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  1. Late response, I actually had an I guess astral projection like experience not to long ago, all I did was stare at myself. No God coming towards me, no demons entering through my walls. It was extremely peaceful.
  2. I've been forced to go back to Church and I'm not enjoying it. The preacher is annoying, the music is too loud, and it's uncomfortably warm inside. Okay, done complaining about that. One of the lessons were about marriage, how gOd will let you know when to get married, or he'll guide you to your soulmate. (Even though anything is capable of that without God.) And how Ruth met Boaz and fell in love, and how that symbolizes Jesus's sacrifice. I've heard Christians say that the OT kind of predicts Jesus's return, and my friend and I had a discussion about it. To which she claims, the serpent was Satan being destroyed and Jesus also dying from stepping on Satan. (However I don't think Jesus even intends to destroy Satan, or evil. According to the bible Jesus is not a uniter, he's a divider.) Ruth was a poor, sad, widow. (I forgot what nationality she was, but the annoying preacher said that Ruth and her people were cursed because they kept harming the Israelites. AKA God's beloved people, so instead of genocide he bestowed a curse upon them.) Until she met, some lady whose name started with an N and meant peace, before changing it to a name that meant bitter. (I also apologize for the fact that I can hardly remember anything) She took Ruth somewhere or whatever and I don't know 10 seconds later, Ruth met Boaz. Who was a relative. (Not really, the annoying pastor says the relative thing meant a man who could redeem someone (Something like that)) Anyways Ruth laid by Boaz's nasty feet and begged for him to marry her and he agreed and then he redeemed her. And uh, they had children or something who was Obed (I believe) Who was an ancestor of David, and then that blood line continued to Jesus. ((The annoying pastor claims it foreshadows Jesus because he is our redeemer and he had to be put into a bloodline in order to redeem us all from sin. Which like...Okay? I guess? (Also is no one going to question why characters in the bible keep changing their names?) I can't tell if it's a reach or not. Opinions? I don't read the bible like that, and I don't really plan on learning the whole history about the bible.)) Now technically Jesus wasn't really born from any bloodline, my mother believes that the Adam and Eve story symbolizes Adam, Eve, and the Serpent all doing the devils tango and now everyone is marked with the beast. (Which the annoying pastor said we were all cursed and we had to be redeemed. (Kind of not fair, not going to lie. What's the point of living if you're already dead?)) Would Jesus be marked by the beast as well since he was born from a human womb, or like did God just protect him? And also if people were cursed before Jesus and couldn't be saved then how did people like Noah or Moses get into heaven? God just like obviously let them in, freebie. And everyone except Jesus of course is imperfection, and a bunch of sinners so it's not like they were extraordinarily perfect beings. And technically animal sacrifice could probably still work. People have their own different interpretations about how God's forgiveness works so that's just my opinion on it. I know I went off on a tangent there.
  3. Once again I was forced to listen to a young women speak about her experience with God and seeing heaven. Since im 3% more stable in my deconstruction process (though I complain a lot) I was left with a more satisfied response towards her story. I don't however know the title of the video, It was played on an aux cord in a car. But I'll try to be descriptive as possible. I lost my faith in Christianity fully because it didn't make sense historically/scientifically and the prophecies were all over the place. But the only reason why I would turn back is because of the spiritual side of it. Like how people hear God, "see him." He shows them visions of the future etc. I always felt like there wasn't a good explanation for it because atheists would reply with "its a brain thing." So this young british/African women shares her story about God taking her out of her body, her taking his hand and him taking her to heaven. (*cough* *cough* sounds like astral projection) And she goes on and on about how lovely God. Lady? I get it, she didn't have to go on about for 85 minutes and it as starting to irritate me but one part caught my attention. She said God told her to write all this information down specifically so that nothing gets messed up and people can understand her. Oh the irony, meanwhile complete historical evidence for the bible is yet to be found. Meanwhile you have simple contradictions to extreme contradictions. Meanwhile you have the bible copying from other older mythical stories. Meanwhile you have the bible being translated and stolen to the point where there probably isn't any real christianity left. Now she also said that there were two doors connecting heaven and hell which I thought was odd because once again the description of heaven sounds altered. (I also didn't watch the full video so I didn't listen to everything she said.) Though, I'm pretty sure if you listen to "I saw heaven" videos theres going to be some inconsistenty. Speaking of I saw heaven videos I forgot sheol ever existed in the bible. So, if sheol was the original hell then when people die why don't they see sheol? Anyways. She also said that worshipping God makes him very happy, he told her himself. Which I also thought was funny because I remember my decaying old pastor telling me that God doesn't need our worship but it helps us to be saved. Not sure why a "benevolent" Being would want to be worshiped but not only that be happy. I'm not saying god shouldn't be happy that people "love." Him (for not making them suffer) but I still don't think a benevolent God would demand worship or care. Anyways, any reason as to why the young women might have astral projected or whatever it is. I know some kids have a strong connection to the spiritual realm. My sister saw my dead grandma when we were young, and unlike her the only spiritual thing I've ever gotten at a young age was having a nightmare about God destroying the world. Her experiences isn't just limited to christianity though I've heard other spiritual people who've had strange encounters and saw all the galaxies that ever existed or something. But I'm always skeptical because that's what religious influence does to you. But according to spirituality when you die you go wherever you think youre gonna go. Hence why some people see heaven, hell, nothing, their ancestors etc. Also my mom makes me incredibly skeptical when she claims she talks to God its all sounds self motivated when she tells me what she hears. Point being. A lot of Christians claim they hear the voice of God or feel his holy precense is this caused by something in the brain or is it more of a spiritual matter. Does that mean I'm going to hell? I don't know. I'm not that smart. Does this make christianity credible? Im aware other religions say the same thing but why does it seem like christianity says it the most.
