually. I started wondering what the difference was between prayer and superstition. I got tired of praying for, say, a job, or a new apartment and then to have to still go out and do all the legwork! That didn't hit me until I attended a church where the prayer times went on for hours and hours and people would treat me as less than sincere when I needed to leave before it was over because of whatever reason it was that they decided wasn't legitimate. And then, a
  10. I’ve been fascinated following along here but also so flipping confused!
  11. There’s a Chinese proverb that says: Make sure in fighting the dragon you don’t become the dragon. It sounds like your rage is consuming you. I understand wanting to bring a group down. Be careful you don’t take yourself with it.
  12. This is why I don’t bother arguing with believers. It’s just a waste of time & energy.
  13. Exactly! I listened to a podcast once where a former music minister talked about using music to manipulate people’s emotions. That’s literally all that’s going on!
  14. I’m disappointed it’s not you in your house being instructed in cooking from your animal teachers. Sigh. Back to the topic...The biggest change for me is feeling free to spend my time how I wish guilt free. I no longer feel guilty for not spending every waking moment “in the Word.” I spent so much time studying it but when I was pursuing creative things I wanted to do - even if I was making something for someone else - I felt like I was doing something wrong. I was weighed down with guilt and shame over things like attending a craft event and enjoying it! I enjoy & appreci
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