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  1. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2021/02/25/religious-left-politics-liberal-471640 "The religious left is growing and already transforming the conversation about major political issues. " "Having been a part of the religious left my whole life, yes, it is growing,” says the Rev. Dr. Serene Jones, president of Union Theological Seminary in New York. “Because of the pandemic, people are more open to spirituality in general. And I think that the public eye has been more responsive to seeing the religious left because they need to see them to have any hope at all.”
  2. Perhaps it's Illuminati 2.0: The Next Generation? Younger, hipper, better in every way. An illuminati for the 21st century.
  3. "The four-day developmental training includes “preparation and installation of the apparatus for beginning remote scanning ability of matter and energies” and “preparation and installation of the apparatus and angelic assistance.” Oh hell yeah, I'm in.
  4. At a glance... plenty there of "those who have truly repented...." and such. With all the bible says about the false nature of man, about Christ's eventual rejection of the majority, how could anyone know they are truly repentant?
  5. From a fair portion of sci-fi in my younger days I gradually drifted to stuff that's more social+human commentary than space-cowboy interstellar travel adventure stuff. Of course, the best sci-fi has always been exactly that, no matter the setting or scenario. I'm thinking that between Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein, and Ayn Rand there was contained more usable real-world knowledge about human beings and the reality of life in this world than the entire bible, by a factor of 3x at least.
  6. Guy I worked with briefly in 1979 was an amateur magician and puppeteer who framed his act around Christian proselytizing, as "The Great Teddy Bear". He would work children's parties, but also plugged the thing into a traveling church-guest show. Quite the entrepreneur, he had published a "Great Teddy Bear's Favorite Recipes" book as well. I recall him working on an updated puppet show which featured "Luke Skywalker as Jesus Christ" (his words to me). Never saw him present it, but he probably managed to pick up a collection-plate or two with that.
  7. Midnight, I was trying to post sorta that, and was wondering around through too many words to get there. You nailed it. I wouldn't read any more than that into the exact location where nail holes were driven by the Romans when they did that to people. Or in that specific instance. If there was a Jesus and the Romans did torture and murder him that way, it was a savage brutal thing for them to do. For me, it's all wrapped in the perspective of original sin... else it's one of a seemingly infinite stream of unjust brutal torture and
  8. I knew I could count on you guys. I agree. I think that's what caught my eye and motivated me to post it. That same style: blatant naked supposition as premise for your personal propaganda. It's now, today that we have digital publishing and media.. it has become a defacto way to propagandize as never before and is routinely done on a scale as never before imagined. About matters religious yeah, but also 'political', social, etc. Combine that with the eternal human need for a daddy/ruler/god..
  9. I experienced this sort of thing years ago in a small independent church I attended for a while. There was a middle-age woman who did the "in tongues" thing pretty often. I was too spiritually timid at the time to question it.. at first. I got to know her a bit though over time, and it was clear that Christianity and her place in this small church was her hobby, her only hobby. And the stuff she warbled out in worship services, you could pretty well guess that she was just giving in to her emotions and simply babbling. She probably believed that it was coming from
  10. Oh my.. https://mercysdad.com/2019/08/15/on-mary/ snip: "On Mary (A look at the genetics of The Lord) Few things are as contentious as Mary. Her position, importance, and place in the history of the church. But I want to take a look in a fresh way at Mary and her history. God does things in a very methodical way, layer upon layer and precept upon precept. Laying a foundation and building on it one step at a time in a logical manner. Could He have snapped His fingers and made His wishes instantly? Yes, but that is not how He seems to do things. "
  11. Just scrolling casually through this thread makes my head hurt.
  12. I didn't need a diet of mistrust fed to me. Look carefully... Or not.
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