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    Not much to really say. I'm an insomniac that's blood is coffee and still just grasping I had it easy escaping Christianity despite all the fear and what not.

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  1. This is why I celebrate Yule rather than Christmas. It actually has a reasonable basis to celebrate after all. Besides pagan shit is cool. I'm wondering what the pagan name of this celestial event was though...
  2. I'm not a minor, just in a nasty financial situation and hoping to go to college soon. No I do not have any place to go.
  3. Eh so long story short I'm being forced to go back to church and avoiding it is near impossible for reasons I will not go into. Whether or not I have to sit in the sermons is up to debate so if I can at least get out of those by helping in children's church might be possible. However, if I cannot, I've been thinking about taking notes on the sermon and then debunking them on here as something therapeutic. So for the next 7 weeks, the pastor has plans to use apologetics to explore the past "prophecies" in the Old Testament and use the New Testament to prove them. Basically shit in the Old Testa
  4. I have no idea what was going on in this girl's life or what she was quite running from, but part of me feels like you were in the right. Of course this is also because I have a bit of a "messiah" complex too. I do know when to step away but being a emotional crutch for a friend or dragging them out of stupid situations has always been part of my nature. It's something I've done for most of my life. What this girl was doing was making all of my alarm bells go off as someone who's a very protective friend. However, I've always had the resources to put them into better ones. It helps knowing a l
  5. My deconversion had more to do with the fact I was entirely prepared to throw down with God. I was gonna kick his ass or go to hell trying. Then I realized I was just screaming in my head for a year and started to actually fight the ideology instead.
  6. Yeah, logically I know the wildfires are the results of idiots. I just constantly have to hear the rhetoric of Christianity and tuning it out isn't always easy. They like to dig away at you so the fear sets it. I've held up pretty good and still am but it's just those old whispers of my previous fears.
  7. Don't know how you guys are feeling but the current pandemic along with California and Australia being torched... it doesn't bring up good memories. It's kind of triggering actually. The weather and climate change are just getting worse and worse. It's horrifying knowing I'm going to be living in a world like this. It's not going to change either I'm afraid. Net zero is impossible and America will likely never join in the efforts. I've known things were going to shit for a long time but growing up in a Christian religion... everything like this just puts me on edge.
  8. That's good. Hope you find someone to talk to about this. You're not unlovable but rather the opposite.
  9. I absolutely agree with part of this, however it being a powerful need to most people is something I wouldn't agree with. Most people I know are semi-interested in relationships or think they're annoying as hell (I'm the second, thank Satan I don't feel romantic love). Romance should not be an over-powering need. For a lot of people, it's the ultimate intimacy, however friends are the first step in anything. Romance is nothing without a friendship as well. @ZenPaladin You need friends kiddo. I know that's obvious but my advice to ask yourself if that overwhelming burning for roman
  10. This is one of my favorite pmvs in the community by far and thought I'd share it with you guys. If you don't know what Warrior Cats is the general synopsis is that they are groups of cats living in clans with their own traditions and whatnot. They have a position called a medicine cat, which acts as a medic and an interpreter of signs/prophecies Starclan sends them. Starclan is basically their dead ancestors that send omens to warn of future danger. Starclan is also cat heaven (the Dark Forest is basically evil cat place). Mothwing was not born in Riverclan was brought in as a kitten. Being cl
  11. I felt like this years ago. I hated Christians and Christianity. Much of it still makes me uncomfortable, however holding on to that sort of hatred makes it difficult to heal. Especially when it's directed at people. Many whom are just simple people that were roped into an ideology they believe preaches love. It does pain me to see people have this unintentionally toxic mindset as well. I really hope you have found some healing.
  12. Going to church and listening to them drone about their ideology is a given. What were the little things? When my father prayed over me ever damn night (still does many nights even though I express discomfort), he'd put his entire hand on my head. I hate being approached or touched in a lot of ways. Mostly anything that can be deemed threatening. I tried to move away one time and he grabbed my hair. That freaked me out bad. Another annoying thing was walking on the Christian minefields with them. Knowing when to keep your mouth shut. Mom wasn't bad. She knew not to say much about her beliefs w
  13. An asshole who couldn't measure up to the true asshole.
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