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  1. My wife and I were schoolmates. We met through a mutual friend at a school party and then I asked her out after another school event we both attended. She was the first person of the opposite sex who I found attractive that I could be completely at ease around. I was lucky in that I met someone who I was both physically attracted to and who I felt immediately comfortable around. I sucked at the "Game" of dating (even having several of my friends who excelled at the "Game" give regular advice - and I rejecting all of it because it seemed so artificial and stupid). My advice is find someone
  2. It's not the beehive itself per se, it's the hexagonal shape and the way hexagons distribute load. I'm not an engineer but we have acquaintances in a field that produces lightweight, yet strong, materials as siding and the load bearing interior looks like a honeycomb.
  3. The church has never been above naked contradictions.
  4. I was always taught growing up the phrase was related to our free will. Although Satan presents a problem for this interpretation, it was taught to us that only humans have free will and that angels did not have free will. Thus, man was made in their image.
  5. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.
  6. I did not pay attention this was in the introductions. Welcome and I hope you have a fruitful time here with us.
  7. @poci, As I'm sure you'll find as you continue your research journey, the answer is not 42. In fact, no one seems yet to have struck TRUTH as it applies to the meaning of life. Religions attempt to answer this question, yet are mostly mutually exclusive. The research you've shared thus far all does point to a common thread: the answer to the question of meaning cannot be divorced from question of values. Here then I would recommend research into moral philosophy and here you find the question turns from "meaning of life" to how to live a good or moral life. Some rea
  8. Are you reading any primary sources? Most of your cited sources appear secondary at best. Much of philosophy is difficult to grasp and two readers can eek out entirely different meanings from many such texts. Much like the Bible in that regard. This is not a post-modernist critique btw, but simply an observation.
  9. It's some form of copy/paste. The spelling, grammar, and syntax choices do not match the initial posts. OP is definitely doing some research and sharing it with us. @poci I'm also interested to read up on your latest post, can you share where that came from?
  10. We are on the same page and we are both much happier now that neither of us is striving for the impossible in vain.
  11. Thought better of my original post. So long as this is used as a resource for a debate regarding the historicity of Jesus, then this is quite the compendium. We should be careful to never assume the burden though. So in a debate against an active Christian there is no reason to use this to give them the opportunity to go on the offensive. It's not an either/or proposition.
  12. @LogicalFallacy Yeah, the group on FB seems to treat the duty vote as a foregone conclusion - the debate itself is mostly concerned with whether voting itself constitutes a "religious experience" and how much religion should play in choosing who to vote for. There is a side thread that intrigued me more dealing with the OP's statement regarding universal human dignity as a uniquely Christian idea. Some atheists came out to play regarding just this point and it's been an interesting development over the last couple of hours. OP believes Jesus was a radical who clearly preached universal human
  13. I do not have time to flesh this out, but there is currently a debate brewing amongst some of my old classmates regarding the Christian duty to vote. One of them has staked out a fairly long position that a uniqueness to Christianity is the concept of universal human dignity. That any atheists who subscribe to this view have clearly been influenced by its Christian roots whether they wish to admit it or not. The debate is fairly lively, but has anyone done the research on the emergence of this concept? My hypothesis is the concept developed independently (or in spite of Christianity) in an
  14. What a glib response. Truth (with a capital "T") is not a matter of popular opinion and to treat it as such is simply less than honest. History is replete with instances of the majority believing things that were later shown to be not true. Galileo's relationship with the Catholic Church ought to be proof enough of that. But I'll bite: you do realize the question I posed regarding the schism is still not solved right? The Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox churches (Eastern, Oriental, Russian, Greek, & others) still exist with billions of members between them and they have
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