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    I am an ex-christian who is liberated and free. I don't believe that there is one way to do anything in this life. We all have the right to choose what our truth is and for anyone to shame you for your truth is honestly disgusting.

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  1. @Myrkhoos Thank you for your response. Yes thanks for the reminder, Yea I have read up on a lot of those modern leaders and have learned about the sexist traditions. I think for me at this time, I try to just separate the good from the bad of every practice or philosophy and find what aspects work for me which doesn't. I have found the practice of yoga to really help with my mental stresses and overall body functions. There are aspects like the worship of Krishna that I do not partake in as I do not have a good understanding of Hinduism at this time and I just am not desiring to really worship anything anymore.
  2. @LeiaBryant Oh thanks so much!
  3. @Weezer Hello, oh interesting. Yes, to this day my grandmother is still a member and I will only go with her on mother's day due to her being up and age and It's just an hour so I feel I can manage to be in the environment for that long. Sometimes I have had to walk out especially one time when a young girl went on stage and said she was told to tell are her sins to someone. It's just mind blowing that all of those people think that is okay or the ones who don't think it is are just afraid to say anything. And they are quick to gossip and judge other churches. I will say some of the people are nice and kind but then there is just this other side to them that is just twisted.
  4. @LeiaBryant Hello, thank you for your response and nice to connect with you. That is great that you found your path and feel fulfilled. Yes, I am still finding mine and seeing what I truly connect to.
  5. @MOHO I appreciate your reply. Yes, It can be very draining to hear her go on and on at times about what she believes but I yea I just have to hold on to what I know and hold my tongue as well so I do not cause to much conflict, as I have no where else to live right now so I just try to avoid too much contact as best as I can.
  6. @AyahuascaPhoenix Thank you so much! I really do feel like it takes a lot of courage to leave something that for so long told you it was the only way! I truly am just looking for like you say peace and freedom! I don't have any fear though and I am excited for what lies ahead for me!
  7. @Geezer oh wow thank you so much for making that statement about the ICOC! Yes, whenever I am around them it seems so cult like and just unnatural! I do my best to keep my distance because their energy is very off. Thank you so much for the welcome and I look forward to learning more on the site!
  8. @DanForsman Thank you so much for your response. I agree with what you said about the difficulties that I am dealing with right now, it's true she truly is one of my last connections to christianity in my life right now, and once I am away I do believe I will have even more space to figure out my truth fully. It's so reassuring to know that so many other people have left the religion and are living wonderful lives, unlike how they think people end of living terrible existences. Much respect and I look forward to more discussions!
  9. @older Yes the exhaustion can be overwhelming some days but I just try to remember that my Grandmother's actions are not personal and that she is just deeply ignorant. Thank you so much for the welcome and yes all my classes have moved online so definitely have had to make some adjustments but i'm figuring it out! Stay safe as well and yes I look forward to contributing and learning on here very much!
  10. Hello All, Firstly, I hope that you all are well during this challenging time. I found this site today actually, because I was just looking for support. I would like to share my story and hope to connect to any other individuals who have similar stories and maybe we can just support one another on our journeys. My family was very religious and the practice of Christianity goes back generations. I am of African American decent and so religion and church in general played a huge part in my ancestors lives, post slavery. It gave the black community a safe space to socialize and just have a sense of peace. Unfortunately, what many of them did not understand and still don't is that Christianity was forced on them and their original African spiritual practices were stripped from them. So fast forwarding to my Grandmother and Mother, they continued the traditions of going going to church and reading the bible and believing that the only way to salvation was through the blood of jesus. In the 90's though my mother left the traditional black church and joined a church called " The International churches of Christ." Now I could really go on and on about that church but to keep it simple.. They believed that they were the one true church, and had their members believing that they had to share all of their sins with their leaders before they could be considered able to join the kingdom of god. So yes, my Mother joined that church and then my grandparents did as well. I was born in 1995 and so was raised in the church from birth to around 7 or 8. Fortunately, my Mother had a wake up call and realized the toxicity of that church and removed my family from it but my Grandparents remained members and are till this day. After my Mother removed us from that church we spent years basically church hopping. She was trying to find a new church home for us, but we never truly settled anywhere. As for how christianity affected my childhood, I grew up thinking that having crushes on boys was wrong, I couldn't listen to any music with bad words, I was told that I was a sinner and the only way I could be good was if I gave my life to god and asked him for forgiveness and many other things. Finally, in 2014 my mother and I found these Youtube videos exposing christianity and it's lies. From that day on we have never looked at christianity the same way again. As of now I am now on my own journey trying to find what I believe and agree with and what I don't. I found Yoga in 2016 and that truly has opened my mind to a whole new understanding of life itself. Unfortunately, I had to move from my home with my mother and step-father due to their issues causing me emotional and psychological trauma, to live with my still devout christian Grandmother. She is who I am quarantined with at this time, and It is very difficult at times hear her on the phone say things like, " people need to wake up and come to god during this time" or " People just need to repent from their ways and not turn their back on god". It just angers me because she and her friends act as if they know the truth and everyone else is beneath them. She says "they are the ones that are called" and as a person who is now receptive to all philosophies and ideas about life and the higher power and afterlife, having to be with someone on the total opposite side mentally is challenging. Currently, I am finishing my associates degree and have a plan to move in 2022, so I know this is temporary and I know that her ways are just based on ignorance but I can't sit back and say that to encounter that type of energy consistently isn't draining. I am grateful to have yoga and meditation as practices to help me cope with my current circumstances and I am grateful to have found this website and hope to connect to others trying to adjust to a life free of constraints from a psychologically traumatizing philosophy. All the best,
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