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  1. Seems self-evident. I hate black people. I hate white people. I hate brown people. I hate yellow people. Everyone else? I hate them too.
  2. What if they're bored after all these years and just want entertainment? They surely noticed from their initial visit just what a bunch of reprobate buffoons we tend to be. The opening scenes in Kubrick's film treatment of '2001 A Space Odyssey' come to mind in spite of my best efforts otherwise.
  3. She isn't wearing headphones where she's playing the guitar parts.. Fake maybe? She could do that, maybe there's a metronome in the room and she's counting the 'bars' as she plays? I expect she played the guitar parts each in turn first using a metronome. Then she donned the headphones to add the vocals, drums, and shakers on top. It certainly does appear real. "aw mannn... I've had a really shitty night and I fuckin' hate the Eagles!"
  4. "made in God's image" doesn't really tell us much. Does it mean physically? Does God have 5 fingers on each hand, 5 toes on each foot? How would the authors of the bible know what God's image is, physically speaking? The bible tells us clearly that we cannot know the mind of God, so that must mean that we are not made in God's image mentally. The bible tells us that we are wicked and evil, so that rules out being made in God's image spiritually. Surely then, I must be overlooking something.
  5. Sort of sums it all up really.. Christians are so easily certain that no one else really knows or understands "their God" in quite the same close way they themselves do. I think perhaps 'anthropomorphise' may be the word we're looking for here.. So very often they become convinced that God has given them an additional small inner store of higher spiritual truth and understanding, which enables them then to seek and enter into this closer personal relationship.. As reward for their devotion and spiritual sacrifice. (all too often this comes just before
  6. Else this may be evidence of extraterrestrials planting 'star-seed' among us.
  7. else human beings are evolving... Goddamn I wonder if Joe Walsh has heard her do his solo?
  8. We all wonder about Uranus also. In a general way of course.
  9. If belief in a 'higher power' originates with ancient extraterrestrials and they plan to return (openly that is), will they be all angry and vengeful because we lacked belief in them? I mean hell, we have enough bad attitudes here now. The last thing we need is some pissed-off "I'm the supreme being, dammit!" attitude being thrown around. Perhaps if we develop the right weaponry something can be done. We've made good progress in directed-energy beam weapons and electric rail-guns. Lets not just give up.
  10. And his ways are so mysterious that he will never let us in on the secrets of gaining his favor. You can't earn it. You can't deserve it. And you'll never be "good enough". We're all 'born in sin'. But some are born in less sin than others I suppose. And yet the bible teaches that all sin is equally evil in God's judgement. Even with acceptance and acknowlegement of Christ's sacrifice, you may or may not be so favored as to be accepted into that exclusive country-club-in-the-sky. The bible promises it, and then Christ tells us that many who do accept
  11. Does it matter if in the northern hemisphere or the southern?
  12. An African marshmallow, or a European?
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