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  1. If you think about it that's all dating is. Getting ready for sex. The warm up before the exercise. The light match before the wild fire.
  2. I'm lucky I'm a woman. It's easier for me to get laid if I wanted. I'm pretty sure men would love if an attractive woman asked him directly for sex. No pussy footing around. If you're homosexual it's even easier.
  3. No. No dates. Bypass that and go straight for the sex. No commitment required. But do it safely of course. Save time, money, and emotional energy.
  4. Freed


    Truer words have never been spoken.
  5. I've written a local police station about a website and pastor who advocates Christian Wife Abuse. I sent the article he wrote and his picture to the police for proof. Hopefully they actually do something about it. I plan to take this up with the Federal Government too. I encourage other women to please do the same thing. Biblical submission in marriage has actually killed wives. What's worse is the child abuse!!! C.P.S. should also be held accountable too! Sorry if I'm being repetitive here. But this is very serious. Anyway. Ladies please. We're in this t
  6. Freed

    Missing God

    Bingo. Now I need to adopt that way of thinking! Thank you.
  7. All people sharing the same faulty memories???
  8. Freed


    It's all on me the bad I've done.
  9. Freed


    Thank you so much for your Constructive Criticism. I NEED that.
  10. Freed


    I've done some horrible things in my life. Who am I kidding here? I AM a BAD person. And no I am NOT "Fishing For Compliments" like one of my stupid older sisters accused me of. I'm only being honest. No human is 100% a good person.
  11. Yes we are to suffer for the lord. Sickens me. https://bibleproject.com/explore/1-peter/ https://biblehub.com/matthew/16-24.htm Etc... Poor baby. No child should have to suffer. No parent should have to bury their child. Well unless you're Jephthah's daughter that is!!!
  12. Freed


    I don't think so. I'd stay the same. I'm not a bad person. Or so I'd like to believe I'm not. But to God I'm a repulsive sinner. I'm sure I'd be one of the many He talked about in Matthew 7:21-23
  13. What do you all think about the Mandela Effect?
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