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  1. What did you win? Making me sad that won't consider my idea? That you are going to be deep sh!t when you realize you should have? You are asking for disorder for eternity. I DON'T WANT YOU TO BE STUCK THERE!
  2. Are you physical? Original Sin happened then. If Original Sin happened, guess what else did? The double slit is about about decoherence ..so is something else.
  3. What are you worried about? That you are going to miss out on the sin available here? I just don't get it.
  4. You guys demand math and science ..and then look what happens when you get it.
  5. Is it my fault you don't understand mathematical and scientific terminology? You want to get angry at me about it? The ideas don't require you to know ..they just require you to be willing to think about them.
  6. What do think is going on in near-death experiences that involve Heaven? Are they physical then when their bodies are back on earth?
  7. I don't care if they thought the moon was made of cheese. You completely missed the point of whatever they were talking about. Do you think God sat down with them and verbally told them what to write? They had to use what they knew at the time. So you can't handle the math and would rather go back to the Science? Oh wait, you can't handle that either.
  8. Jesus was made to be sin in order to die with our sin.
  9. I'm Roman Catholic, I don't believe in this heaven on Earth cr@p.
  10. Are you saying you don't know what a prime number is? The link had to talk about a fallen reality for some reason? I showed you how the mathematical concepts related. I'm sure you do, you're falling for the trick. Yeah, that was before Satan got authority of it. No kidding early writers didn't know about QM. They wrote what they could about the topics. You're not getting that we won't have these physical bodies in heaven. I think it says somewhere that they will be heavenly bodies. We have trouble imagining a virtual human made of ma
  11. Yes. There is something to be said about the intention of Bible scripture. Saying that it is flawed is your scapegoat. You are approaching it from the angle that you don't want to believe any of it. You want to say "hey, look at this, I don't have to believe because it says this". I provided some scripture that pertains in my first post. Okay, you used to be excited about God ..you used to be. I'm here to challenge your way of thinking today.
  12. There isn't a rule on who gets to post first. Just ignore it if you don't like it: Observation of numbers is the same as being included in this fallen reality. In Math, you have input space and output space. The input is virtual, it is symbols that could mean numbers but it isn't useful until it is processed and sent to output space. Sounds like decoherence to me. Output Space is this fallen reality. When we input numbers into the zeta function we get an infinite sum in output space. That infinite sum is what happens at the present state ..the no
  13. As far as me posting first, you could just completely ignore it like WalterP did.
  14. I've given scripture in the past but I will post it again. Okay, you don't like me using "think" and "believe" and would rather I post it as fact, whatever. I hope your kid's ok, that sucks.
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