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    I just discovered you can be an ex-christian. However I'm still trying to let go but my internal fear of hell won't let me.

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  1. Decided to make write this today because there's only so much time in a day. In my last post I mentioned I would make a post about the videos I watched because they made me extremely curious. So this 25 year old guy because his age is important I guess. Had a seizure, heart attacks, and stroke all at once (which you can actually survive) And started acting like a demon saying "I'm going to kill you." To his dad who was driving him to a hospital; In which the dad was being directed by God and being told which hospital to go to. (Though there's really no statement as to
  2. Live in the middle of nowhere, I basically just use this website to help me out. And as for my friends and family not only do they live in different states, countries, or just far away they're also (hardcore) Christians.
  3. I'm only 16, she's not willing to kick me out because of that but she is willing to threaten and yell at me for hours on end. And then call me and demon by the end of it.
  4. Do we have the same mothers? I'm currently trying though to find my own voice. I think she fears me going to hell more than my fear of God himself.
  5. I'm starting to think it's less about love me because I care and more about love and worship me because I could've made your life worse.
  6. This is gonna sound really dumb but. I'm not in a position where I can move out and my mother recently has been forcing Christianity on me and she's made me stay up watching videos about Christians seeing god, repenting, seeing hell. And I'm up so late because she's done it again. I cant stress enough how much fear I feel watching and hearing stories about people going to hell. It's hard to feel loved by a God when they describe it. And I feel like even if I relapse back into Christianity it's all just fear based. Not only that it's robbed me of my happiness, small th
  7. Noah, Moses, and every other name In the OT. When they died did they go to heaven or hell? I think heaven but, I thought humans were just doomed forever and didn't have a way to get to heaven at all before Jesus came in and paved that way. So let's just say Moses went to heaven without needing Jesus. So then God could just technically let people into heaven regardless of if they acknowledge Jesus's existence or not. Jesus was just a tool the guilt trips. I wonder what would happen if he wasn't in the bible. How would people feel about God then?
  8. Christians are extremely stubborn and I'm sure if you were able to convince a Christian God isn't real with science they were probably already skeptical. I think atheists should argue with a more supernatural/spiritual perspective. That's only if you're like me, and are convinced aliens are real, ghosts, folklore etc. (I believe in this stuff to a certain extent) Once I got into learning about supernatural/spiritual crap it made sense to all the 'miracles' that occur. That these miracles are universal. And that I can prove that these miracles are universal. I'm not a
  9. Is the cokeville shooting incident proof of God's work?
  10. Okay so this could mean two things. 1. You can follow people here? 2. I'm saying cat lovers are portrayed badly by media. We need proper representation
  11. Holy cow on an airplane to the nearest gas station in California you're right.
  12. For representation, cat loves matter you know?
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