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  1. In matters of ethics such as lying cheating killing etc., no my ethics have not changed. I dont kick kittens or steal little kids toys. Sexually yes I have changed.. e.g. fornication is not wrong to me. Actually, I dont think in terms of sin anymore, I think in terms of an ethic of love of others and self. Therefore fornication, lust, not praying, not attending church, leaning on my own understanding vs. trcusting God, not tithing, cursing, avenging evil against my family or me, are all no longer wrong to me. It feels very natural. I see my 21 years as an evangelical as time wasted in a cult. Nietzsche is a philosopher I read as well as Heidegger, whereas previously, I regarded them as lost souls, satanically inspired and devoid of insight. I think the ultimate nature of reality and this life will always be mysterious to mankind and that's okay. I dont require simplistic, unscholarly answers to the imponderables. I do however, cling to basic ethics of love and caring although I dont believe the creator judges or condemns those who violate these precepts, because that would create a moralistic world of condemned people just as in Christianity. I'm not an atheist, but I'm certain the Hebrew or Mohammedan Gods are atrocious creations. I follow no religion or philosophy although I do respect the natural order regarding sexuality and gender relations. Thus many things I formerly saw as sin, I now see as foolish, hurtful or self destructive. For example, heroin addiction isn't sinful, its just self destructive and hurtful to those who love the addict.
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