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  1. Freed


    Thanks guys. Answers heeded. It is actually more satisfying to think it is up to me to live life MY way. Not some Sky Guys way.
  2. Freed


    I know HOW I was made. Just not WHY? As far as death goes for a purpose. I dunno? If I knew I wouldn't have posted this topic. Everyone has to die someday. I guess I'll start making my up my own purpose.
  3. Freed


    Thanks everyone. Hedonism here I come!
  4. Freed


    What is our purpose in life? My time is running out and I don't even know why I was born in the first place? I wish I my life had a purpose. I'm just wasting away. Time goes by too fast. I'll be dead soon and may never know why I was born in the first place? Do our lives have any purpose?
  5. They definitely could not answer this one... Could Jesus Christ submit Himself to eternal suffering if it would save every human soul? Not just for some like He did on the cross? Matthew 7:13, 14 Matthew 7:21-23. Could Jesus Christ burn in His own Hell with no chance or even the slightest hope of getting out for mankind's sake? For every human soul to ever have existed, exists, and will exist??? Jesus Christ says there is no greater love than to give up a person's life for their friends. https://biblehub.com/john/15-13.htm
  6. I hear ya loud and clear. The child abuse bothers me the most. I'd rather be told I'm an evolved monkey than a Hellbound sinner. That is psychological child abuse. I just wanted to post that last thing and be done with this topic. Very triggering. Peace.
  7. https://biblehub.com/1_peter/3-15.htm How often does that happen to you when you ask difficult questions about the Bible and Christianity? How do they respond? What are your thoughts and feelings when you stump them? It happens to me a lot when I question the Heaven out of them. They usually accuse me of being deceived by Satan. Being rebellious to their God. Or trolling basically. But I love it when they can't answer me. So much for Peters Biblical advice.
  8. https://bible.org/seriespage/13-word-wives-1-peter-31-6
  9. "Virginia Pastor Gerald Glenn dies of covid-19 after saying 'God is larger' than the virus - The Washington Post" https://www.washingtonpost.com/religion/2020/04/13/virginia-pastor-church-dies-coronavirus/ I am so sad for these poor people and their families. They put all their hope, faith, healing in their Gods name and this is what happens. More Bible teachers have died from this too. So much for there God protecting them. https://biblehub.com/psalms/91-7.htm https://biblehub.com/judges/1-19.htm
  10. The street preachers I told off would vouch for me. I'm an a hole. Mostly unintentional. I need better social skills. My memory sucks too. My short term memory.
  11. Okay. Gotcha. Thanks.
  12. Hello Florduh. You don't remember me do you? I used to be freedwoman on here before. I'm hoping for a username change. I still don't feel free. But I came back. I just had to say sorry to the members I hurt or angered. I feel guilty for exploding on others. I'm not that mature for my age. I'm rash and impulsive. It's worse when I'm in person. I need to be more mature and act like a 33 year old instead of a 13 year old. I hope other members will forgive me. I understand if they don't. How have you been?
  13. Hello all. I used to be called freedwoman. But I still don't feel free. Anyway. I owe some members an apology from the heart. I was an ass hole when I was last here. I'm so sorry. I have to realize there is a time and place to be aggressive or assertive. I need to realize the difference between the two terms. I come off as aggressive too much. This place is not the place to be aggressive. Plus I'm not so great that I should always speak my mind even assertively. We are all suffering recovering former Christians. We should be here and support each other. Some of you may not forgive me and
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