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  1. I also want to know what you two think of the fact that Jamie a Freemason who assists my mom has noted that the Orpheus Bakkikos Gem was a Masonic Sheild and says he has seen many like it? Also as far as i'm concerned James "The Brother of The Lord" is a made up character in the NT and nothing more but what do we know about this figure? what about the Ossuary and James Passage and the letter supossedly sent from Paul (Apollonius) to ST Peter and James the Just that Ehrman often cites? I havent read all of D.M. Murdocks work yet so just curious. Lastly what about
  2. prove it. Until then, I stand as an unbeliever in the historicity of the gospel Jesus. And I think in generations to come more and more youths will grow up familiar with the debate and the problems associated with taking the historicity of Jesus as face value. Which should then continue to influence theology majors going forward. I agree 100% Tat although some Christians such as my close freind Michael is receptive of these parallels interms of Paganism and Astrotheology and is himself a Devout Catholic. and thanks for the info too.
  3. Hi Mr.Tulip I want to start by saying I agree with most of what you said but I need to comment on some things: 1. I agree with you 100% about the 12 Disciples Parallel while I can see where Murdock and Massey were going with what they were saying and while I do see the 24 Hours in groups of 12 as parallel to the 12 Disciples I can see why others would find it to be a stretch and definiely agree this is far from being as strong a parallel between Horus and Jesus than alot of the other parallels she presents in Christ In Egypt: The Horus Jesus Connection. 2. I do agree th
  4. I agree with you Tat in fact that was kind of the point I was getting at is that there is no one single core to the Jesus tale but rather many infact I had a discussion with Joe Atwill heres how it went: Hi Joe my name is Clayton I'm a big fan of the Caesar's Messiah thesis but I don't agree with it completely because I think there are some holes in it for starters I don't think that Christianity is 100% Roman in Origin and think it had its origins in many places but I do agree that there definitely Is at least some Flavian influence and that Rome had massive influence in the or
  5. Also when discussing Mut and her connection to Isis I forgot to show pictures of Isis wearing a vulture crown and in the form of a vulture so here they are: Some of the pictures got fucked up so here they are: Missing pic under Dionysus section for the Heathen to swim in for blasphemy against Osiris-Dionysus
  6. I Agree man alot of this is fabricated BS and as far as im concerned it is for the purpouse of delibrately starting a race war
  7. My apologies for this being so long but I had to make it so cuz there was alot to cover also alot of this was a copy and paste job and alot of things where pasted completely wrong hence why alot of sentences where broken up! Hopefully the broken ones are still readable for the most part at least.
  8. Hi Tulip How are you doing today? I was Just wondering if you seen or read my new topic yet? I could do some converations here to if you like?
  9. Beginning at the 13:04 mark Hi just wanted to preface that this was an essay I wrote with help from my close freind Michael there was alot of vulgarity and Dark humour (Cuz I myself have a dark humour) in the original draft some of which my sincere apologies is still in this draft me michael did our best to fix as much as we could but unfortunately it can't all be fixed as that would take a very very long time for the both of us I promise it won't happen again and to be alot more professional next time and re edited as much as I could to remain profes
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