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    “The Marks humans leave are too often Scars.” – The fault in Our stars

    “There is no shortage of fault to be found amid our stars.” – the fault in our Stars

    “the Weird thing about houses is that They almost always look like Nothing is happening Inside of them, even though they contain most of our Lives. I wondered if that was sort of the point of Architecture.” – The Fault in our starS

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  1. "I saw how greatly he (we) suffered the requirement of being clever. It separated him (us) from his (our) soul, and it didn’t get him (us) anything other than a living.” ― Mark Helprin, A Soldier of the Great War “The shelf was filled with books that were hard to read, that could devastate and remake one's soul, and that, when they were finished, had a kick like a mule.” ― Mark Helprin, Winter's Tale
  2. they (science) have gods too, yes. do you suppose it's possible go in any direction at all in thought/thinking without a 'god'? have you seen the 'god' of this site?
  3. @DarkBishop i think i see what you are saying. that is quite the dichotomy. do you see the way out?
  4. when you lose the original authors, you can longer ask them what they meant. "winners write history - their way." but they have kinda failed over time, thankfully.
  5. you believe you know the heart of another? words can sound so awful online. i know talking online to people we really don't know can be difficult, but sometimes when we think we see something in someone else, it might just be in ourselves.. and/or a combination, because probably no one is perfect. you might re-read your post. it sounds very rebuky. and judgmenty. do you feel its 'wrong' to answer questions here and express/explain one's beliefs? is it only wrong for Christians, or would it be wrong for everyone the same? perhaps we should all just stop conversing from now on because you seem to think it's wrong... for some. and we shouldn't judge others, right? so one judgement for us all would be more fair a judgment, yes? we should all stop talking .. because to any given person out there we might sound/come across as judgmental and wrong in our views? i would suggest you try not to take my post too badly - this one, or that one. posts here can make people feel awful and sad, angry and mad. and/ or so it seems. but they probably aren't aleays intented (even quite often possibly aren't intended) as others seem to/ might take them.
  6. He is probably involved in everything (in a way), but we are all in different places in life, with different dna, and on different paths.
  7. yes I'm surprised that you took it that way. i would not stay waiting too long, in case i might be stuck in error or lack.. and going where (not to the stars)? what do you want to believe? and why? "Reality… is always a question mark,And you are the one always answering that question… with your Attention."
  8. not in the Bible... in yourself. the Bible can help us 'see', understand certain truths in life, and so can many other things, but it is "the spirit" that leads to (all) truth (i believe). "God is spirit" 24) God is a Spirit.--Better, God is spirit. His will has been expressed in the seeking. But His very nature and essence is spirit, and it follows from this that all true worship must be spiritual. The appeal is here made to a doctrine of special prominence in the Samaritan theology. They had altered a number of passages in the Pentateuch, which seemed to them to speak of God in language properly applicable to man, and to ascribe to Him human form and feelings. But to believe in the spiritual essence of God contained its own answer both as to place and mode of worship. The second "Him" ("they that worship Him") should be omitted, as the italics show. Pulpit Commentary Verse 24. - A still more explicit and comprehensive reason is given for the previous assertion, based on the essential nature of God himself in the fulness of his eternal Being. God is Spirit (Πνεῦμα ὁ Θεός; cf. John 1:1, Θεὸς η΅ν ὁ Λόγος, - the article indicates the subject, and the predicate is here generic, and not an indefinite; therefore we do not render it, "God is a Spirit"). The most comprehensive and far-reaching metaphor or method by which Jesus endeavoured to portray the fundamental essence of the Divine Being is "Spirit," not body, not ὕλη, not κόσμος, but that deep inner verity presented in self-conscious ego; the substantia of which mind may be predicated, and all its states and faculties. The Father is Spirit, the Son is Spirit, and Spirit is the unity of the Father and the Son. St. John has recorded elsewhere that "God is Light," and "God is Love." These three Divine utterances are the sublimest ever formed to express the metaphysical, intellectual, and moral essence of the Deity. They are unfathomably deep, and quite inexhaustible in their suggestions, and yet they are not too profound for even a little child or a poor Samaritaness to grasp for practical purposes. If God be Spirit, then they who worship him, the Spirit, must by the nature of the case, must by the force of a Divine arrangement, worship him, if they worship him at all, in spirit and in truth. The truth which our Lord uttered was not unknown in the Old Testament. From Genesis to Malachi, in the Psalms, in the historical books, in Judges, Samuel, and Kings, the Spirit and the spirituality of God are presupposed; but the Lord has generalized these teachings, cited them from darkness and neglect, combined them in one eternal oracle of Divine truth. The Galilaean Peasant has thus uttered the profoundest truth of ethic and religion - one which no sage in East or West had ever surpassed, and towards which the highest minds in all the ages of Christendom have been slowly making approach. this is because they are not all really wanting/trying to follow Him enough (spirit and truth).
  9. yes, i can try. i might have added some below and maybe about other things you said in the other post. the foundation of Christianity is Christ. it is not a good idea to assume too much - as a Christian (or as an Ex-Christian either). beginners in Christianity (like children) can be quite unknowledgable and unlearned (kindergarten). they may need to become/act like more Christ in order to see the errors in their thinking/ways (or as the case may be for many here - people acted/taught so unlike Christ that they saw the error).
  10. 3) Then you have to assume, without conclusive evidence, that what your interpretation of the bible is, is true as well. " this is untrue. and first starting out in Christianity this is could be quite foolish, though not ar first perhaps seen by a Christian. it is also unwise to be too much that way (if you haven't studied and searched and asked questions first alot). it is dishonest (or can be). it does not show true humility necessarily, but could be ego and pride or assumptions. and Christ is not such. "take my yoke upon you and learn of me for i am meek and lowly of heart and you will find rest for your souls.
  11. is that by you? there might be evidence, but we might have to learn to think differently to discover it.
  12. @LogicalFallacy this is what many Christians lack, i believe. you may want to put this quote on the front page of this site, or talk about this concept always/often... a thought anyways... Quote > He who knows not... He who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool; avoid him. He who knows not and knows that he knows not is a student; teach him the other two lines of the quote (or especially the last) - it is debatable who they are, or if they exist. but if we never realize in life and or thought the first part... well it can seem like a lost cause to others who try to help us.
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