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  1. I don't disagree with anything you've said here. We're discussing the same point. IMO, though, the responsibility still falls back on the individual. Although you didn't explicitly say so, your post kinda has a vibe of "it isn't our fault, that's just the way it is, so oh well." If that isn't what you meant, then my bad. Yes, we ARE indoctrinated as children to believe all sorts of shit about how the world works that just isn't true. It isn't our fault, but it's still our job to deprogram. Because as you've said, people who never deprogram just become drones for the government or religion or both. Or for their society, or for their culture, or for their job, etc. It's our job to deprogram because we won't perpetuate the cycle; we won't indoctrinate our children. If you really trace it up, I'd bet it's far LESS than a couple 1000. I'm talking about the 0.01% who effectively run the planet. Bad ideas and bad beliefs come from somewhere. It's from these guys.
  2. I tend to agree with you. I've read a few things about how this planet, if it were treated well, could easily host up to around 25 billion people. A few years ago I road tripped through friggin' India, one of the most populated countries in the world. Mumbai to Chennai and it took 2 weeks. I had the same experience as you--people rammed into cities, followed by miles upon miles of completely empty land. It absolutely it is. True, but that's the thing. We let them. It's almost like the whole world is a scaled up version of that famous psychology experiment where a fake scientist told the test subjects to keep pressing the button to electrocute another person with near-lethal voltage. Most did, just because someone who was perceived to be an authority told them. Or the other famous experiment where they gave one group of test subjects complete authority over another group of subjects in a mock prison environment. That one had to be called off because of how quickly the authority group became to mistreat and degrade the non-authority group. I agree, but that almost seems like it's part of the "test" for lack of a better word. It's not supposed to be easy. So the ET race could be looking down with a bird's eye view saying, "A couple thousand of these pricks are causing all the problems, but the other 8 billion are just letting them, and many of them actually support their controllers."
  3. I think there's a spiritual aspect involved here (not religious). No amount of technology can mask the fact that as a species we still have a high amount of murdering, stealing, warmongering, racism, a willingness to destroy our own planet, and an addiction to consenting to a few ruling over the masses. An ET race that is far more advanced than us is likely advanced beyond these things as well. I wouldn't be surprised if they were looking down on us and decided, "Eh... fuck 'em."
  4. This statement is 100% true. I'm wondering if the success of taking them to task depends on a greater number of people taking them to task. Isolated individuals and small groups definitely try, but they end up censored, silenced, or even sometimes "suicided." So I'm wondering if an ET revelation will be big enough and paradigm shattering enough to have a majority of people finally say, "Hey, y'all lying sacks of shit, no more!"
  5. I foresee some severe trust issues with the government if it becomes apparent they knew about ETs all along and deliberately covered it up this whole time.
  6. I've heard a few abduction stories from people who claim to been taken aboard those pyramid-shaped crafts. Those were always the ones that interested me the most. This also may score a few points for the guys who say aliens visited us in ancient times and helped ancient people build their megalithic sites. If this were the case, it would make sense that the ancient Egyptians would build pyramids if they were visited by advanced ETs that flew around in pyramid-shaped crafts.
  7. As much as astrotheology and the Bible interests me, this conversation has now gone over my head. I only know very basic stuff and it's clear you two have gone deep. Please let me know of any resources y'all like that are worth studying. I'll also check out @Robert_Tulip links that he dropped a few posts ago.
  8. You can have a spiritual life without religion. I'd even go so far as to say that religion inhibits a true spiritual life. Religion is all about following rules, conformity, punishment, and depending on something external to yourself to save you/guide you. There is nothing spiritual about that. It does. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of people who are comfortable using the word God without equating it to the Christian god of the bible. Rather, to them its synonymous to the Universe or Source or Divine. It doesn't make any sense, does it? I've never astral projected, but I've read a lot about it and listened to many people who claim they regularly astral project. Pretty much all "experts" in this space maintain that everyone is capable of astral projection. That being said, It does seem to come more easily to some people than others. From what I can tell, no one's figured out why. Regardless, they maintain that if astral projection is something you really want to do, you can train yourself. It's just like any other learnable skill. I always have to chime in when I hear stuff like this. Are the things she hears from God trying to control or influence your thoughts/actions or manipulate you or make you feel guilty? Be very discerning. No. The answer to this question is ALWAYS no.
