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  1. Well first thing is first. Theres no reason to turn back to christianity. Only thing I would get from that would be that I wasted more time and I would be allowing myself to be lied to again. No more of that crap. I’m trying to do my best to get out of Christianity. Thats why I am here. What do you guys think about the people who were here and became Christian? Don’t you think they made a huge mistake by doing so? I personally think they did.
  2. My conclusion is that Christianity is fake based on how this world works and all the flaws I see with Christianity. But I'm still having a lot of recurring doubts. I'm just trying to look for really good refutations against Christianity and I figured I can do that by using this account and disguising as a Christian. I'm sorry I offended everyone. This was the only way I can think of.
  3. Look guys i have a confession to make. Do you guys remember MrJukes21? That's me. I made this account because I wanted to be assured that a voice in the desert and habermas were false. I wanted to be assured so bad that what they were saying wasn't true so I decided to make this account in order to see what was wrong in their arguments for god so that i can be reassured that they're wrong. Before I deconverted I watched a lot of videos by those two and their videos got stuck in my head. When I found this website I noticed that when I went to the lion's den all Christian arguments no matter ho
  4. This man refutes all contradictions in the bible. Therefore proving gods word is perfect
  5. https://apologeticspress.org/apcontent.aspx?category=6&article=768
  6. This isn't a contradiction. This is just an omission. Its like when your at a crime scene and there are several witnesses. Obviously theyre not all going to be the same since they will all have different versions of how the crime occurred or else it wouldnt look good. Same thing with the bible. If you read the article properly then you would know that there isnt a contradiction in the bible. Obviously mark knew more details. Another example I can give you is the thief on the cross asking forgiveness by jesus. In the other gospels the thief joins the other thief in spitting jesus and mocking hi
  7. Look I'm not like those people. My statements are backed with facts. Listen to me I am not threatening you all. I'm doing this out of love. If I didn't care about you and if I was a bad person then I would just leave yall to rot in hell. But I'm not because god wants me to show you all the truth. Look you may think its crazy to sell all that you have and live for christ. But its not, as a matter of fact its the only thing that gives life meaning. Without god life is meaningless and this world doesn't make sense. Throw god out and you get a crazy chaotic world. You all need gods mercy. Look I w
  8. Yes we don't need material possessions. They never ever make us happy and only lead us to depression. WHy else do you think that there's a high suicide rate in rich countries. Yet in poor countries everyone seems more happy because they are content with what they have and they live by god's grace. god loves the poor more than the rich. You will never ever be happy in life by being rich. only by being poor you will realize what life truly is. one day you will all understand. i was on the same path you were all on. you will see in the future
  9. I sent videos instead because they help me deliever my point across better. Compared to me saying it. English isn't my first language so its not easy for me to express myself when it comes to complicated topics like these. But yes no matter how you put it god exists and you all made a big mistake by leaving god. Well look I only come here to help you guys back to god. I'm not a bad person. its just that i really want you guys to get back on the right path. look you might thing being a good person is all you need in this life. but thats not the case. being good won't lead you anywhere. only hav
  10. All I'm getting are the same ole debunked arguments over and over again. I want to hear something new. Something that can't be debunked and its irrefutable. So far I've presented irrefutable evidence of god
  11. Wait hold on. Why are you guys trying to get my ip address. I only came here to prove a point. Calm down yall. There's no reason to get to this. All im trying to prove is how god exists.
  12. This debunks all of the bible contradictions. I don't know why you keep asking the same question? there are no bible contradictions unless you take the bible out of context and twist the words
  13. Also calling a voice in the desert a cult is proving their point more. jesus was called a cult in his days so its no suprise that true beievers are being persecuted again. history repeats itself over and over again. also you can not define what he experienced or not since you weren’t there so don’t like you know what he went through. look every nde proves that jesus is real and god exists. most ndes from other religions are false since its obvious theyre staged. but you will realize that what im saying is true
  14. Where did you get the idea that I’m posting from california?
  15. Nice try but Alexander was told this many times before he came to god. Who are you to talk like this about his experience? You have no right as you have no clue what he went through. you can say all you want that he didnt experience anything but it wont change the facts. i trust him more as he is a neurosurgeon who was an atheist all his life and only became christian because of this. this doesnt happen everyday. he isnt that stupid to all of a suddens stop following logic and reason
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