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    Well, I’m a teen and my life has been pretty messed up lately.

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  1. I managed to distract myself from the whole hell thing for a little while. Not that I didn't think about it at all, but I wasn't feeling as horrible as I did before. Now I'm back to where I started. I'm terrified of going to hell or sinning. After all these months, I'm getting so tired. I don't know how to convince myself that I'll be okay because there's a possibility that there may be eternal flames or some other torture waiting for me. I don't want to live the rest of my life in fear, but I don't know how to help myself in this situation. It's like this fear has been deeply ingrained inside of me. Ughhhh.
  2. Did you guys feel empty and depressed after leaving Christianity? Like life has no meaning and there’s this hole inside? If so, how did the you overcome this?
  3. It was in my recommended on YouTube so I figured I should press on it just incase I may have “missed out” on something.
  4. Thats true. I have to accept the facts for what it is and not go based off what I want.
  5. Have you guys heard of Gary and his arguments for the resurrection? I came across a YouTube video and people in the comments were talking about him turning them into christians and how modern atheism was based on ignorance. I feel kind of iffy about it because I don’t really want Christianity to be true..
  6. Hey. We probably aren’t supposed to say our real names on here so I won’t lol. For some months, I’ve been wanting to leave Christianity but the fear of hell has held me back. I get cautious of so many things being a sin and it has made my life miserable. I just want to be a “normal” teen and enjoy life again but this “what if I’m wrong and I made the wrong choice” thing is always here with me. Hell is scary to say the least and I don’t want to end up there. Hopefully this miserable stage will pass…I’d like to learn more about the origins of the Old Testament, New Testament, Hell, and Christianity itself. If anyone has any advice/recommendations/links they can put some if they want.
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