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  1. “The master in the art of living makes little distinction between... work and play” L. P. Jacks
  2. "Never give to your friend any power your enemy may some day inherit." - Paul Weyrich
  3. I've never been very wise. I should learn.
  4. "Be the kind of person who takes the initiative to doubt the default and look for a better option. Open yourself up to the opposite of déjà vu. It's when you look at something you've seen many times before and suddenly see it with fresh eyes" -Adam Grant
  5. It's easy to sign the back of a payroll check, try signing the front. -Peter Schiff Most men's conscience, habits, and opinions are borrowed from convention and gather continually comforting assurances from the same social consensus that originally suggested them. -George Sanatayana
  6. Members here come from varied lives and backgrounds. I'm interested in hearing quotes from those with whom you've found agreement or wisdom. Religion, or reality, or life in general.. "People often think they're thinking when what they are really doing is re-arranging their prejudices." - William James
  7. Amen. People see what they believe. If any of us manage to live as long as ~50+ years and haven't recognized this single near-universal aspect of human beings then you just haven't been paying attention.
  8. I repeat myself here... If you were a species of beings so advanced you are able to travel between planets, between solar-systems. You come to Earth and find it populated by humans and you have no pressing need to interact with us, why would you?
  9. Is it true that traditional Catholic doctrine forbids mead on Friday? It's Friday.. what day is more appropriate for getting wasted on mead?
  10. I'm posting this only to elicite hilarious comments.
  11. "...I even forget that I'm 'Alice Cooper'..." Until the next royalty check rolls in.
  12. Alice Cooper was good friends with Glen Campbell. They were golfing buddies for years. Don't even try.. your head may implode.
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