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  1. Freed


    Aww thank you. The supportive comment means a lot to me.
  2. Freed


    First of all I'm sorry for being a bitch. Second of all I'm not in Alcoholics Anonymous. But I am seeing a brand new amazing therapist. We are working to find out what causes me to binge drink, what to do when I get the urge, and working on all the cons of my binge drinking. I know it's not much however but I'm exactly a day and a half sober. I will always take responsibility from now on. My job search is okay. I have an interview in three days. I hope everyone is doing okay.
  3. Freed


    Thanks. Least you're not being a stupid self righteous contradiction.
  4. Freed


    Some people are just bitches and ass holes!
  5. Freed


    Stop blaming my goddamn drinking!
  6. Freed


    Yeah like you holier than thou people never got impatient with anyone before. Jesus Christ. Get over yourselves.
  7. I think Hell keeps expanding. More room for God to put people in. As long as humans live, reproduce and die, Hell expands. Gods gotta keep his word and send most everyone down there himself. Matthew 7:13,14 and Matthew7:21-23
  8. Now way Hosea we did NOT ever NEED Jesus Christ. It's a huge mistake to let Him come in your heart.
  9. Freed


    Ugh! So my boss called me in today. Then he told me that I'm FIRED because some goddamn Karen said I was rude to her! Um excuse me I was NOT being RUDE bitch! I was simply trying to tell her that I had to help out the people behind her in that long fucking line! A lot of people were getting gas and food for some reason! My boss thinks it was because I was drunk that I was mean to that dumb Karen! Yes I did raise my voice a little. But I NEVER yelled at her! I just didn't have time to wait on her. I don't get paid enough to just stand there and listen to her whole life story! Weirdo! I'm not yo
  10. If I'm in the wrong place here I'm sorry. I haven't slept in almost 2 whole days. My work schedule is fucked. Later.
  11. Well not all of you are cowards. This poor Christian man was tortured for 14 years for being a Christian.
  12. For your information I have debated Muslim men too. So don't accuse me of being a coward who only debates you Christians okay. I'd rather die on my feet fighting against Islam Sharia Law, than live on my knees submitting and cowering to it.
  13. Why are almost all of you Christians such jerks? You have the most rotten hateful attitudes only second to Islamic people. You know you don't need to defend your false God against us. I think He's suppose to be powerful enough to stick up for His own stuck up self. Relax already okay. I bet you Jesus Freaks will enjoy witnessing us non Christian's burning in Hell for eternity won't you? Repulsive sadists you are. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are all evil. However you Christian men are only a more emasculated form of Muslim men. Anyway keep defending your God because He's to weak to defend
  14. Thanks for the advice.
  15. Where? How? Cost? Please? Thanks.
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