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    I am a woman who was "born again" when I was 16 years old. I was a devout Christian attending non-denominational churches until I was about 33-34. When my life fell apart, as I knew it, at 30, I was told I was "spitting on the cross of Christ" and essentially kicked out of my church home of 7 years. The duplicity of losing my dreams and my support system changed my views and caused me to begin to question, in anger, a God who would allow that to happen. That was the beginning of the end with him. While still questioning and starting to disbelieve anything said from a pulpit, I began working for a 3-letter agency on child exploitation cases and saw the worst of humanity, solidifying all of those questions about God and how he could allow things like what I was seeing and had experienced to happen. There is so much to say and so many reasons I am interested in connecting with those of you on this site that I was so glad to accidentally find it. Looking forward to learning more here.

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  1. My sincere thanks to those of you that responded after I last wrote. It is so incredibly helpful to hear your stories and know that I'm not alone. I did just submit my testimonial. I wasn't sure if I would because I don't have finality yet but a friend encouraged me to because of the things that led me to today. Thank you ALL again! I have found tremendous value in this space.
  2. I left my last non-denominational Christian church more than 15 years ago, after trying to be the “perfect Christian” for almost 20 years, but my journey of being in a love/hate relationship with God started in 2001. I had been married 362 days before and had just left my emotionally and physically abusive husband. I hadn't yet been hit but had been hurt in other ways and knew, the night before, that if I didn't leave, I would be hit soon. I had married this man, after a whirlwind dating experience, 8 months after we had met. I was 29, a month shy of 30, when we married, and I was sure that Go
  3. Thank you ALL so much for your responses to me. They all resonate in different ways with me and are really helpful as I think through all of this. I am here because I'm trying to work it all out. I'm not at an end, I don't have any finality in this, but I do know that at this point, I can't go back to a god who can't fulfill a promise. I know my problems are first-world problems but I feel like if he really was there, he should care about me just as much as he cares about someone else who has it much worse. And it sure doesn't seems like he cares about them either. So much to process... I am w
  4. I lived about 20-years of my life as the "perfect christian". I followed ALL of the rules, I taught Bible Study, I was a counselor for teens at a christian camp for many years, I oversaw the junior high youth group, I was on the worship team, I helped lead retreats, I baptized some of those junior high students, I went on mission trips, I did, I did, I did, in order to please god, follow his plan, be an example, earn his favor. I just realized yesterday that I was probably attracted to Christianity, at 16-years-old, because I was a rule follower - I strived for perfection - in everything I did
  5. Thank you so much - I really appreciate the invite to share and am so glad I found this website just when I needed it.
  6. I know I'm late to this posting but I just found you all this past weekend and am reading through as much as I can. Margee, thank you so much for the lead on Marlene Winelle - looking up her online courses will be my next step. I hope the OP was able to find the help they were looking for. This is such a tough process...
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