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  1. From my admittedly limited understanding, there may not be a "me" at all, but competing impulses or even multiple "me's". Split brain studies on the subject are fascinating.
  2. I am reminded of the common adage: "God helps those who help themselves". Take precautions, not because you lack faith, but precisely because you have an understanding of the natural world. The further away from the faith world you get the sadder it becomes to watch all these people still living in Plato's Cave. See Republic, Book VII So many preventable deaths and so unnecessary.
  3. I should've been more circumspect. About the time I jointed several of the active threads (not testimonials mind you) were people who were struggling against very real home or family issues that in their telling were also very religious households. Their newfound or strengthened deconversion appeared to me largely predicated on the harm recently or currently suffered as opposed to independent intellectual curiosity. I made a broad statement from too small a sample.
  4. Will you please send over the most recent version? I note in the message thread you mentioned there is one more recent than was posted. Thank you. @florduh I also think it's an important exercise to read the gospels back to back to back to back. Too many of my friends use Bible study material that has them skip around or read short segments at a time. This disjointed nature of the writings, coupled with the commentary, clouds the issues. This is obviously done on purpose. I am glad to see this community has people with varying experiences. I was beginning to feel a bi
  5. If you are familiar with my introduction and as mentioned in some of my posts you will know that I was a no doubter who was led away from the faith, nor did I experience any adverse life events or mistreatment at the hands of, or in the name of, christianity. Instead, I was a rock solid believer who had reached some uncomfortable, but necessary conclusions earlier in life, but in no way did these unusual - for a Southern Baptist - beliefs impair my belief in god or Jesus Christ. My descent into deconversion began in my quest to help my wife believe. She had questions - lots of que
  6. Currently working through a host of books, but one in particular seems relevant to this community: Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari. So far it's a discussion of the power of fiction to help mold a self-fulfilling reality. He holds no punches when discussing religion and gives multiple examples relating to both Judaism and Christianity. Has anyone else read it?
  7. We unfortunately cannot get rid of the two-party system long term in a winner-take-all system. It's simply statistically highly unlikely on the verge of impossible. A third party will ultimately either consume one of the two current parties or one of the current parties will consume the voters of the smaller third party. You cannot gain traction without winning elections, and only one party can win an election at a time. Coupled with elections are infrequent and expensive - well, it's just not possible to mount a large scale challenge over the long run without some victories alon
  8. So . . . I was in a similar situation a couple weeks back with the large client/vendor I mentioned in my introduction. He had his family and one his new employee's families (who had just returned from mission work in Africa for the last 5 years) out to dinner with us. He wants my firm to provide some structure and consulting to his new employee in a field we both operate in. Of course he turns to me to say grace . . .queue crickets . . . so, as rusty as I was, I mustered up a good grace for everyone. My one slip up was to say "your honor" in the middle of it. Was able to play it off as a pro
  9. This is so true. In college I had a discussion with a close friend about how to believe. My advice was to fake it till you make it. I never had those "religious experiences", can count on one hand those warm and fuzzy feelings, and never heard god speaking to me. I simply believed, professed Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, was baptized, lived by the rules, and hoped deep down that was enough. I walked down the aisle at a young age to be "saved" so there was no compelling life changing testimony for a fourth grader. Belief in belief as it were. I still struggle w
  10. And fleeting too. Welcome to the board. I'm new here myself and I'm sure others will give you a more official welcome.
  11. Nothing. I came out of Christianity looking for the Truth within the scriptures. No bad experiences, no abusive family dynamic (far from it - a very loving home). The quest began simply to answer my wife's questions about christianity. It was a multi-year process for me to finally reach the conclusion it is a collection of man-made documents. I enjoyed going to church and all the events. Both of my parents were heavily involved in the administration, and even though Dad couldn't be a deacon - divorced, he still served or chaired almost all the major church committees and Mom was in
  12. I'm pretty sure we've reached the point where most would say, "God works in mysterious ways" and/or "his thoughts are higher than our thoughts and his ways higher than our ways."
  13. Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. Not just his divine will, but it is good they died. His purpose was for them to die in cages.
  14. They don't need to make sense. If they did, christians wouldn't believe what they believe.
  15. Speaking of Christianity and Politics. Anyone surprised by the Falwell affair scandal?
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