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  1. As I fell away from the Christian belief, it was distressing. I didn't want that. It came very late in life for me and it was a difficult thing for me to accept. So I had long discussions with several devout (Protestant) believers and ministers. I began to notice that every one of them at some point declared (with some minor variation): "well see... that's where most Americans/Christians have it wrong.. Now I've read the bible twice, and I pray over my bible studies for divine guidance, and I can tell you that what this (specific scripture, or theological issue) really means is..." Isn't that what you are saying here also? That you are better educated in the scriptures, that you have a really tight, special relationship with God? And therefore you just know... ... you know, the truth and all.
  2. Oh my my ..... what would Jesus do? Mathew 5:30 ???
  3. None of which even remotely pertains to the question I asked. I give up. Discussion with you is like herding cats. I suspect you of deliberate obfuscation. I do not believe you to be sincere or honest.
  4. The "spirit of a horse" = the animal's will to continue behaving as it once did. Common usage would be to express that a human trainer or handler has spent time invoking the animal's more cooperative behavior. "Mean spirited" = a person's temperament coupled with their personal willingness to act in ways toward others that are not destructive to that other person. "Presentation was spirited .." ? Really? that = a presentation which was energetic, evocative, exciting. You start with facts. Then you segue into blather.. Was it intentional?
  5. Walter has covered that ground. I've nothing of value to add.
  6. "Religion", Ed? Why would I care about religion, whether I am a Christian believer or not? Is the matter not the absolute existence or non-existence of a soverign God? Science is objective. Religion is subjective. Unless one can posit an objective reason to believe in God, then that too is subjective.
  7. I still want that jet-pack they promised us in the '60's.
  8. Walter, you're making my head hurt.
  9. Love is therefore entirely subjective. So how then can we rationally use "love" as the centerpoint of an entire belief system on which to govern our lives?
  10. Humans managed to discover and teach that simply washing your hands before eating or providing medical care to another is wise and extremely beneficial. You would think that ol' Jesus could have managed that much while he walked among us.
  11. What is "love", Edgar? I believe that you could ask 100 people and you would get 112 answers. With much disagreement and equivocation among them. Surely something so devoid of clear definition is less than the end-all/be-all it is commonly held to be. Christians are fond of expressing "God is love". If you do not or cannot have a clear concrete definition of "love" then how can you use it as a definitive in the sense of religious belief?
  12. In my experience Christians believe marriage to be among the most holy of human interactions and customs. They always express the belief that marriage is instituted directly by the hand of God. Young female Christians upon engagement always credit God with presenting to them their divinely-ordained mate for life. Usually with an expression "God is so good and faithful!" or some such. If this were true, could we not expect that marriage would be more durable, more resilient to human frailty and weakness? Why would Christians be so fully accepting of the role government has taken in the marriage contract as final arbiter and judge? Over the years I knew (only) one Christian couple who sought a minister to marry them without a license. The search took about two years, with most ministers refusing to even discuss it.
  13. Focus??? Some of you folks sure get around.
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