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  1. Thank you all so so much for your kind words. I feel Christianity has taken so so much from me and left me a wreck. My child is mid teens. All the while I wasn't sure about Christianity I didn't want to condemn my child to hell just because I had "allowed myself to be ensnared by the devil". So I allowed the indoctrination to continue, now I've got a godbot in my home and it's my fault. My mother had suffered the loss of many people very dear to her. It feels like literally stabbing her to say "oh, you're not getting your pie in the sky and those peop
  2. I'm turning 40 and about 5 years ago could no longer believe that nonsense. But my parents, extended family are so into it. Group chats are god this, Jesus that. I've stopped going to church but haven't said I don't believe. I didn't want to break my parents hearts but I'm just miserable now. They will do a whole family intervention if I tell them but being dishonest is eating away at me.
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