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  1. Coincidence. Non-religious people experience miracles, too. I’m thinking of things like cancer remission, not what would be a true miracle—something like an amputee being cured!
  2. My response to the first part of this is, exactly, "so what," as all of those folks don't understand what the bible really is. In my liberal community there isn't enforcement of orthodoxy. The bible is understood as a human-created library of documents. Everyone is understood as being on a spiritual journey. Yes, we can pick and choose. And, that's what makes sense, since this was all invented by people in the first place. And, to the second part, this is what made Jesus so radical. This is what caused Jesus to be rejected by his religious community. He did not follow the Old Testa
  3. There are a lot of liberal Christians (like me) who don't believe in god. I was able to go through the process of realizing that I didn't believe in a personal god (because if god existed, they must be a horrible being to disregard prayers of the most needy among us), and from there to realize I didn't believe in god at all, and stay part of my church, where there are others like me, for sure. The Bible is the story of humans trying to figure out their world. They got it wrong a lot. But there is useful stuff there, too, and good stories that exemplify important principles. So, it
  4. It's now available on Amazon Prime, free for members. https://www.amazon.com/Marketing-Messiah-Cameron-Reilly/dp/B08NLVCRF9/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=marketing+the+messiah&qid=1617815112&sr=8-1
  5. Seeking, Wow, this all is so tough. I've been fortunate that, while I grew up in a fundamentalist church in a mainstream (but not Baptist) denomination, when I moved to another state and joined another church of the same denomination, it turned out to be a liberal church. My shift from fundamentalist to liberal wasn't a result of the liberal church (in fact, I was shocked at "liberal" elements, like a woman in the church saying she didn't attend a certain function because it was too "Bible-y"), but what has happened is that as I've left belief in God behind (which happened in my mid-50's)
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