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  1. If yall are ex-Christians what is the point of visiting a website talking about Jesus every day? Sure sounds like you never left the faith, to me. Like going to a bar to talk about how much you hate booze. lol. Now you all have a good time talking about Jesus everyday. Your secret love for Christ is safe with me. *wink* Lord, we're all secure down here. One to beam up.
  2. Why throw pearls before swine? Maybe just throw cubic zirconia instead.
  3. If science is your hero then you might say that science underpins everything. But the world is not science. Science is some idea you apply to the world. It's some framework that gives you comfort. If scientists take an interest in some phenomena they give it a name and try to own it by calling it science. I believe in Jesus so I believe that He underpins everything. No I dont have evidence. Evidence aint really my gig. Chasing endorphins? Aren't we all. Does science and logic make you feel good, Walter? Does evidence and science and all that atheist stuff give you a s
  4. Wow, if you dont know what that means, I can't help ya. Are you sure yall were ever Christians? It sounds you never were otherwise you would be to answer this question.
  5. My point being that believing in Jesus does not make you mentally ill. Nor does believing in Jesus mean you will turn into a scumbag. There are scumbags of all faiths and non-faiths.
  6. Pony express, Morse Code, satellite, 3G, 4G, 5G. The goalposts move about every 18 months. Are you using the same cell phone or computer you had 10 years ago? Goalposts, they are a movin'. God created the heavens and the earth, therefore all matter, including transistors and microprocessors and such are God's creations. Science plays with His fundamental building blocks. Praise the Lord!
  7. I only see one supposed Big Bang ... show me a few more.
  8. Mental illness as in Crazy for Jesus? Guilty as charged, your honor. Well being? There's millions of believers worldwide living productive lives. That is 'evidence' of success.
  9. I feel Jesus in my heart. See, evidence right there. Did you know that the first letter of science and satan are both S? And the fifth letter in both science and satan are N. 1st letter and 5th letter. 1+5 = 6. Three 6s are the devil's number. Dont let that science demon swallow your mind.
  10. Pardon, cant edit for some reason. I was about to say that Sdelsolray sounds very convicted about his belief in science. Science wont get ya to heaven though. You need Jesus for that. That's why he sent me to tell you about him. He is all about love, people. Jesus is love. No doubt about it.
  11. Takes a look at the name of this website: ex-christian.net. I thought it was Iworshipscience.net for a second. When you kick Jesus out of your heart, there's that God-shaped hole you gotta fill with something. Science it shall be! Sdelsolray sounds very serious
  12. Are the atheists moving the goalposts again? That's what happens when you rely on science. "We have some new evidence....move the goalposts again."
  13. Uncle Loki? Is he a baptist?
  14. Hey, my bro (or sis) in Christ.
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