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  1. No I don't trust some of the things in medical science. I'll give a few examples. Radiotherapy, there are medical doctors telling people that they'd never undergo that treatment or accept it for their children because there are other treatments which are not accepted as valid by the medical community. My favourite example to use when people criticize me for being an idiot who believes the bible is the treatment invented to 'cure depression'. What kind of sick mind do you think you'd need to have, to be sitting there and then for you to think... wow that's the answer to depression... I will tak
  2. I'll give you a few minutes to go back through all your posts and edit them to make yourself look less foolish. The posts I'm talking about are the ones where you post articles criticizing Christianity for its view of Satan and claiming that Satan was never in the O.T. as any form of adversary and that the Israelites blamed God for all their misfortune because the enemy was just an agent carrying out wrath. Why would humans hate Satan in the O.T. if you're saying that all my understanding is based on a lie because I haven't read into satanic apologetics? In fact, either start makin
  3. I'm not really sure what you're getting at. I don't have the time to look through scientific papers and wikipedia articles to check if my 'working understanding' of what essentially amounts to nonsense, something I already told you twice now that does not interest me in the slightest, conforms to the current definition (no doubt changed in the last 5 years) that I gave in my initial assertion that I knew more about it than the other guy did. Sure, it was probably a bit arrogant but so what? And I already gave you what you're asking for here "Yes, my belief about what the big bang is claimed to
  4. No you deleted all my posts about physical evidence of God's supernatural wrath on Sodom in the book of Genesis, in a thread about criticizing the legitimacy of the book of Genesis. You were asspained because you didn't like the scientific paper being debunked. All my posts are relevant. I stopped posting outside the Lion's den because it's full of whiny people looking for excuses to delete my posts.
  5. I am not interested in science nor do I use it in worship of God. You're essentially saying the opposite of what's true. Probably why you keep defending Satan. Go to hell with it if you must. Why should God choose to listen to you when that happens? I proved it with scripture but you just say <insert book> is a fraud, Satan is the good guy, Jews say so, etc. Satan, a malicious, lying, demiurge-like spirit, is inflicting harm and deception on the world and taking captive the Christians who aren't close to God. You are one of its victims. I don't care how many Je
  6. Why is it that when I use Wikipedia, logic, established facts, published science articles, interviews of historical figures quoting things that you don't want to hear, you delete my posts, call me mentally ill, call me a troll and fail to respond? It's not that your brains are damaged, it's because you are trapped by a liar.
  7. You believe this garbage. The thickness of the cabin material was 12/1000 of an inch thick. Yeah, dude, and it went straight through those deadly radiation belts, and protected you through -350degree temperatures. You are all adults with normal brains. What is wrong with you?
  8. You could also find my quote where I said they probably updated the buzzwords and I don't care enough about fictional space magic to update my vocabulary of 'scientific terms'. But sure, the explanation that I gave could just be one of the several theories, or a mishmash of them. I'm not here to leave a trail of perfectly integral statements about science or its claims, I'm here to share truth and to ridicule the stupid claims that get publicized and offer alternatives. Yes, my belief about what the big bang is claimed to be could be wrong.
  9. You do realize they do practice runs in aeroplanes simulating zero gravity, right? The Earth isn't a mathematical formula. 'The Earth is a closed system, we cannot leave the Earth'. You're supposed to be arguing against my points, not making them for me. Or to put it a way you can understand; If a satellite is in orbit in space like you believe they are supposed to, why would it need any gas or balloon? Why are engineers and scientists attaching balloons to satellites, that supposedly don't need any assistance to stay up in the air? The satellite ba
  10. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Balloon_satellite
  11. Maybe the ISS is real and simply held in place with balloons. The amateur rocket launch video posted earlier showed an altitude of 255,000~ feet to the firmament. With outside temperatures in excess of -350 degrees.
  12. Yes, a species you believe evolved from another species that evolved to have no need for social dynamics or emotions, which evolved from a rock through detrimental chemical processes. If a species developed a more complex nervous system and brain, surely they would better understand the advantages of large-scale reproduction and spend less time caring for their offspring.
  13. Sorry, I was mistaken it was Buzz Aldrin that said it.
  14. A species that lays thousands of eggs has no need to care about individual success, it passes on its genes more effectively and has no need of emotional attachment or social dynamics. Your explanation does not address the emotions I asked about. Why do animals feel emotion when bacteria, the most successful living creature does not feel emotion, or need to.
  15. Brain damage from hitting your head a lot? Also can anyone theorize how in a meaningless existence, any biological creature would find an evolutionary benefit of feeling emotions? Some creatures just lay eggs and leave. They don't stay and raise their offspring. They don't feel emotions towards their offspring. Why do other creatures feel emotions? Why would a creature that doesn't feel emotions and has no problem passing on its genes evolve in to a creature that needs to invest emotions to care for its offspring to encourage them to survive?
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