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    cricket, hanging out with friends and gaming
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    I am currently agnostic and just really confused about life in general lol

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  1. Hey man, yeah it's taken a while to get here, but I am definetly excited what life is going to look life when I don't have to worship some 'god' with every aspect of my life. I am currently in that period of deep questioning, as my christian beliefs unravel, but I guess it's worth it. Where should I post on this website for advice before I go and tell my parents? Is it just in this forum?
  2. Hey man! That's a really awesome way to think about it. I can't blame myself for how they feel or react because in the end that's their battle not mine.
  3. Hey man! Thanks for the analogy, it's super helpful! Thanks man this info is all really helpful and yea it's going to take some time to deconvert fully haha
  4. Thankyou so much! I have looked at the testimonals and they are awesome! I have thought about it and I am just really worried my parents will take it personally. That they will have done something wrong in raising me and that it's their fault for my unbelief. My parents at my 20th birthday said that the most important thing to them was that I was a christian. I am afraid once I lose this tag they wont look at me the same.
  5. Yea 100%. I guess my escape route is to get my own place, it's just hard to do that when rent in sydney is ridiculous
  6. So hopefully this won't be too long. So after my relationship with my christian girlfriend broke down and after months of searching I realised that really I didn't believe any of this christianity stuff and that has led me to being I guess agnostic. This places me in a awkward situation as all my friends and family are christian. (fundamental evangelicals to be specific) I have only come out to one of my christians friends who is the most loving and caring guy ever!!! I know that my family will not take it well and I am kind of waiting to get a good job before I tell them, so I can move out of
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