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  1. All this time Jesus was a 4 letter word. About as right as the name above all names.
  2. So from your statement, which part is it okay to be open minded? Maybe there aren't rules, per se, but if there is a logical guideline, I'd like to hear it. aren't belief and hunch synonymous? For instance: -I have a hunch there are more unknown species on the basis that we keep discovering new one's every day. -I believe there are more unknown species on the basis that we keep discovering new one's every day. Maybe that's just my own interpretation that isn't used in a religious context. So I guess belief could mean something else then. On the subject of claims requiring evidence, isn't there an entire debate on empiricism vs rationalism, where logic and reasoning best evidence and vice versa? I think I'm trying to say what would be the point on metaphysics in Philosophy if there is no evidence for it? Would you say it'd be a waste of study? I apologise that I'm probably incorrect on a few of my statements, I did not quite proofread and I gotta go somewhere, will read later tonight.
  3. If a proposition is unfalsifiable, how much should we remain open minded about the idea that it might exist? It sounds ridiculous to consider that unicorns might exist, but sometimes I hear that we should not ever attempt to disprove it (that which is unfalsifiable) because we fall into the trap of the burden of proof. But for me to be open minded about unicorns seems really absurd.
  4. @ adrianime, cool, that helps bring me into perspective of how to interpret extimonies. And your story is my prime point, I suppose the truth of the matter is no longer important when someone's feelings are hurt. So with extimonies as an auto-biography, I might be getting completely off topic when I make claims like "how do you know if this is what really happened" when I suppose an extimony always suggests that someone was hurt, and that should not go unnoticed alone... ? :/
  5. I know a few xtians being forthright. Not all of them are forthright i found, but the ones who are, sound like assholes with their absolutes. It would be chaos. I just don't really know what to make of extimonies, and that doubt seems to always be lurking around me, maybe from my own experience and that we've all suffered a major trust hazard with what we've all been through. Now I'm just very doubtful and I don't know how to participate in this support thing. And on top of that, people here have a tendency to get really offended fast and off topic with name calling. Why should i support that? And just because i might not be as intellectual or have the same support the majority on this website represents, does not automatically imply me as something of a tyrant. I'm here because there are some really cool free thinkers that I've taken there words to heart, and that I am an ex-christian.
  6. So I wanted to address this topic here. I recently posted and ranted in a testimonial page and was told off for having posted in the wrong area xD I cannot not express how angered I am at how primitive christians still are and the way religion is exploited as a cover up for vile acts like the way so many testimonies claim. Moving away from the testimonies content, and to the people presenting their testimonies. I'd like to address that my skepticism is either guarding or thoroughly degrading me. I had issues believing in christian testimonies when I was a Christian, and from a recent experience, am now having issues believing peoples extimonies that of a similar reason. I have trouble accepting stories from only one p.o.v when there are always two sides of the story. And extimonies only seem to present itself just the one. I'm like that with some of my friends too with just normal stories. He says this, she says that, but I sometimes figure out that people are wrapped up in misinterpretation and you'll get two opposing sides to the story. I can't get over bias of extimonies and I understand now that I should show more respect because I don't know them and i have no place to get all jerk-like about it, but does this make skepticism a problem? Or am I just not handling it appropriately? I really want to embrace and accept all people's extimonies, in fact, it makes me happy to see more people out of religion each time, so I guess i shouldn't complain.... I dunno.
  7. God this is such a nooby question, but I'm having trouble navigating on this forum... where do i go to check my pm's?
  8. I really like your pov. I suppose now that I am an ex-C, I would have the propensity to find definitions that best fits my lifestyle accordingly... or whatever seems right to me, and not according to some old manuscript.
  9. How do you think I felt when I discovered Suzie lives in walking distance of me?! Who knows, maybe we Aussies will eventually take over Ex-C muahahahaha!!! did you guys end up getting together? No, aussies will never take over anything, we just couldn't be fucked. hahahahah so I guess "getting together for a coffee" is an expression of greet and not an action xD I'm actually moving overseas to chile in 2 months time to be with my gf, I literally get headaches over how expensive almost everything here is in australia. So if any of you guys are assed to organize a meet up, might have to be soon...
  10. @Jblueep hahahaha i'll look into it... horror is in my favor for the genre xD @Stryper thanks heaps! I actually came by this website in 2006 for the sake of practicing my apologetics and interaction with secular culture. Gave me a few sleepless nights, but now unfortunately, that has been replaced with sleepless nights of religious hatred. @owen652 Sure mate, would actually like to hear your extimony. And would be cool to talk with a graphic designer. Nice website too.
  11. One of the major deceptions I've had in the Christian pentecostal church is taking singular definitions and completely counterfeiting it. A few classic examples are as follows: Brainwashing: Your brain needing to be washed from impurity. Worship: Submission, whether religious OR non-religious. Insanity: Doing the same thing over and expecting a different result. That last one was Ben Franklin, I thought to throw that in since Christians use it a lot. I'm almost entirely certain if you went to the oxford dictionary, you would find completely different results. So then what makes a secular source for definitions more reliable than it's competitor if both sources simply rely on thinking? I ask specifically about definitions, NOT fact because I am inclined to believe that definitions do not always spawn from fact, and that definitions can also play with the subconscious. For any ex-Christian, I'm sure the trust department is quite essential, I need to know what I can rely on. If someone can help that would be most helpful.
  12. Thanks Jblueep, how are you enjoying it so far here? and umm.... okay, advice noted Hola ConureDelSol, como estas? My website used to be popular... I haven't made any recent content yet, but in the day of its prime, it hit a record of 100,000 hits in a single day. True that the fundy fans may not like my new approach, but in terms of business, this actually broadens my target audience. If I was to ever make another Christian-Based Flash game... I would make sure they are the bad guys... Not that it has anything to do with a personal vendetta *cough....
  13. Thackerie, I haven't made that many posts so you wouldn't know me :/ I got into a few debates and that's about it. It may have taken courage, but I think it took my hatred against religion to come back here, despite previous discussions. I am looking forward to learning on this website. Glad to have shared
  14. hehe thanks blackpudd1n. And the games I am talking about are mini internet based games. They're popular around the states, not so much here in Aussie. Oh cool, ur from NSW also I'm in Campbelltown.
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