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  1. Hey everyone just want to let y’all know that everything has been going well so far and I’m doing way better than before. However my friend sent me a video saying there might be an asteroid that will hit the earth. What do you guys think about this?
  2. oh yeah. i remember there are videos by capturing chrisitia ity that state christianity is proven in 5 minutes by habermas
  3. what do you have to say about the comments that say jesus is real?
  4. Does anyone here know francis chan? Hes a former megachurch pastor who sold everything that he had and moved to 3rd world countries because he believed god was guiding him there. He tries to make underground churches in china and usually his churches gather in houses. I don't listen to him anymore but i was just wondering if anybody here knew him
  5. are there any ex catholics in this thread? ive heard thats the most popular church in america. also have you all noticed that all christians are trump supporters? not to offend any trump supporters in this thread if there are any
  6. alright thanks guys for the advice. also what do you guys think about people who say that the people on this site are going through a rebellious phase and that theyll come back to god
  7. Honestly I just cant imagine the fact that people can be happy that other people are going to hell. Honestly even if christiantiy is true i dont think anyone should ever accept the morality in it. Consdering how disgusting the morality is just by burning someone forever and ever. no one deserves that even hitler doesnt
  8. Just to add the fact that Christianity isnt even the oldest religion. if christianity is true then what happened to the people before the bible was written? it doesnt make sense since hinduism was created before Christianity
  9. I found this comment on youtube. I didnt make it
  10. What a surprise. I remember a member of trumps cabinet was very sad when he died. I believe trump was close to this man
  11. Want to know the Truth about the true powers of this world, Reality + what our lives are truly all about. Trump beleaves in our Father in Heaven, and by the way, the ARK of the COVENANT has been found in Jeremiah's Grotto, right under where YESHUA=Jesus was crucified. So HIS BLOOD + WATER that came out when He was stabbed by the spear could run down the crack in the bedrock, that happened when the earth quaked + landed on the correct side of the ARK, that was placed there many hundreds of years earlier. His dried BLOOD was still alive even, + tested as only having 24 CHROMOSOMES = Virgin Born
  12. yeah and unfortunately now im having a hard time resisting the relapses from christianity as ive been watching a voice in the desert and other pro christian channels. i dont know how to get christianity out of my head
  13. Hey guys first of all i would like to wish everyone a happy valentines day. hopefully everyone had a good valentines day. unfortunately for me i didn’t have a good valentines day as i gave in to the christian relapses and started watching christian videos again especially a voice in the desert. after doing that i basically felt like shit this entire day and felt depressed and sad and lost motivation to do anything. i was going so well too in just enjoying my lfie and trying to forget christianity when all of a sudden i gave in to these stupid christian relapses. i think the video that really r
  14. Hey what do you guys think about people saying all celebrities are Illuminati and they sell their souls to the devil to become famous. They say they show this by making certain hand gestures like the circle around your eye with three fingers up which supposed to represent 666 sign. They say celebrities like Jay z and Beyoncé are at the top of the Illuminati while also believe that when Kanye west attacked Jay Z’s Roc nation he was fighting against the Illuminati. What do you guys think about these theories?
  15. probably not because i cant comprehend the fact that a god would torture someone for all eternity. no matter how hard you try to justify it tou just cant without looking stupid
  16. well it was a great game although it kind of sucks it was lopsided. thank you guys for all your countinous support
  17. Wow hierophant that is such a moving and relatable testimony. Reading testimonies like yours give me hope as to show that im not only one who felt that god was never there for me. Thanks for the support man it really helps. At this point ill just focus on living life and enjoying it. By the way anybody watching the super bowl tomorrow?
  18. So I've been doing some research on both sides of the god argument and honestly i dont know which side to pick. I want to pick atheist but I don't have a way of knowing if im 100% correct. I really want to make sure im correct. I already know prayer doesn't work and the christian god is bad but do you guys have any suggestions on how i put my doubts to rest. also i noticed that theres a skeptics annotated bible debunked website as well as videos of people debunking bible contradictions. how do you guys refute these things? these things are a big hurdle in me becoming full on atheist
  19. do you guys worship celebrities
  20. Hey guys I just wanted to give an update on how life has been since deconverting. I want to start off by saying thanks for the support of this community. It has been very helpful in me finding hope after deconverting and a source of inspiration to improve my life. I realized that there's more to life than religion. But of course like many people who have deconverted I'm experiencing these relapses and intrusive thoughts about christianity and the guilt of leaving. I just wish that I never got to know christianity so that my life would be so much easier and I could live like a normal person.
  21. Thanks guys for your support I appreciate it. I know that you guys are doing your best to help me and I appreciate that. But you can’t expect me to be on you guys level of deconversion considering the fact that I was in Christianity for so long. I try my best everyday to change my mindset but everytime I try enjoying something that stupid Christian guilt gets in the way and I can’t enjoy anything anymore. Plus a voice in the desert is now stuck in my head and I don’t know how to get it out. I’ve got a lot on my plate but hopefully things will work out well
  22. sorry guys for believing in such stupidity. but do you guys know how to get rid of christian relapses. theyve been getting on my nerves lately
  23. well there goes to show that the simpsons are full of shit
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