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  1. As much as astrotheology and the Bible interests me, this conversation has now gone over my head. I only know very basic stuff and it's clear you two have gone deep. Please let me know of any resources y'all like that are worth studying. I'll also check out @Robert_Tulip links that he dropped a few posts ago.
  2. You can have a spiritual life without religion. I'd even go so far as to say that religion inhibits a true spiritual life. Religion is all about following rules, conformity, punishment, and depending on something external to yourself to save you/guide you. There is nothing spiritual about that. It does. Also keep in mind that there are a lot of people who are comfortable using the word God without equating it to the Christian god of the bible. Rather, to them its synonymous to the Universe or Source or Divine. It doesn't make any sense, does it? I've never astral
  3. Aren't the supernatural beliefs what make Christianity what it is? If you strip it all away, are you even left with Christianity or would it be different enough to be considered a different religion altogether? I thought the next age came after the correct number of years had passed, regardless of what was going on. I get that's quite literal, so maybe there's a more metaphorical interpretation of the changing age that you're talking about? Interesting. I understood it to be reversed--that the passion story was taken from the Egyptian sun god Horus and the journey
  4. I thought the general consensus of those who mash up astrotheology and Christianity identify Christianity as the religion of the age of Pisces (Jesus feeds the 5,000 with 2 fish, the fish Jesus symbol, the disciples that were fisherman, "fishers of men" etc) and is therefore "scheduled" (for the lack of a better term) to fall away in this new age of Aquarius?
  5. I would agree. I think we are capable of knowing everything that any potential advanced ETs know. As always, we just don't know what we don't know. If they're advanced, then they've had more time to learn more about everything. Religion steals the word spiritual. They say that the more religious you are, the more spiritual you are. Incorrect. Religious people are very concerned with following a bunch of external rules. Spirituality is hard to define, and I'm starting to think that's the entire point. It's a journey that usually seems to last for the rest of your life and seems to be a
  6. I've also been very fascinated in this topic for a while. There are a few researchers in this space that I like to drop in on from time to time and brush up on their latest findings. What you learn very quickly is "ufology" as they call is, is not an isolated subject. Just like everything else, it ties in with history, archaeology, physics and biology and chemistry, politics, government, and even religion. It's a lot more than just "does this guy's abduction story seem legit?" At this point, it's hard for me to deny that the US government is interested in UFOs and spend
  7. Haha you're right. She'll always find something to sell.
  8. I'll be following her story. I'm always curious how far people who earn millions with their Christian platform are willing to speak out.
  9. I think it's a good thing you don't want to take someone's intellectual property. Most pictures will tell you exactly how to attribute if you use it. Also check out Wikimedia Commons. Pretty much everything there is free to use and alter. Also not a bad thing. I don't know how old you are, but it may be time to set some boundaries with your mom. Not answering a question is not the same as lying. Dodging a question is not the same is lying. You can practice some of these things if you don't want your mom to know the whole truth about something.
  10. I relate to this hard. Unfortunately, I've learned that this situation doesn't last forever. At some point, you'll have be honest, as the others have been saying. This may warrant your dodging the question (this time). Sounds like your deconstruction and what the future's gonna look like is something that needs to be discussed and determined with your wife first before allowing friggin' Kevin into the conversation. Get on the same page with your wife first, then tell people. Because another thing to keep in mind is that once you tell Kevin, he's going to run back to
  11. Ah okay. I think @Joshpanterasummed it up well in his previous post, with a lot more precise language than me : If I meet a random dude out in a bar and he asks me if I believe in God, I'll say "No" It's kind of like when a stranger asks where you're from and you tell him the nearest big city that everyone knows rather than the small town that no one knows where you're actually from. While "No" may have caveats and qualifications, they aren't relevant enough to the context to go into. We're all clarifying the minutiae of my belief here because this discussion is spe
  12. I understand all your points except for this one. I mean sure we can't prove that there is No God. But I think the Bible has been sufficiently debunked as a factual source of information concerning what God if a God exists, is. So shouldn't that atleast determine that there is no Christian God? But that there is the remote unprovable possibility of another God? It seems like all human attempts to "define" God have failed and therefore those defined Gods are not real. What I meant was that even though my stance might seem wishy-washy (can't prove God doesn't exist, but I don't believ
  13. It's a fantastic post. Do Christians make profiles here and start debating?
  14. I agree. Discussions often involve a huge amount of information and scope, and blanket statements are rarely applicable. There's usually some nuance and some shades of grey. I also agree. This sounds a lot like how I go about learning new things and honing my budding philosophy of life. It's kind of like sculpting--you create the final product by removing what shouldn't be there. So if I hold something to be true but then later learn that it isn't, then I drop it, even if I don't have a new theory to replace it with. I just sit in "I don't know" territory for a little while unti
  15. Sure did. I took some time to go off alone somewhere and really contemplate on precisely what I wanted my life to look like. This was a completely self-centered fantasy. I only took ME into account. This kept me from coming up with a life that made someone else happy. Some parts of this projected future life surprised me when I wrote it down. Other parts had been inside me for a long time, but I'd been too afraid to admit because it went against the Christian lifestyle. Include everything. How much money you want to have? What's your health like? What kind o
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