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  1. Thanks Hope it helps anyone out there that has been indoctrinated, brainwashed and/or abused by the Xtian religious cult that people fall for
  2. Oh, come on everybody. you know the only answer that makes sense GOD DID IT!!!!! It's the same reason, according to the Bible, why the earth is not flat anymore, and has suddenly become round GOD DID IT!!!!! If we ever need any unexplained bullshit...explaining Either GOD DID IT!!!!! or SATAN DID IT!!! No evidence needed.....Evidence is an illusion sent by SATAN to fool us even though I need to check all the evidence when I'm buying my house and car to check that everything is working.....uuummm......."People do what suits themselves"
  3. It may seem that way because xtians try to potray the last times for their own agenda. The world may seem worse than ever before but that is simply not true. the world suffers less poverty, famine, wars, murders, pandemics then ever before.....Millions used to die from starvation before they invented the plough, now we have the least amount of starvation on the planet. Not many are killed in wars like they used to be. Look at the 2 World Wars compared to Iraq. We are now more tolerant of others compared to a hundred years ago, slavery has been abolished, workers rights, pensions, Medical advan
  4. Hope these help a little Christians are selfish people. They only spread it around to feather their OWN eternal nest in heaven with spiritual godly gifts and so that they are not classed as the LEAST thought of in the kingdom of heaven...... it's all ME ME ME Welcome
  5. If you want to reply. Reply to me in the lions den. i have a post in there that you won't agree with also "Example: Human behaviour from today and in the OT proves bible god is not real
  6. You said "No offence but if you aren't interested in truth you're going to be tossed about in this world and hurt." You can't claim you have sole rights to the "truth" from a non evidence book...You're telling lies. without evidence to substantiate what your book says then you are just telling lies. you can claim that you're not sure, uncertain, could be wrong, not verified....but TRUTH, not a chance Christians - You are completely entitled to opinions that are not supported by evidence. But the moment you spread that opinion onto other people as a fact, you
  7. Amen It looks like you're confusing the acts of fallible people, who are surrounded by lies and wickedness, with the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Can I ask you to provide an example of divisions in the church causing slavery? The slave trade was Jewish, I honestly can't recall reading anything about Christians setting it up. If anything, the early Christians preached liberty in the gospel. By executions I assume you mean the death penalty? If so, I haven't really thought about it much but I think I do support the death penalty for
  8. I think this is a misunderstanding, trying to delegitimize Christianity. By that I mean referring to people's beliefs as denominations instead of saying that all Christians (approx. 2billion?) have different ways to express their religion. Religion isn't a word you'll find in the bible a lot, it simply means the way someone acts according to their beliefs. If I take the example of eating the bread wafers and drinking wine. Some people think this is literal blood, some people think it's a metaphor. Which one is true? It doesn't mean there are 2 Holy Spirits bifurcating the church in to denomin
  9. Wasting your time even contemplating this... This book character and god of yours doesn't exist that's why he doesn't acheive anything or perform any "impossible" miracles. In fact praying to fresh air would acheive the same results Again....not rocket science. People are "seeing the light" and deconverting because most of the bible is lies
  10. Doesn't matter if I could only name 50 of them, it doesn't change the fact that their is only ONE HOLY SPIRIT telling people completely different information regarding this book. God is just a reflection of that person in the mirror. God's voice in your head is your own voice. That's why if people aren't happy with what they hear in one church, they change to another until they hear the message that THEY WANT TO HEAR.....It'snot rocket science
  11. The story of Aaron, Moses's side kick, is proof to me that Bible god is all man made crap It's very simple...Here's why Just imagine christians today. They've never seen this god of theirs, he's never verbally spoken to them, he's never shown himself etc etc and it's all just an illusion of the brain..... but there are many christians that will never except the truth that their doctrine is fake, no matter what, inspite of the total lack of any evidence...They remain absolutely convinced their book character, god is REAL Now let's have a
  12. Agreed....There are rules in the Bible also about there must be an interpreter if there are over a given amount of people speaking tongues otherwise it would be fake, or worse, dangerous. But then there are these problems...How the hell do you know what you are saying. Think about the worse curses you could be making without even knowing if you don't KNOW what is being said. Everyone assumes that it was good but how do you know!!! Also there are approx. 41,000 different Christians denominations around the world all with differing views on the bible and it's interpretation and this
  13. Sorry. I dont quite understand. There were no Evangelicals, Baptists, Methodists etc back then. The original church was just that, the original church.
  14. I could also add these my original post too as reasons There are approx. 41,000 different Christians denominations around the world all with differing views on the bible and it's interpretation and this has caused some massive divisions throughout even the British churches....Now there is only one Holy Spirit and this spirit CANNOT tell lies, so either there are nearly 41,000 different Holy Spirits out there all telling people different versions (master of confussion)...or there is only one Holy Spirit and YOU just happened by lucky chance to be following the right doctrine.....or
  15. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed. I suppose sometimes the accounts can be too long, which mine is guilty of too Here's a couple of statements to go with it that will make the xtians look like idiots Christians - You are completely entitled to opinions that are not supported by evidence. But the moment you spread that opinion onto other people as a fact, you are a liar. And if you spread it as a fact knowing it is not supported by evidence, you are both a liar and a fraud Your friends and neighbours have the same houses, cars, jobs, kids,
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