  4. I'm in need of comfort because clearly my mother will never be there for me. I finally grew a spine and told her how christianity makes me feel and she's acts like I'm persecuting her. And that I'm trying to prevent her from worshipping. And I had least hoped that maybe she would see eye to eye, about the fact that christianity scares me but nope instead she's says (her words exactly) "but when Jesus cracks open the sky and comes to save his people you'll be on your own." Not even bothering to ask why I fear christianity not noticing the damage she's doing to me every single day. And then I've been trying to get into spirituality because it answers way more questions than the bible ever could. And every where I look it's some christian guilt tripping you to turn back to Jesus because "he loves you." The more I hear that, the more it looses it's meaning. They say spirit guides are fallen angels decieving you, everything is a lie, turn to Jesus or burn!!! It's starting to make my physically ill. Then for some odd reason my mother just defends nazis and says the bible doesn't suit white people. Now, of course the bible doesn't suit white people, it doesn't suit any race. But the bible does support slavery and when I heard that a flashback of viced rhinos video played in my head. (I'm aware it didn't have anything to do with race, but slavery could still be justified anyways) But I only refer it to as the "white mans bible." Because christianity I believe was somewhere in Africa and the white men found it and they edited it. And then she defends nazis by saying that Hitler knew that the Jews weren't the real people of God and he hated them for that so he "kinda" did the right thing. And it wasnt that bad because it only lasted 3 months. Just what? I couldnt even comprehend that as if that's a good reason to go genocidal on a bunch of innocent people. Lastly to close out with my rant. Im so tired and it's been destroying my mental health recently with all the overthinking. I've been wanting to put together an uncesssry 100+ page Google docs explaining the truths behind christianity. Idk Im writing this at 5 in the morning and I'm starting to hear sounds
  5. Nah, I think miracles are true but they don't come from God. You can get the same results through meditation and positive affirmations it's all about having faith, doesn't matter where it comes from.
  6. Decided to make write this today because there's only so much time in a day. In my last post I mentioned I would make a post about the videos I watched because they made me extremely curious. So this 25 year old guy because his age is important I guess. Had a seizure, heart attacks, and stroke all at once (which you can actually survive) And started acting like a demon saying "I'm going to kill you." To his dad who was driving him to a hospital; In which the dad was being directed by God and being told which hospital to go to. (Though there's really no statement as to why and it doesn't come back up again) The dad begins to pray and shout go away satan and his son stops shaking. And the 25 yr old man drops down to hell where he hears people screaming and shouting, he's hungry and thirsty, and hell is just bright orange but it's not on fire. And it states in the bible that hell wouldn't be on fire. (Though I can't find many verses that don't describe hell not being a "furnace.") And even if a verse in the bible says so then all those other stories of people who saw hell on fire and people burning are liars. Anyways. The guy flew up to heaven and he wasn't hungry anymore and oddly this made me uneasy because he kept going on and on about how he didn't want to move or do anything but just watch god and only moves when he tells him to. Which is of course understandable if you just suffered. And then one thing that confused me when he said he didn't really read the bible, but yet converted a catholic, jew, and atheist to christianity. When he was in middle school. He mentioned other things like how heaven was just a bunch of clouds and if God isn't real then why can he stand on the clouds..okay I guess? Then he came back and had to regain his motor skills again, as the aftermath. Either this is fake, or the guy shifted. This also reminds me about how NDES can be based off of what you probably expect whe you die, or based off of your culture. And then other people get different expierences everytime they see heaven or hell. I watched enough videos about back when I was young and thought it was cool. If you ever heard of this lady named Kat (insert last name) she claims she can talk to God whenever she wants and his favorite color is emerald. I'm also not sure why God didn't talk to the 25 year old man (forgot to mention he didn't talk to him, the man just stood there looking at his mighty toes) but God was communicating with his dad just fine. And then you have the whole thing of hell was never mentioned until the new testiment. Until then it was just sheol. But I dont think you can find that in the bible anymore. (Why is even keeping people alive for eternity important anyways?) Christians say hell was created after satan rebelled, but again hell is never mentioned nor does the bible really say where satan went or where he was casted out to. And if I remember satan and the serpent arent the same entity. Which causes more confusion... So aside from the constant fear mongerin I'd really like to know why people see hell or heaven, like even atheists. Because a lot of my reasons is just "I think." How come this doesn't prove existence of an afterlife? Does this share any relation to pepole shifting? Is there an afterlife but it's merely based on you? Because he mentions being possessed is demon possession real or is out brains making us act out.
