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  1. That makes sense. I'm sorry for what you went through though
  2. I follow a few ex-Christian accounts on instagram and I saw somewhere that the Church uses that to bring shame on people. Which makes sense. Unfortunately I don't think they realize how badly they can damage someone with "hell"
  3. I'll go first This isn't really trauma but I'm scared to have fun lol... Anyone else? Just thought this would be cool to do, I'm interested to find out all the kinds of negative affects it has on people
  4. It's neither I no longer have a fear of hell nor care about Christianity. But when I was a Christian, I started stressing about so many little things and that unfortunately stuck with me after I left. I was emailing a therapist a while ago and I asked her how much it would cost to get sessions and she never responded. I'm a bit scared to contact another one again since my problems are a lot worse now than they were then.
  5. Thank you to everyone for your responses I appreciate them all
  6. Hey, how do you get over the fear of sinning after leaving Christianity? I get really scared about lying and try to give as much detail about things, I feel bad if i dont tell my mom something. I even feel bad about drawing /writing something off google/pinterest in case it's "stealing". I feel bad if i say something mean to someone. How do I get over this? Its overwhelming and I feel as if I need to tell people everything.
  7. It's 3:37 in the morning and I'm trying to ignore all the sounds I hear. Anyone want to chat?
  8. Nah. We live in a tiny town I want to move overseas soon though
  9. I remember watching a Christian youtuber say Christians should be close minded
  10. For a series, how about friends? I don't know if it's your type of series, but I find it pretty funny and it might lift your mood up a bit. Usually when I'm upset I think of something to that gives me something to look forward to. Today it was eating burgers and drinking cooldrink (I've been craving fizzy cooldrinks lately lol) even the small things, like seeing someone. I used to stress alot when I was a Christian and after going to my parents work for the day (I was too scared to be home alone, I didn't like to be alone during that time) I would look forward to going home and watching whatever series my parents and i were watching at the time and just relaxing. Maybe try swimming? Reading a book? I dont think this really helps but it's some things I do or used to do that helped
  11. Is it bad that I was stressing about hell but then I thought about the burger and chips I'm going to eat soon plus the cooldrink and I felt better?
  12. Thank you for all of your help I really appreciate it
  13. I saw one of his books about everything that has been changed in the Bible, I asked my mom if I can get it but I think ill ask for that book instead. Thank you for your help, I appreciated it
  14. Not really I wouldn't know where to start. It doesn't make sense to me anymore.
  15. Not even just a few months. When I was a kid we used to go to church but we stopped going due to transport problems. I guess we were lukewarm Christians?
  16. Hi I became a Christian last year sometime, and I would stress about everything. I got my parents into Christianity again worried that they would go to hell, I stopped wearing things too revealing because I didn't want to cause anyone to stumble, I googled alot to see if things were sins, I was worried that if I didn't return things I stole or borrowed from friends that I would go to hell, I was so scared that I started sleeping in my parents room. I was friends with benefits with this guy (we're dating now) I was scared to kiss him for too long, cuddle for too long or even make out. Though we did a few times. From new years eve for about a week, I slept over at his house and I only stayed at home for one night during that time. I decided to do what I wanted, and we ended up having sex... The first 2 times I felt ashamed and cried (which he only knew about the next morning) the next time was my decision. Since then I enjoyed my freedom and didn't want to be a Christian. I told my parents and then didn't really go well... My point is that since leaving, I've really been scared of hell. I can't talk to my parents about it and I bother my boyfriend about it so much. I was just wondering if anyone has any advice? I researched the history and how it isn't logical etc but I still can't shake it. I feel as if I'm going to be punished for turning away from God.
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