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  1. Weezer, calling you a fucking idiot after I replied to you amicably and you called me mentally ill and a danger to my family was completely appropriate. Only a fucking idiot would read my posts and see mental illness and a dangerous personality. And you flopping back and forth between phony sincerity towards me and self-serving ridicule of me is far more a sign of mental problems than my consistent persona here. But, hey, you’ve got the respect of a whole bunch of people here who think and act just like you. You’re part of a group. Congratulation
  2. Redneck, change my name back to Brothermario. Now. No moderator in the history of Internet forums makes the names for their patrons. I can’t help you that I’m destroying your delusional judgment of your intellectual talents. It was bound to happen once someone other than a born again Christian showed up. I’m your most popular patron because skeptics repeat themselves and each other. I’ve been called every name a dull skeptic mind can come up with, and attacked relentlessly. But you’re conveniently only seeing me returning fire.
  3. Walter, you’re either a skeptic plant attempting to aggravate me by a continuous “You didn’t answer the question, so please answer the question” ploy, or a dumb old guy from England who has spent his life thinking he’s brilliant. Either way, you haven’t shown yourself to be honestly inquiring about the existence of God. I answered your question by giving you MY answer not YOURS. Don’t ask it again.
  4. I see you’ve sent in a brilliant undergraduate who has studied every talking point of today’s skeptics for extra credit. And he read all seven pages! His arguments were very powerful. One even made me blink an eye. He was so confident, too, despite admitting that “I don’t know what would ...”. Where does confidence in one’s ignorance as one’s knowledge come from? It seems logically fallacious to me.
  5. Yes, Warrior, that’s the refutation. Jesus becoming the greatest person who ever lived because he’s our greatest hope, and Jesus still being alive, and Jesus being a King is just a “sugarcoating” over your deep thoughts on suffering and death? You’re simply a moron.
  6. Wertbag, I’ve been telling skeptics on forums for over a decade the same true story about God I’ve told here. What could be a better goal than to simply tell the truth? I never think about a skeptic hearing the truth and telling me they’ve heard it. What I think about, when I do occasionally think about it, is how the Truth can get inside us and do its work on its own. When skeptics tell me that I’m just a chew toy for them, a troll, or I’m just telling them fantasies, I don’t stop and ponder it because I’m not telling them simply about myself, b
  7. Warrior, I always provide “refutation”, and scholastic refutation, and refutation based upon experience. And I gave to you plenty of it. Don’t read my responses to you hastily and then tell me that I didn’t do this or that. Be more honest about your lack of desire to comprehend what others are saying, and your great desire to hear yourself talk. And the nerve you touched was my having to endure incredibly ridiculous ideas about such incredibly important realities. This ain’t a game, brother. If you don’t really know anything, or are anyone, makin
  8. Weezer, I knew who you guys were right from the start, and all you’ve done is prove it. You did good things for others for 24 years as a Christian, but now you think you are living a better life as a old curmudgeon doing intellectual masturbations with ex-Christians? Well that doesn’t really make a lot of sense, now does it? I counseled tough kids in a residential program for 12 years, and took a big hit financially doing it. But I’ve gotten calls years later from grown men with families thanking me for helping them. (I gave every kid my business card and to
  9. Warrior, everything you wrote was written by someone else and then you read it. You literally didn’t have an original thought to share. But what’s truly pathetic is that you’re teaching me about God because you read about God in the Old Testament, but you don’t really believe God exists anyway. Are you fucking kidding me? This lamebrain thinking wins a badge around here? You don’t believe in something that you only read about, and then you think you are the expert person everyone should listen to about that something? And you coming here like a h
  10. Reagan’s daughter Patti Davis. The edit button is on a timer? Weird
  11. Weezer, I just read your other post accusing me of mental illness, like you’ve done a few times before. YOU have a demented view of people with a powerful relationship with God. Here’s some more truth about ME: I married my wife 22 years ago. I knew her from high school, and while I was living a selfish life she was raising three kids alone. Her husband had run off with all their money 15 years before that, leaving her with a one year old, three year old, and six year old. When I showed up, she was working three jobs and living in a three-story rundown tene
  12. Weezer, I like my take on Noah’s Ark better.
  13. Walter, people who have similar experiences of God know they have had them because they talk about God in similar ways. My experiences of God gave to me knowledge of God. As I came to know God better, and the Truth better, I came to love God. To love God is to know the Truth about God, and ourselves. When a skeptic argues against the existence of God, that skeptic is also arguing against the love of God. Love and Truth are always joined together. I don’t know what you’re experiences of God have been. Why should
  14. Wertbag, I literally wrote that I had hopes that some of the skeptics here were different than their ridiculous counterparts. And read the posts of your friends today while I was at work. I would ignore the performance art between Redneck and Edgar.
  15. Weezer, remember how President Truman decided that to save American soldiers’ lives it was a good thing to instantly kill 100,000 Japanese, twice? What if I told you that Noah actually existed at a time when all of humanity wasn’t that many people? And a very large community of these people were very evil people who were multiplying rapidly and were one day going to overrun all the good people and lead humanity down a dark path it would never recover from. So God thought it was a good thing to have the best person he could find living near these evil people save his family, and as
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