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    Dance, Yoga, Vedas, Science, Architecture, Music, Old School Building Lover
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    I am one who loves all things art and architecture.I have struggled with religion for a while. I am still not over the fear of hell and constantly feel like I am damned for asking questions, thinking things, or studying other texts or even watching certain videos on other topics. It's very hard for me.

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    Vedic Hinduism

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  1. You are right. My stepdad is pressuring me to stay Christian, but I can't because it's all based on fear under the guise of love. I mean LGBTQ are condemned to hell and so are freethinkers according to it all.
  2. That could be the case. And Bipolar people are not supposed to be on antidepressants. It's hard living with a family of Christians who want me to be Christian but I am traumatized by Christianity and its teaching. I want to be atheist and be happy, but can't. All religion causes trauma because the idea of hell exists. I wasn't raised in a highly conservative home though.
  3. I am a 30 year old white Hindu now or rather considering it and I am so terrified it sometimes gives me chills and makes me unable to function at times while I sit in meditation trying to figure things out. I am terrified of the Christian/Islamic/Abrahamic God so badly. I had a bad experience with tainted weed that I think may have had either spice or PCP in it. I had endless panic attacks, autonomic disturbances like shivering constantly, high malignant blood pressure, 180/108, couldn't sleep for about a week, ended up getting psychosis, it drove my parents crazy and that made me feel even mo
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