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  1. I do want groups like this to stay alive because I belive they are doing very good help to the exchristians who have been threw struggles and deceit and more. I came here myself with struggles and doubts but on the opposite end. I knew it would be weird and peps might’ve suspected me to preach but I’m just a plain theist searching for life’s meaning and wanted help with my questions. I understand not everybody thinks there is objective meaning or duties etc but I was hoping just for a welcoming discussion about it with care and concern but I received the exact opposite. People here especially the atheists were very hostile, rude, mocking me, and could care less if I get run over by a car tommorw. I am very hurt and crying as I text this. I get the hint I’m a piece of dumb shit to you guys. I will leave, just somebody kill me
  2. Because of the EVIDENCE, and There’s been plenty cases. No I’m not gonna give it to you. I’m just looking for counter evidence for the piles evidence we have for Christianity. If you don’t know about it just look it up. I’m to busy right now to go over the data. Plus peps in the other comments have and are gonna continue saying hurtful stuff to me, and idk how much I can take. This might not be the place to receive help or anything healthy.
  3. What reasoning? I just asked how you justify epestemic duties. Your atheist right?
  4. If that were true I’d obviously wouldn’t be going to Christianity would I? What’s your theory?
  5. So sorry guys it’s been like a hella while since I last blogged just been very busy yah know. If there was like an app it be easier for me. Anyways, as some of you know I’m a potential christian, I’ve been asking ex Christians I know why the think it’s wrong for awhile now so I could make an educated desistion on my worldview. My Q for today is, if anyone has found a better theory for the Ressurection of Christ yet? So far other explanations aren’t very convincing for me. And please don’t attack me I’m not here to convert nobody, I just have honest questions and concerns I wanna talk to someone about without being seen as a stupid monster.
  6. I don’t like to say I belive as if I needed a blind leap of faith. I know. Peps that don’t keep thinking of cartoons when they here it and think that’s what it is. That’s the only reason really peps deny the supernatural. Also I don’t even like the word ether, it’s not well defined i don’t think.
  7. Cool thank you, i will check them whenever i get the chance. But why not just be a Deist, that seems all those objections accomplish. There all secular correct? and ive Been reading Nietzche who is my fav so far, Sigmud Freud, Carel Jung, Jordan Peterson, Ludwig Feuerbach, and my 1st Fav Athiest philosopher Jean Paul Sartre. I have already been in Moral Philosophy and others such as logic, ontology, epistemology, metaphysics, religion/secularism, philosophy of history, a little political philosophy and more as well as Theology, science, History & Research methodology. so im familer with what your explaining about meaning entaling value. If there isnt any meaning then theres no such thing as an Objective Good life cause you need a framwork to measure Goodness and atheism rejects that notion. it also rejects Truth which i just cannot accept cause it is self evident to us. The statment "The is no God" is ether a true or false statment. if it were not objectivly true or false then theres no such thing as Athiests or Theists and wed all have to be Strong Agnostic. Science would be an utter failure to since knowlege depends on true statments and simply pron to Practicalism. But are you actually an agnostic or aganostic atheist then? Most of my atheist friends say that is what they mean by it.
  8. I kinda am and kinda not, i a little bit in Limbo right know with my worldview. Ive been atheist, then plan theist, mesothesit, then christian, then plan theist, now i may be Buhddist and Toasit and after discovering the evidence im thinking about becoming christian agian but i wanted to talk to ex christians to see why they think the evidence isnt conclussive so that i may make an informed decition. but i dont wanna be harassed, if that happens ill just have to keep looking for another community thats willing to help and accept me but i not here to convice anyone of my views i just need the challage to help me think about it. and cool, i just read threw it on youtube. was it ment to be an apologetic? it seemed more like a comedy and the main point to humor the thought of objective meaning. It seemed like it assumed its view was true and was just trynig to answer the Q of why peps belive what they do about religion. like the error in Sigmud Freud's Argument Agasit theism. but it was very good. im gonna show this to my secular friends and see what they think. does this place have a chartroom do you know?