  7. Live in the middle of nowhere, I basically just use this website to help me out. And as for my friends and family not only do they live in different states, countries, or just far away they're also (hardcore) Christians.
  8. I'm only 16, she's not willing to kick me out because of that but she is willing to threaten and yell at me for hours on end. And then call me and demon by the end of it.
  9. Do we have the same mothers? I'm currently trying though to find my own voice. I think she fears me going to hell more than my fear of God himself.
  10. I'm starting to think it's less about love me because I care and more about love and worship me because I could've made your life worse.
  11. This is gonna sound really dumb but. I'm not in a position where I can move out and my mother recently has been forcing Christianity on me and she's made me stay up watching videos about Christians seeing god, repenting, seeing hell. And I'm up so late because she's done it again. I cant stress enough how much fear I feel watching and hearing stories about people going to hell. It's hard to feel loved by a God when they describe it. And I feel like even if I relapse back into Christianity it's all just fear based. Not only that it's robbed me of my happiness, small things make me happy and I feel like I'm not allowed to enjoy fanfics or bad gas station food. Just being human is a sin, it's mentally exhausting feeling like a mistake or an abomination. Or feeling forgotten or knowing that even if you are a Christian you might not even make it because you're so disposable. I'm still so scared of hell, people keep saying it's not real so no need to be scared. How tf does that help? Do people actually see hell? Are they shifting? There's this video 25 year old sees heaven and hell. And honestly by the time my mom finished forcing me to watch it I was shaking with fear. I've gone back into my mindset off I'm not allowed to be happy, I don't deserve anything I have, whats the point of living if I'm not christian. And I feel like praying for God to take my life away because I feel so useless. And my mom believes I'm being possessed by spirits because I'm "acting out." Were just going to pretend depression, ADHD, and autism don't exist. But I feel like If I were to yell her these thing combined make my life a living hell she'd pray about it. Lady I don't want your prayer I want motherly love. She claims God told her to get me and my sister back on track but I'm sure if God was actually speaking to her he would've mentioned what's been keeping me down in the dumps. Then she made me watch this video about this guy who saw jesus, claimed hes coming soon again. And despite me seeing videos like this for ever it still scares me. Any scientific reason for this? But yeah sorry for the scattered rant, my eyes are dry, my head hurts, my heart burns with fear. I'm scared of waking up and being in Satan's armpit. Who isnt? Ive been contemplating suicide because I don't think I can bear this whole christian mentality. It's very weak minded of me, I'm trying my best to think logically and think about how spiritual things aren't always christian things. I would like to talk more about the videos I saw and go in depth about my opinions on them. But I don't wanna make this post an eye sore to read.
  12. Noah, Moses, and every other name In the OT. When they died did they go to heaven or hell? I think heaven but, I thought humans were just doomed forever and didn't have a way to get to heaven at all before Jesus came in and paved that way. So let's just say Moses went to heaven without needing Jesus. So then God could just technically let people into heaven regardless of if they acknowledge Jesus's existence or not. Jesus was just a tool the guilt trips. I wonder what would happen if he wasn't in the bible. How would people feel about God then?
  13. Christians are extremely stubborn and I'm sure if you were able to convince a Christian God isn't real with science they were probably already skeptical. I think atheists should argue with a more supernatural/spiritual perspective. That's only if you're like me, and are convinced aliens are real, ghosts, folklore etc. (I believe in this stuff to a certain extent) Once I got into learning about supernatural/spiritual crap it made sense to all the 'miracles' that occur. That these miracles are universal. And that I can prove that these miracles are universal. I'm not a spiritual person, not a witch either I just find that stuff interesting.
  14. Is the cokeville shooting incident proof of God's work?
  15. Okay so this could mean two things. 1. You can follow people here? 2. I'm saying cat lovers are portrayed badly by media. We need proper representation
  16. Holy cow on an airplane to the nearest gas station in California you're right.
  17. For representation, cat loves matter you know?
  18. That was a doozy, I struggle with being introverted to and a lack of vocabulary therefore all I can say for your situation is I'm sorry that you lost important people in your life, to more than just death. But I can offer you an ounce of reassurence, you don't need to worry about covid or the vaccine being fake. Christians who predict stuff like the mark of the beast happening usually get it wrong and/or its something that's hardly harmless. And/or they're blowing things way out of proportion. Of course the vaccine is going to have some terrible side effects but it's way better than loosing your killing people.
  19. Maybe the bible has been translated way to many times O.O
  20. Cats actually do like affection, if they hiss or claw at you, or raise their tail they probably didn't like it.
  21. Amazing how amazing cats are *insert emoji*
  22. Im not even well known enough to be given a nickname anyways
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