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    The creator, who is not a god. Gods are creations,

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  1. My books are on the topics of creator and creation, in which I show that gods are creations, not creators. Only 17 people took advantage of the offer to get a free Kindle copy of each of my four books. So you have another chance on Friday, Aug 7, 2020 on the lower half of https://www.amazon.com/George-OLeary/e/B07K618YD2
  2. Frank Lloyd Wright said, "Form follows function." A person's beliefs are similar to the frame of a building, The frame of a building follows it purpose. It's purpose is determined by the creator. The beliefs of a person are therefore determined by the creator. So if you provide info which contradicts a belief which the creator deems to be crucial to the purpose of that person, then you can talk till the cows come home. but the person will reject the info that you provided.
  3. IMO, It is correct to say that the universe has a minimum distance interval and a minimum time interval. If this is true, then one of the consequences of this situation is that it is correct to say that the universe is a 3D TV. We are therefore portions of the image on the 3D screen. If the screen is imaginary, then we are also imaginary. I submit to you that the screen is imaginary because the creator (who is not a god) is not physical. That is, the creator does not exist in space nor time. Instead, he imagines them because he has nothing except his imagination with which to fabricate. Yes, I realize the circularity in the foregoing chain of logic, but that seems to be unavoidable when discussing an infinity. However that might be, it remains true that the gods are residents of the third sort of matter of the three which are imagined. Moreover, the gods are not immortal, if for no other reason than that the universe is not immortal. So I am not an Atheist, because I full well know that there are gods., but I don't worship any of them. I do, however, have preferences among them. My favorite is The Mother Of All Living. No, she is not the mother of god. She is the K-5 civilization. K-0 is where we are. We are in the transition to being a K-1, which controls and/or stores all of the energy of a planet. K-2, of a star. K-3, of a galaxy. Although the classification scheme did not originally go beyond that, I extended it to K-4, universe and K-5, multiverse. I much prefer her over the creator. Yes, I realize that she is not apart from nor independent of the creator, but he has hoisted himself on his own petard in her case. He has already imagined her and he pretends that he is consistent, so she cannot be completely changed, only modified, Her basic nature is that she is 'mother' to all of creation. She is immortal because there is always a multiverse, albeit always in flux. So, although this universe will fade away, she will continue on., and she will keep the memory of us in her heart forever.
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