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    I am a former christian who left because I couldn't take it anymore. After I found out aboutLuke 14:33 I simply couldn't handle the horrible lifestyle and miserable life I had to live if I were still Christian. I watched a voice in the desert and it made me hate Christianity more. I come to the site for help and guidance on how to live my life after my deconversion.

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  1. Thanks guys for your support I appreciate it. I know that you guys are doing your best to help me and I appreciate that. But you can’t expect me to be on you guys level of deconversion considering the fact that I was in Christianity for so long. I try my best everyday to change my mindset but everytime I try enjoying something that stupid Christian guilt gets in the way and I can’t enjoy anything anymore. Plus a voice in the desert is now stuck in my head and I don’t know how to get it out. I’ve got a lot on my plate but hopefully things will work out well
  2. sorry guys for believing in such stupidity. but do you guys know how to get rid of christian relapses. theyve been getting on my nerves lately
  3. well there goes to show that the simpsons are full of shit
  4. The Greater Wars The Nation and the world are sadly clueless about the war we're witnessing. They are seeing a single battle and think that if we win this battle then we have won the war. That is nonsense and short-sited. Very few people understand the enemy or his strategies. And therefore people have no idea what to prepare for, or how to prepare. My series of Books: End Times Disciples; The Harlot Church; and Satan's End Game - The War for Jerusalem explain the far greater battle. Our war is not against the CIA. The CIA is a puppet of a greater enemy. From their ons
  5. thank you guys for my help. i want to get mental help but the thing is im really old and its not safe for me to go outside so i need to find an alternative. ill tell you guys this though: before covid 19 started my life was slowly getting better and coming back to normal like it was when i was very young. but ever since covid 19 hit ive been worrying constantly and my ocd fears are coming back since im not doing anything and all i do is just watch news. i dont watch cnn though as they exaggerate too much.
  6. No I’m not trolling it’s just that I always see these type of videos eveyrtime I scrolling around YouTube. I don’t intend to waste anyone’s time or ruin their day. But alright if you don’t want to help or believe then it’s fine. I won’t disturb you guys anymore
  7. the responses that people say on the simpson videos are saying that it'll come soon and that they are never wrong. can someone help me rebuke these guys because its giving me panic and anxiety attacks 24/7 and i cant enjoy anything i do anymore
  8. Hey everyone it’s been a crazy year so far for those who live in America. Lately I’ve been watching Simpson’s predictions and one of them said that on Jan 20,2021 the four horsemen apocalypse will occur and that the world will end. This has been crippling me for the past few days and I don’t know what to think anymore. Any advice on this?
  9. Weezer I had the same thing when I was little. Before I became religious and forced myself to believe I had a better life but after all the indoctrination and forced belief now its hard living normally especially with all that a voice in the desert crap. Back then i hated church and saw it as boring but after forcing myself to like it now all of a sudden when i try to leave its like I'm stuck to it like a glue and i don't know how to get out. if it wasn't for this website i probably wouldn't know what to do since this and the atheist experience are the only places i know that have people who
  10. Thanks guys and yeah by reading your responses it really helps give support. It's just that the fear of hell always holds me back
  11. Hey everyone I’m pretty sure some of you might remember me from my previous post. For the past few days I’ve been having recurring fears of hell and doubts about being an atheist and whether or not I tried hard enough or searched hard enough for the truth. This has been killing me for the last few days I feel like going insane and at sometimes even thinking of taking my life because of how terrible it has become. If anyone here can please give advice it would help me a lot and go a long way. This website is the only thing that makes my day great and keeps me from going back to Christianity.
  12. Well thanks guys for all your support it means a lot to me. By continuing to give advice you guys somehow make my day just a little better and give me some motivation to live
  13. Amen my friend! Keep preaching. There have been so many different interpretations of Luke 14:33 and that teaching of Jesus that I can’t tell which one is correct. Although yours seems to make more sense but for some reason in my head it’s like a voice in the desert makes sense. At this point I don’t know anymore but what I do know is that the Christian god isn’t clearing up my confusion by not answering my prayers or ever answering them at all for all the years that I prayed in my life. At this point all I wonder is what should be my purpose in life after de converting. And how should I live
  14. oh ok well thanks for the advice. i just want to rebuke their points because i always get recurring doubts in my head saying i didn't try hard enough to look for truth. try to watch some of their videos if you can
  15. alright thanks. its just that they really messed up my mind that its so hard to true happiness because of them. i dont know how to rebuke their points
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