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  1. It was like being smacked in the chops by an invisible wet mackerel. I thought it hurt until I realised it wasn't real.
  2. It was after I asked this question (Did Jesus believe in the father while he was the son on earth?) The thread was terminated. I can now reflect on those 10 hours and theorise. But not a complete waste, I did buy MacDonald's inbetween those hours.
  3. I flew this same topic over at https://www.christianforums.com/ And no more than 9-10 hours later I received this in my inbox.
  4. Why would I believe in myself? Unless I am in denial of my capabilities.
  5. Christian's. Why is it necessary for human beings to believe? How can believing in something actually help us?
  6. I thought the holy spirit was presently living in me when I believed in Jesus, but it was as elusive as a ghost could be. No matter what conditions I set in favour of my belief, that type of ghost had a agenda of it's own. In the end it was either that I surrender to that ghost, or reject it completely.
  7. Once a person has accepted what they believe to be real, that belief will be as real to them as anything tangible in this universe. Of course Jesus and his invisible kingdom is real to many Christian's, because the belief itself has taken entitlement over their normal sensory functions. It constantly feeds the person incorrect information (As viruses do) that it may gain full control over the host's brain.
  8. The reason people need something to believe is because belief gives them easy answers to those confronting questions (A band-aid) that protects them from facing the fear of the unknown. So they'd rather make things up about reality, the universe and everything in-between, until belief takes over the world. The Matrix is not a computer generated dreamworld, it's a belief generated dreamworld.
  9. Yes, that's why your in need.
  10. It hasn't done anything other given me breathing room while I spend a significant amount of my day's living on the streets.
  11. When I waa around 14 year's of age, some friends introduced me to the RPG system CyberPunk 2020. It waa written around the 80"s, and I played it well into the early 90"s. My favorite character was the Netrunner. The concept of the internet of the future was similar to Johhny Mnemonic & Ghost in the Shell, that you'd Jack into the net physically. https://cyberpunk.fandom.com/wiki/Netrunner
  12. When the believer claims they have witnessed (Or received) a miracle, it's God meeting something they have been waiting on. But when the non-believer requests the same miraculous right the Christian claims they've gotten, the Christian will always deny them that right, simply because they request it.
  13. It was really needing to know Jesus, the Bible, the history of Christianity, ECT - That I was able to free myself from the belief of it.
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