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  1. The internet and social media.. An experiment that did not work.
  2. What do you do for the hordes of homeless who now face the winter season, when they might otherwise in a different era have accepted help at a shelter or other charitable organization, knowing the risk of crowding into the space and beds available? How many children will be sleeping in a car with a parent in the cold because the parent doesn't want to risk that?
  3. Welcome Bavinck! I have been here only one year now. The members here have been very supportive and helpful in what is often a difficult and sometimes frightening transition. I believe that the Christian faith and the bible contain a lot of truth. Human truth, embedded there by humans. But if it were not so, no one would ever have believed any of it. That truth was then used to weave a fabric of legend and myth, most of which cannot be true. We have discussed here more than once how one's values and morality often change very little when leaving former Christian belief behind. I believe that treating others as you wish to be treated is rational and intelligent. To not do so is to devalue peace and harmony in society. I don't believe I can rationally expect to live a peaceful pleasant life if I infringe on the life and well-being of others. I hope you find peace and happiness with your decision.
  4. I believe the same can be said for almost all sects of the Christian faith, even the more contemporary Protestant sects. To my perception, and judging from what I've observed, tradition and the social aspect are the major components of most people's religious belief.
  5. You are taught from an early age that God is perfect, and knows all. And, that faith and trust in God is everything, that unquestioning loyal faith separates believers, you know, Real Christians (tm) from non-believers. Then as part of the same faith you are taught that Noah built a wooden ship and brought on board two of each animal on earth. And that Abraham received verbal recitation from God on the creation of the earth, and the events in the Garden of Eden. And that Abraham then recorded those events using a written language so early and primitive that it was the equivalent of stone-age cave paintings but etched with a sharp stick on clay tablets. But with that he was able to record all that detail, including exactly how the earth was spoken into being, and the parts about Eve and the magic talking snake.
  6. This is truth, reality and wisdom. We humans have an instinct for self-preservation and survival, same as every other animal. If it were otherwise, none of us would be here now to discuss it.
  7. As I've all too gradually come through the process(es) of de-conversion, I've found greater peace in the realization that belief in any human spirit is speculation on the same level and of the same nature as belief in a god. After all, isn't it the same thing? I could be wrong of course, there may exist some part of us which lives and exists outside the physical temporal self. But as near-universal as is such belief I don't believe that anyone who lives now or has ever lived has had any real reason to believe in such a thing. It truly seems to me that people believe in a human spirit because they want to. To believe in a human spirit enables belief in the possibility we can forever know and commune with those close to us. It allows us to believe that the things we hope to learn and experience may yet be learned, those experiences yet gained, even when we do not do so in our present lives. When I believed in a God and the promise of eternal life, I sometimes imagined planting an endless hardwood forest and then watching it grow. There is much, very much I love about this life. Given a choice I would live forever. I see and believe in infinite possibilities for my human self, given time and physical viability. The list of things I would wish to do, to create, to learn and experience seems infinite. But time, the limits of this physical body, and the never-ending contention with other humans is what it is. We can wish it away, deny it, or hope for better, but we will all meet our end and eventually decompose into dust. Whether there is anything more we will all discover one way or another.
  8. And as trite as it may seem, none of us knows if we will ever live to "old age". Today could be your final day. Stuff happens.
  9. Simply, and sincerely... In my early 60's with no family, more and more each day I look forward to the time I won't care any longer about anything in this world. The concept of "eternal rest" has a lot of appeal. I've seen enough here. Mean people suck.
  10. Anyone drink chamomile tea? I find it very helpful.
  11. Is that, in your perception what I am doing?
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