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    Continuous study, good-Bad movies, drawing, creating, learning new things, antique-stores, dogs, visual-arts, movies, music, comic-books, etc.
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    I retired early, thankfully, due to health issues related to the stress of having taken Christ's-message seriously, while being forced to live in the reality created and influeced, by the psychopaths that claim to follow, and represent Jesus (The "Christ"). So I mostly draw and read, and hang out with my dog.

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  1. Hello all! I don't know about you, but I really find a lot of enjoyment in watching Christian-movies. The realities that are created in these films are a goldmine of psychological and behavioral causation. I find myself dissecting the lies and illogic, and laughing to myself, and it occured to me, "Why isn't there an ex-christian version of Mystery Science Theater 3000, featuring Christian-Movies? Ex-christians are a growing community, and the only ones that would truly get why Christian-movies are so repugnunt, and deluded, yet hilarious at the same time! I think this is a good idea! We have an audience, and I'm sure there are some people out-there that can deliver a joke! So, think about it. Let me know if anyone wants to make this happen. I'm in Austin, TX.
  2. Hello, serious ex-christian here. I was raised in a Christian-home by a Malignant-narcissist, and an enabler turned-sociopath. I went to Christian schools k-12, and the students were horrible, partly due to the idea of their sins being automatically-forgiven, which gave them a certain, dickbag carte-blanche. I left Christianity at age 40, partly due to Christians and a majority of biblical-content being clearly anti-Christ; and partly due to my being an INTJ that wanted the truth regarding existence. I'd like to offer my services to this community, as an "Answer-Man", (for lack of a better title). I am well-versed in the Bible and the differentiated Christian-mindsets via, sectarianism, and similarities/conflicts arising from Race and region. I've done years of study on the early-church and pre-church Christians, and am aquainted with the Biblical-apocrypha, and the Gnostics . Beyond these basics I am a lifelong-student of Metaphysics, which (simply-put) is the study of the "Big-Picture" that is reality/existence/consciousness. Metphyicians connect the knowledge-bases of the segregated schools of thought. The sciences and the humanities, enmeshed. And in that web of knowledge is truth. So, if any of you have any nagging-questions, please feel free to contact me. -cnf
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