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  1. I think we're getting pulled off course. My position is ultimately that rights are a useful fiction, nothing more. In disputes where both sides claim a right, the decision creates a hierarchy of when one right will predominate over another. The current thread topic raises the question regarding the right to free speech set against the right to contract (employment agreement) and touches on the right of free association (even assuming there is no explicit clause in the employment agreement).
  2. I should keep in mind that we have different backgrounds and specialties. Each year the case law, laws, regulations, and rules become more complex. Disputes regarding rights are resolved through legal and legislative means. Below is barely scratching the surface of how a miniscule sampling have recently(ish) been interpreted: The right to property vis a vis eminent domain - Kelo v City of New London (545 U.S. 469) The right to contract vis a vis a protected class - The Fair Housing Act, the Affordable Care Act, etc . . . The right to religious freedom vis a vis the rights afforded to employees under the ACA - Burwell v Hobby Lobby Stores (573 U.S. 682) Rights of parties are constantly being challenged either to do or to prevent some doing. The courts and legislatures step in to resolve these disputes and typically do so in a way that affirms certain rights, creates exceptions to those rights, and sometimes creating exceptions to exceptions. This is why Madison did not wish for a Bill of Rights. Though primarily credited - he wrote that a Bill of Rights would be perceived as "the" rights to the detriment of the innumerable rights reserved to the states and the people of those states.
  3. We have become a people asserting rights against rights. Devolving into a rigid and legalistic society intent on jockeying for position within an increasingly complex hierarchy of "rights." They are a useful fiction, and nothing more. A right to do something does not mean it is without cost or consequence.
  4. I had not yet run across that site. It's full of goodies. Thank you for sharing and welcome!
  5. Sacrilage! If you're not ordering a baja blast when eating at taco bell then you're an unworthy heathen.
  6. Too bad I didn't know you several months ago. We ate at the Garlic and Thai Sushi Bar on the opposite corner last time we were down there.
  7. I could go for a cathead biscuit with sausage gravy right about now. I'll keep that place in mind if I'm out that way.
  8. I can't believe you let the rest of the Irish off the hook. There've been times I couldn't understand a word they were saying. Those from Carrick in particular.
  9. The distinctions, at least to my old business partner, centered the how much weight to accord Romans 11:11-24 versus John 10:25-29. Those verses in John are the cornerstone of once saved always saved and why Baptists will say you were never saved to begin with.
  10. From my understanding, Armenianism is the dominant strain of thought in the Methodist church. Just another distinction between it and Southern Baptists. Methodists do not subscribe to "once saved always saved." of the Baptists. You can fall away from grace and then be "re-saved." An old partner was a Methodist apologist and taught apologetics at his church. We'd spend some serious time walking through the various distinctions between Methodist and Southern Baptist beliefs.
  11. Southern Baptists have a strong Calvinist streak in the denomination - though the strength varies church to church (as befits a denomination ruled by local committee). My old pastor said it's always a tug of war within the seminaries how strong an influence Calvinism has, but it's always there.
  12. Out of curiosity, were any of the NDEs on the show from a non-Christian background? If other cultures and religions also experience NDE and those experiences are similar to the Christian community, that could indicate more of a pantheism as opposed to John 14:6. The concept of eternal would be quite inclusive.
  13. I hope you and your family are well. If your son does have Covid, I hope you and the rest of your family don't contract it. It hit everyone in my household differently and was not a pleasant experience. We used a small tin of minced garlic to gauge where our loss of smell was. Wife's came back in a few days, mine took 9 days. My mother still hasn't fully received her smell back.
  14. @Hierophant - I was hoping you'd post Matt 7:21-23 and you did not disappoint.
  15. This structure has other benefits as well. His ideas are being presented in full, given a neutral hearing, and found unsound. This site, being publicly available, creates a public record of his ideas (in his own words) and those ideas' failings in a way that any person can find with a simple internet search. Keep up the good work all.
  16. Youtube has a number of Bart's videos online. I found those immensely helpful in my understanding of the creation of the New Testament.
  17. If Joe were more charismatic, and he were speaking this confidently to a group of illiterate and superstitious people I can imagine this is how religions formed. As people came to believe his claims, it inflates his position, increasing his confidence, which in turn is a feedback loop to his followers and their dedication. Ol' Joe here might be the next Joseph Smith, Ron L. Hubbard, or Li Hongzhi.
  18. Joe certainly has a unique spin on this. I hold out hope at some point he re-reads what he is writing in these threads and realizes just how overly complicated he has made the entire thing. It's like he's recreating those ancient pantheons involving gradations among "higher beings" without realizing it. Angels, demons, and Satan all have the capacity to disobey, yet their transgressions are not physical. They can be decoherent, but live in a realm lesser than heaven and higher than (or invisible to) earth. Having the ability to interact with us mere physical mortals when it suits their individualized (read: free will) purpose. [[edited to remove an unnecessary comment]]
  19. @pittsburghjoe, Now is your opportunity to stake out your position in full, uninterrupted by the rest of us. You get to have an actual conversation with @WalterP. You have strong beliefs and you clearly want us to join you in those beliefs. We have literally given you the floor to make your case the best you can and limited interruptions to one interlocutor. Imagine this as a defense of your doctoral thesis or that you are the plaintiff in a civil case. Be prepared to defend your position and assertions against a single person instead of a whole gaggle of us dragging you in multiple directions. You have the benefit of a single respondent and it is incumbent on you to stay to the task of defending and supporting your premises. I wish you well, but please keep the task of showing us why your position is the right one we should adopt. In the event you don't know, take the honesty (godly route) and admit it. There is no shame in admitting ignorance, for we are all ignorant of many things. The shame comes from either deceitfully not acknowledging our limitations, or from continued, willful ignorance. May we all gain a better understanding of the extent and limits of our knowledge by your colloquy with WalterP.
  20. And our participant first to the stage chooses to not expound his hypothesis with support such as he can give it, but instead attempts to dictate the terms of the conversation. Ladies and gents, the advocate is not off to a strong start.
  21. I beg everyone involved, please let's not tread back down the paths of QM and the incompatibility of an all knowing god and his fetish for free will. If you care, there are three other threads prior to this one that went round and round on the same subjects.
  22. It is my opinion we are well past the point of diminishing returns with this particular line of questioning. Pittsburghjoe refuses to heed advice that he should spend time reflecting on his present difficulties to either find a meaningful resolution or adjust his hypothesis in light of his continued failure to connect the dots thus far.
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