  9. Besides the Wikipidia articles i dont think so. But that wouldnt mean the information is incorrect. if you know any primary sources i can read on both sides id appreaciate it.The IKIGI like i said was formed by the Japaneses collectively i dont think it was by just 1 individual. and T.P Wong developed the PURE method. then i went and studied the topic under each letter and just put it all together and it made sense. I unfoutuantly dont have a Batulars or PHD and only my labtop to research. I am also studying how to research proberly to avoid bias, i may not be great but im willing to be wrong. i dont like telling peps that cause theyll usually condem and mock that i didnt research good and as fellow humans of the same species we should work together to try and build earch other up not tear each other down. if we make mistakes we shouldnt rube it in their face, embarress and humiliaty them. every person is valuable and deserves a chance to get it right. I know alot of secular peps dont like talking about lifes meaning so if im not allowed to talk about it i wont. but it is somthing i am mainly concerned out and important for to me. i will get help els were.
  10. It is copy/paste, most of it is my notes i have from websites, podcasts, YouTube lectures, slide share, etc. I am on philosophical and scientific Social Media apps and we talk about deep stuff alot and often times i have had to repeat myself so i just saved what i had said before for later conversations and stuff. and ye sure id love to share my sources lol. idk much but im thankful for the stuff i was able to learn about. Btw do you know if theres a chartroom on this platform? http://www.angelfire.com/mn2/tisthammerw/science.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meaning_of_life https://medium.com/thrive-global/ikigai-the-japanese-secret-to-a-long-and-happy-life-might-just-help-you-live-a-more-fulfilling-9871d01992b7 https://www.ontotext.com/knowledgehub/fundamentals/dikw-pyramid/
  11. You mean my last comment? i am new to this format im sorry, like on other platforms we have a post and down bellow are comments lol so sorry if im slow on these use of terms. Yes i am still sad and confused but not about weather there is meaning and purpose, this has been establshied threw the sciences and philosopy. but that doesnt tell us what the meaning is. i do have some conviction of what i belive it may be. but my cofustion comes form so many people saying diffrnet stuff and or debating weather it does and doesnt and eveybody is always so made at each other and it makes me wanna cry (i have). then i go into thinking about how love is real or nobody cares about me and how much i suck at just being a good person. i just keep hearing how shitty i am. i try apologising as much as i can but i dont wanna be a push over ether. so ye its that stuff. and sure i would love to share my stuff with you lol. do you know if there is a chartroom on this site? also i see some words in Blue next to yours, are those your words?
  12. hi Damehal, yes i agree this is true. i don't know if your conclusion from these facts means "Meaning" is subjective cause it looked like you were unsure. There are objective, concrete normative criteria for what constitutes meaning in life and we our evolution has developed us to seek for patterns which is true in all animals for Pattern Recognition is how Knowledge is possible and Logic derives from Order. In an absolute Chaotic universe science wouldn't be possible for we wouldn't be able to process info form patterns to convert into knowledge. For knowledge to be true it must be unchangeable, as must the object of that knowledge; and grounded in something unreliant. And we manage and shape principles, data and theories. The most common definitions of meaning in life involve three components. personal meaning as the- Cognizance of order, Coherence and purpose in one's existence, and The pursuit and attainment of worthwhile goals. In science this is called the DIKW Pyramid (DATA, INFO, KNOWLEDGE, WISDOM). Science is purpose driven. we do not merely learn about chemicals and physics for observation/habit we have a goal to benefit humanity. We are wise unto a Goal. Purpose, understanding, responsibility, and enjoyment give life Objective meaning. You need to choose a worthy purpose or a significant life goal. You need to have sufficient understanding of who you are, what life demands of you, and how you can play a significant role in life. You and you alone are responsible for deciding what kind of life you want to live, and what constitutes a significant and worthwhile life goal. You will enjoy a deep sense of significance and satisfaction only when you have exercised your responsibility for self-determination and actively pursue a worthy life-goal. This is the method called PURE developed by T.P Wong. The last 3 you may not fully accept but the first letter "P" (IKIGAI) Model which the Japanese developed many people are hard pressed to at least practically deny even if so reluctantly intellectually. It is the convergence of four primary elements: Passion, Mission, Vocation, and Profession establish "P"- Purpose. Your you Love, Needs, get Paid for, and are Good at. "P" is used to indicate the source of value in one’s life or the things that make one’s life worthwhile. As far as with other things The types of meanings vary according to the types of the thing that is being represented. Namely: •There are the things in the world, which might have meaning; •There are things in the world that are also signs of other things in the world, and so, are always meaningful (i.e., natural signs of the physical world and ideas within the mind); •There are things that are always necessarily meaningful, such as words, and other nonverbal symbols. If you would like to chat more about this stuff id love to share with you what ive been learning and my sources, sites, articles, lectures, books, etc i learned from lol. And no worries if we dont agree i still love discussing these things.
