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  1. I'll also explain why ive not been respondent for so long its family issues and boredom/depression largely but i'll be back on track soon enough.
  2. Hi guys sorry for not being in touch for so long i'll be back to posting new articles within a week or two so stay tuned!
  3. Nonsense Heven and Hell appear in many Egyptian, Roman, Babylonian, Nordic, Chaldean, and especially Zoroastrian myths dating back thosands of years it is all mythology/astrotheology you have nuffin to fear!
  4. Hi Guys it's been a while so I am writing this article as a refutation/debunking of false statements made by Egyptologist Barbara Lesko In her Criticisms of Claas Jouco Bleeker in her Book The Great Goddesses of Ancient Egypt and making some of my own criticisms of Lesko in Bleekers defense. Now I have great respect for both Lesko and Bleeker and I think both of them are great scholars in there respective fields and I am in no way writing this to attack Barbara Lesko In my critique of her responses to Claas Jouco Bleeker however I feel some of the statements she made were rather si
  5. And I'm Okay with that to be fair this wasnt really meant to disprove christianity nor even Jesus but rather an extensive examination of the parallels between Jesus and other figures as well as to explain my personal position as to why I see Jesus as Mythical but you don't have to agree if you don't want to.
  6. Actually to my knowledge you are allowed as long as you don't prostalatyze or force beliefs down anyones throats so what are you trying to tell me?
  7. Hey man thanks for the comment! I actually am this christmas creating a website and E-book dedicated entirely to this info and there will be different Articles on my website covering different Gods/Goddesses, Old Testament Prophets and Historical Figures and there parallels to Jesus (with relevant primary sources included of course) as well as much research into the lack of credible evidence for Jesus existence so it will be something to look foward to!
  8. No Im talking that they closed comments so no one can do it anymore on that page.
  9. "Also by those same standards of logic of these goddesses sons having fathers and therefore the goddesses cannot be concidered virgin mothers he/she could have dismissed the virgin mother status of Isis-Neith and Perseus" OOOOOOPS I meant Danae after Isis-Neith my bad!
  10. That is a great point Tat! were talking about symbolism and metaphores not to be understood by the mass majority of "Pagans" out there Greatraven is ignorant of this fact and I was going to respond but for some dumb fucking reason they closed the comments so I wasnt able to respond to what he/she was saying but The fact will remain that Rhea Sylvia, Semele and Persephone were virgin mothers no if ands or buts about it. Also I dont think Greatraven's an apologist but still he or she was esposing alot of crap with those erronious statements indeed... Also by those same standards of l
  11. Hi there everyone so before I begin my topic/forum on Lesko concerning Neith and Hathor I just wanted to start another topic that me and N.W. Barker have been having and see what everyones thoughts are: Hi FTL It's been a while I found this rather absurd comment here:
  12. What's up fellow preachers and defenders of the faith? how y'all doin? Back in 2018-2019 I found a website run by one Bahumuth: https://losthistory.com/ I think it's a pretty good website one of my favorites even however there are many problems with it for example there are obviously alot more "Dying and Rising Gods" than the ones that are mentioned on Bahumuth's website and there are far more parallels between Jesus and the other gods that are listed on his/her site also read this: "An inscription on a Seleucid Temple in Iran dated to the 200s B.C. reads “Anahita, as the Im
  13. More along the lines of Timothy Freke in terms of a symbolic view of Christianity and the stories of Jesus.
  14. Honestly, the 1st two thoughts that came to my mind as I quickly scrolled through the post were, (1) when do you find time to sleep and eat? (2) have you ever been diagnoised with mania, OCD, or other condition? Frankly, it is overwhelming. Also I had lots of time to sleep and eat you seriously think I was only focused on this? lol
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