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  1. Answering a question honestly does not equal wanting pity. FlorDUH.
  2. I don't want your pity. I'm not throwing a pity party. You just misunderstood me. If we knew each other in person you would realize that.
  3. Would you? After all... Christians die for Jesus Christ. Muslims die for Allah. If some radical religious freak told you to worship their God or die which one would you do?
  4. Another idiot who thinks they actually know me. Why do all you idiots not understand me? How am I that hard to understand? Dumb ass. Now I remember why I don't like atheists. You are so annoying. You think you're so mature and intelligent. Instead you're stupid. As for monthly donations. I'm not donating. You idiots complain about churches receiving tithes then you turn around and beg for donations. Figures. Fuck you. The only atheist I respect is Richard Dawkins. He'll debate face to face. Plus he's no limp dick either. He debates Muslims in their own countries where it's the dominate religion there.
  5. I suggest you don't claim I don't. You must be a woman??
  6. I believe in every God. They are in competition or something???
  7. Sorry. I was projecting again.
  8. I wasn't referring to you. Sorry about the misunderstanding.
  9. I still wanted to kill him. I also wanted kill that repulsive abusive wife who beat her bed ridden dying husband with cancer almost to death. Child abusers deserve far worse. I can't go into detail here. You just don't beat you spouse or children especially.
  10. And to think, I was really gonna be stupid enough to donate money here every month. What a lame waste that would have been. I'd rather use that money to wipe with.
  11. Meh. Don't think about it. I'm good. I don't need access. What I need is my own blog and YouTube channel. Later fellas.
  12. Oops. Can this tread please be moved to the appropriate place? Sorry I don't know how to do that.
  13. I'll just tell ya here and now. I miss the spell casting, my astro-traveling, my animal guide, (Who was a male cheetah with three eyes. His third eye had a reverse pupil and was the color of every chakra.) He roared louder than any lion. But I still understand what he said to me. Like it was telepathically translated. My dreams and prayers being answered and coming true. One of my biggest heroes was a Witch Warrior Queen Bodicca. Men and women treated as 100% equals. Daughters and sons being equally valued. The creator INFINITE, who has no favorites. No fear of being tormented for eternity. Reincarnation. Coming back in multiple life times to get things right and accomplish literally everything we need to in our many lives. "Gimme that old time religion."
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