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  1. So from your statement, which part is it okay to be open minded? Maybe there aren't rules, per se, but if there is a logical guideline, I'd like to hear it. aren't belief and hunch synonymous? For instance: -I have a hunch there are more unknown species on the basis that we keep discovering new one's every day. -I believe there are more unknown species on the basis that we keep discovering new one's every day. Maybe that's just my own interpretation that isn't used in a religious context. So I guess belief could mean something else then. On the subject of claims requiring evidence, isn't there an entire debate on empiricism vs rationalism, where logic and reasoning best evidence and vice versa? I think I'm trying to say what would be the point on metaphysics in Philosophy if there is no evidence for it? Would you say it'd be a waste of study? I apologise that I'm probably incorrect on a few of my statements, I did not quite proofread and I gotta go somewhere, will read later tonight.
  2. If a proposition is unfalsifiable, how much should we remain open minded about the idea that it might exist? It sounds ridiculous to consider that unicorns might exist, but sometimes I hear that we should not ever attempt to disprove it (that which is unfalsifiable) because we fall into the trap of the burden of proof. But for me to be open minded about unicorns seems really absurd.
  3. God this is such a nooby question, but I'm having trouble navigating on this forum... where do i go to check my pm's?
  4. How do you think I felt when I discovered Suzie lives in walking distance of me?! Who knows, maybe we Aussies will eventually take over Ex-C muahahahaha!!! did you guys end up getting together? No, aussies will never take over anything, we just couldn't be fucked. hahahahah so I guess "getting together for a coffee" is an expression of greet and not an action xD I'm actually moving overseas to chile in 2 months time to be with my gf, I literally get headaches over how expensive almost everything here is in australia. So if any of you guys are assed to organize a meet up, might have to be soon...
  5. @Jblueep hahahaha i'll look into it... horror is in my favor for the genre xD @Stryper thanks heaps! I actually came by this website in 2006 for the sake of practicing my apologetics and interaction with secular culture. Gave me a few sleepless nights, but now unfortunately, that has been replaced with sleepless nights of religious hatred. @owen652 Sure mate, would actually like to hear your extimony. And would be cool to talk with a graphic designer. Nice website too.
  6. Thanks Jblueep, how are you enjoying it so far here? and umm.... okay, advice noted Hola ConureDelSol, como estas? My website used to be popular... I haven't made any recent content yet, but in the day of its prime, it hit a record of 100,000 hits in a single day. True that the fundy fans may not like my new approach, but in terms of business, this actually broadens my target audience. If I was to ever make another Christian-Based Flash game... I would make sure they are the bad guys... Not that it has anything to do with a personal vendetta *cough....
  7. Thackerie, I haven't made that many posts so you wouldn't know me :/ I got into a few debates and that's about it. It may have taken courage, but I think it took my hatred against religion to come back here, despite previous discussions. I am looking forward to learning on this website. Glad to have shared
  8. hehe thanks blackpudd1n. And the games I am talking about are mini internet based games. They're popular around the states, not so much here in Aussie. Oh cool, ur from NSW also I'm in Campbelltown.
  9. Perhaps some of you know godlimations, the flash gaming christian website. The sincerity of my belief in a deity is what brought about such a popularly controversial website about playing flash games.... and blatantly putting out religious banter. If you have read some of my older posts on this website regarding my religious jargon, disregard them. I've been rather open-minded on the matter about some of the responses I've received on this site including the assholes who didn't take upon too kindly my presence. I still say fuck you to those guys, and thanks also. But that's not the reason why I've returned here. I've been believing for the last 6 years, and I am actually happy those years are over. It is a happiness that I have not had in such a long time. No more moral juggling, no more poking noses in peoples lives. No more boot licking the so called "Authorities" of the church. I've endured such cliche stories i.e. the hypocrisy, the inconsistent doctrine, the pastor's corruption. I've been left to a heavy compromise for such a ridiculous bronze aged concept. And then something of a natural instinct triggered me into an inconclusive believer... Normally I would brush off impurities of the church, and say to myself "that's not important, It's about my relationship with God, and to each his own." But this masking technique puts aside and ignores that which is corrupt from within the church. In fact, the source of those who would tell me that it was about my relationship with God comes from the source of the corrupter. These corrupters in "Authority" have treated minors like trash by deceiving them into hard-working volunteers for a reward that exists only after you die... And making them smile about it too. I'm currently standing as agnostic, as doubt I find has a rather humble characteristic. although having a read of Dawkin's "The God Delusion", am becoming inclined to atheism, as their general precipice relies on facts and rational behavior. I apologize if some of my statements are a little vague, it's a little hard to cramp 6 years in one blog. But honestly, after my distasteful experience in christianity, I'm not going to waste anymore time talking about it. I'm going to revamp my website in the next month, and bring out games for people to enjoy for the sake of enjoyment.
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