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  1. I don't think WLC has ever shied away from the fact his approach is built upon the Kalam Cosmological Argument, first fleshed out by Islamic scholars. https://plato.stanford.edu/entries/cosmological-argument/
  2. This one likes big words. @SemmelweisReflex, how about my question regarding your position that god answered your prayer when you prayed the correct way. I think we'd all like a shot at that to determine the truth of it. As stated, another poster said we needed years of Catholic monasticism to experience god. You did it with a prayer. What's the method?
  3. @SemmelweisReflex, You have mentioned there is a "correct" way to pray. We earlier had a poster by the name of @Brothermario who also said there was a "correct" way to pray (more encompassing than merely prayer). You can read through his posts. What is the "correct" way to pray that will reveal god to us as he has done for you? Brothermario was kind enough to tell us we needed to spend a few years as catholic monks to truly have the deep experiences he had - though he was quite doubtful we were worthy enough for god to bother with.
  4. Did you read the article? (emphasis mine) Of course it got published, it's interesting, but the environment was lacking. The authors themselves admit as much and request following up with more robust PIP under controlled conditions. The article stands for what it is, and given the circumstances it presented an interesting preliminary outcome. It should be weighted accordingly.
  5. I think Ed is confusing Walter's point of actually unattainable versus currently unattainable.
  6. That's an odd question. I mean, it's no less valid than the drinking age, driving age, or Social Security. For the religious it's whatever beliefs in which they hold fast. Are you asking about a specific type of marriage? Some countries (such as Nigeria) have multiple types of marriage, each with their own requirements (one wife, two wives, or 2+ wives) Or how amount the Musuo who don't usually get married in any sense we're familiar with - but the eldest female runs the household and males live with their mothers/aunts and act as fathers for the children the women produce?
  7. According to @Brothermario & @SemmelweisReflex there is a "correct" way to pray apart from your sincerity.
  8. The point was to establish there are methods of indirect evidence to show when something affects a system but may be outside said system. To summarize your response: the bible, as currently published, is incorrect. jesus was being figurative With respect to our current understanding, lightning was attributed to various gods for over 1,000 years. It is indeed an awesome natural force, but is not the work of skygod birds, Thor, or Zeus, among many others. Your response is disingenuous and the wordplay is unbecoming. With respect to "appear", can you please clarify between "can't appear" and "does not appear like you state" (- to be clear, I never stated how he appeared - merely that the bible attributes appearances to him)
  9. I am seeing shades of Brother Mario in this discussion.
  10. Indirectly. 1. If persons who "believe" could suddenly drink any poison and not die (Mark 16:18) 2. If persons who "believe" could lay hands on the sick and the sick recover - no medical treatment needed (Mark 16:18) 3. If persons who had biblical faith could move mountains (Matthew 17:20) 4. If nothing was impossible for those with biblical faith (Matthew 17:20) 5. If anything would be done by two or more believers on earth (Matthew 18:19) 6. testing god by bringing a full tithe into the storehouse (Malachi 3:10) If any of these could be observed as the bible indicates, it would be evidence the bible is at least speaking to something beyond our current realm of understanding. Also, do you believe in the omni conception of god? To say god can't appear in the universe contradicts several OT appearances and puts a very clear and unusual finite limitation. So far @WalterP has the gist of it. You have an interpretation that you believe is correct (not that anyone would intentionally hold an incorrect belief) yet so far are unable to produce any argument or evidence that moves the needle beyond what other similarly situated belief structures can produce.
  11. As we were getting ready to leave her house yesterday she asked if she should get involved. I asked "involved in what" and she proceeded to tell me one of my cousins had posted on social media celebrating pride month. A few fundamentalists were assaulting my cousin for condoning and celebrating "sin". They were met with severe and swift pushback from most everyone. My sweet mother wanted to post something along the lines of "the more you speak the Truth, the more people will attack you for it" supporting the anti-gay posters. I asked her what her clothes were made from as well as why she was wearing men's clothing (jeans & t-shirt). She knew nothing of the prohibition on mixed fabrics (Leviticus 19:19) and men's clothing (Deuteronomy 22:5) in the Old Testament. If those don't apply because they're only in the OT, then . . . where is the prohibition of homosexuality in the NT? Left her thoroughly confused. She did not post anything on my cousin's timeline.
  12. Received a message today from a guy who used to work with me requesting our families catch up. Last time we spoke one of his kids was in "full rebellion" and another was about to be kicked out of the church (and house) because of their rebellious lifestyle. Here's a guy who wants to be a pastor, but his particular denomination won't let him because he can't even control his own family. Switching denominations is out of the question because these folks got a lock on Truth. I feel bad for him; he's in a career he doesn't actually like because his desired profession won't let preach due to his family issues. The two rebellious ones aren't even his biological children. When catching up with him briefly I asked if his son had cooled his jets a bit and settled down. Nope, Church kicked the kid out for lack of repentance, and just like the oldest sibling, also required the guy kick his teenage son out of the house as well. He and his wife are hopeful their son is not "far from the kingdom of heaven" and will repent soon, unlike the eldest child with whom they little communication. Even in the church I would've thought these folks are nuts, but this is one of the mainstream denoms they're in - just on the more devout side since he wants to preach.
  13. I'd prefer to live in the world of Twix.
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