  9. Aren't the supernatural beliefs what make Christianity what it is? If you strip it all away, are you even left with Christianity or would it be different enough to be considered a different religion altogether? I thought the next age came after the correct number of years had passed, regardless of what was going on. I get that's quite literal, so maybe there's a more metaphorical interpretation of the changing age that you're talking about? Interesting. I understood it to be reversed--that the passion story was taken from the Egyptian sun god Horus and the journey he took through the sky every day, where he ultimately fought with the god Set in the evening (sunset) and lost (died) only to resurrect again the next morning (sunrise). That same journey can be extrapolated out to the year (the sun dies in winter, resurrects in spring) and then even further to the Great Year. I understood the passion story in the Bible as taking this Egyptian story and making it literal by assigning it to a literal man named Jesus (Son/Sun) who literally died on a physical cross (as opposed to the zodiacal cross) who literally resurrected after 3 days (paralleling the 3 day solstice; or is it equinox? I always mix up those two). I quite enjoy astrotheological interpretations of The Last Supper. I've noticed a rapidly growing community of people who are pushing back on our grade school teachings (indoctrination, they'd call it). They're exploring the idea that our distant ancestors were not at all primitive and that their connection with the visible heavens--sun, moon, stars, Mercury through Saturn, zodiac--was far more than mere superstition. If this is the case, for the sake of argument, is relegating this correct knowledge to the age of Aquarius in the present day kind of limiting? Human connection with the visible heavens is one of the oldest ideas there is. Or are you suggesting that this age of Aquarius is when we make a return to that correct knowledge after losing our way for a couple thousand years? Also: I'm not trying to derail you, your ideas, or your book. I'm asking because this is the kind of stuff that fascinates me these days. You've got a slightly different take on this area than I've heard before, so I'm trying to understand.
  10. I thought the general consensus of those who mash up astrotheology and Christianity identify Christianity as the religion of the age of Pisces (Jesus feeds the 5,000 with 2 fish, the fish Jesus symbol, the disciples that were fisherman, "fishers of men" etc) and is therefore "scheduled" (for the lack of a better term) to fall away in this new age of Aquarius?
  11. I would agree. I think we are capable of knowing everything that any potential advanced ETs know. As always, we just don't know what we don't know. If they're advanced, then they've had more time to learn more about everything. Religion steals the word spiritual. They say that the more religious you are, the more spiritual you are. Incorrect. Religious people are very concerned with following a bunch of external rules. Spirituality is hard to define, and I'm starting to think that's the entire point. It's a journey that usually seems to last for the rest of your life and seems to be a mix of becoming more authentic, casting off unnecessary authorities (including those imposed on yourself), becoming more aware and conscious, shedding the ego, healing past traumas, and all that stuff. Basically, with a spiritual practice you develop within, and with a religion you "develop" without (Christian God, pastors, rules/commandments, etc). To bring it back to the original conversation, the reason why I think ETs would be spiritually advanced would be the same reason they have greater knowledge--they've simply had more time to get there. They'd see all the mistakes we humans are making because they've made the same ones in their long history (awareness) such as killing each other in wars, destroying our planet, small groups of people controlling larger groups of people, etc. and they've moved on as a species that doesn't do any of that anymore.
  12. I've also been very fascinated in this topic for a while. There are a few researchers in this space that I like to drop in on from time to time and brush up on their latest findings. What you learn very quickly is "ufology" as they call is, is not an isolated subject. Just like everything else, it ties in with history, archaeology, physics and biology and chemistry, politics, government, and even religion. It's a lot more than just "does this guy's abduction story seem legit?" At this point, it's hard for me to deny that the US government is interested in UFOs and spends tons of resources in researching them. The main reason I believe it is because the US government doesn't even really deny it, especially lately. From what I've read on the subject, I tend to believe that ETs exist. I think that not only are they technologically advanced, but they are also spiritually advanced. I think they do visit and hang around. There are just too many sitings; there are even a handful on this thread.
  13. Haha you're right. She'll always find something to sell.
  14. I'll be following her story. I'm always curious how far people who earn millions with their Christian platform are willing to speak out.
  15. I think it's a good thing you don't want to take someone's intellectual property. Most pictures will tell you exactly how to attribute if you use it. Also check out Wikimedia Commons. Pretty much everything there is free to use and alter. Also not a bad thing. I don't know how old you are, but it may be time to set some boundaries with your mom. Not answering a question is not the same as lying. Dodging a question is not the same is lying. You can practice some of these things if you don't want your mom to know the whole truth about something.
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