  13. thank you and yes Agreed. We must follow evidence were ever it leads and accept Truth even if we don't like it. I am happy you still believe in Truth cause i see the others commenting believing it is not real which is very dangerous thinking. I am confused though, i though in athiesm Morals were subjective correct? But anyways, grateful to be here and thank you very much for having me^o^
  14. Thank you its nice meet you and hope you make many friends here and ill be yours as well LOL . I have not denied Truth exists just learning the methodology for understanding it more. You are correct that self reflection and meditation is our starting point but when i say you are correct i mean you are objectively correct not merely that it is a good opinion. Thank you again very much for the support and i hope to support and uplift my fellow peps here as well.
  15. Thank you very much it is nice to meet you and everyone here. I do not deny Truth & Meaning exist im just trying to learn about it and why secularism denies it. I believe because they think its Rosy Colored glasses but just cause there's meaning in something doesn't make it positive as im Nihilistic. I look forward to learning more about atheism and make new friends www^-^
  16. こにちは、Hi everyone, I speak English and a little Japanese but not that good. I like pretty much anything to do with the arts & media and have several skills related to that. I like making people happy & having fun. In the future I want to be a pioneer in the media industry some day. I'm very shy but I Hope to be good friends with you^o^。。。。 I am a plan theist neither secular or religious searching for the meaning of life, and searching for truth. I'll accept anything so long as there's evidence for it, weather i like it or not. I hope i can be a positive presence in this community and hopefully find support and love here cause i am not doing well, but i will be a lot better off i know true love exists. I've studied Theology, Philosophy, Science, History and several worldviews and put them to the test of logical consistency, relevancy, and coherence, etc. I am also very very sad and confused cause i don't know what the meaning of my life is or why i am here and why life is so painful. Who am i, why am i here? What is the meaning of life? How can purpose, fulfillment, and satisfaction in life be found? I am struggling already with stressful situasstions as it is and i cant find the drive to keep going on, it is difficult, better yet imppossible. Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. Everyone of us holds many beliefs, By and large, we hope that our beliefs are not irrational or unreasonable. And the more strongly we hold a set of beliefs, the stronger we hope that they are not irrational. Beliefs aren’t just something we have, they are part of who we are; abandoning them is destabilizing and painful. But they aren't meant to be defended at all costs, we submit humbly to our understanding of Truth. Though evidence and proof establishes justified belief, Arguments can only remove doubt, they can not convict people of truth. But i have a heart to receive whatever may be true. It is my epistemic duty to be open to being wrong and that is why i am here. Though not a dogmatic atheist i am a classic atheist (dont belive in certan types of god) but some of the beliefs atheism holds to i just dont find true with what i have been learning so far. i want to be established in by beliefs so i may go on living my life with security and a foundation rather then a nonsensical void. im hoping i may find friends here that can help answer some questions and doubts i am having; i know many here dont think Objective truth is real and thats fine but i just dont wanna be seen here as pushing my views on anyone cause i honestly feel this is a blowing strike to your entire worldview and just wanna here from you; I actually like a challenge and want you to search for yourself to see if what i belive is "true". I just cant see how that is possible, i just never seen it done. Truth is always here, its up to us to aline our perception to it. Thank you very much for reading threw and welcoming me into the community, i look forward to good discutions and friendships here.(: Note: i enjoy information presented in a way that doesn't stink of secular arrogance and holier-than-thou crap. “It is easy be brilliant when you do not believe in anything.”- Goethe
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