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  1. You guys are trying to help people de-convert from Christianity and that is great. That process is more than saying I don't believe in Christ anymore. It means giving up the use of the same tactics. What I posted absolutely has to do with religion and science. It there a better place to post this stuff, a different forum on the internet where the information is looked at and not how or what the poster thinks? I was forced to think like a Christian. Now I feel I will have to accept what I'm told here. Am I wrong?
  2. Actually, there are clay tablets that specifically state the Anunnaki were flesh and blood and that they purposely named planets after themselves and mapped out the constellations. Is any of that true or are they myths? Maybe by looking at a recent and verifiable example of how 'they' do things will help answer that. Before that example, let me say I'm not 100% convinced about anything at this point and it is entirely possible the Anunnaki were and are from here. You gotta admit, you cannot sweep Baalbek away by saying the Anunnaki are mythical. It took tech to quarry, move, and pl
  3. This makes it easy for me - I don't use twitter (or facebook or google or the other mainstream social media). I don't get upset by these people, and more importantly, I won't mindlessly contribute to the left-hive-mind or the right-hive-mind.
  4. Tech went from this: This is a 1000 metric ton block of stone quarried and partially moved ( that is 2,200,000 pounds ). Clay tablets state the Anunnaki built the Baalbek platform. Much much later, thousands of years later, the temple you see in the background (upper left corner) was built on top of that platform. To this: This is a torture device used during the Inquisition. It is not that old. To this: This is one of the World Trade Center towers turning to dust in mid air. It could not have falle
  5. Advanced in what though? Physics, football, building a bigger bomb, packing a picnic basket? This makes me think of Hitler's Final Solution and Master Race program were Aryans were the advanced life form, yet Africans excel at sports, Asians at math and engineering, and I'm sure I could come up with other examples where Aryans were/are not the advanced life form. I suppose that is stereotyping but still, the point is, advanced life form is a point of view. I've read much about the Anunnaki. Their story is on clay tablets and those stories match up with a lot of old city-states buil
  6. Trying to understanding the christ cult has gone a long way in helping me deal how it destroyed my family in more ways than one. I also ignored what they said, all the perfect this and praise that, and looked at what they do - and that still helps me. So I studied more and talked a lot with my best friend that was never indoctrinated as a christian, even though he and his family lived in the bible belt. The cult-ure of his home town was one of racism ruled by christ, so it was impossible for him not to pick up christian cult-ure which helped in our discussions, but I was able to te
  7. Just so we are on the same topic, what responsibility falls on the individual?
  8. Have you read Dr. Judy Wood's book about 9/11? I did and then went back and looked at the news footage. She's right. The twin towers disappear faster than free fall speed which means they didn't fall - they met no resistance and ground zero was still pretty much at ground level because the material to construct them disintegrated and floated up. If you watch the videos in slow motion you can see steal beams and concrete disintegrate in midair. Who has that tech? The USG or somebody else?
  9. Judgment day starts the moment a child is born. Judgment comes in many flavors and is hidden within the status-quo in so many different ways its difficult to miss them. "Just look how cute that baby is." "Wow, have you ever seen a more hideous baby in all your life?" "My child has a 3.0 grade point average, how's yours doing?" "They could have done a better job designing that piece of crap." "You look great in blue." "Those pants accentuate your fat ass. Take them off." "Do you think he'll like it?" "Can you believe he said that?" "A third place ribbon? You should be asham
  10. I don't think we all do, not really. There is a huge effort to condition and program people from childhood on to respond in a way that benefits the goals of government and religion. Because a child's parents were indoctrinated in the same way, when they don't know how to deal with something they revert to the examples set by those that think they are "authorities". That example is punishment and reward. Good cop bad cop. Get hurt in battle and a kindly surgeon patches you up just to go into battle again. The surgeon works for the same army as the commanding officer that sent you into battle in
  11. Our perception of the world outside what we directly experience is from what - news, TV, movies, what's taught in school? What friends and family tells us from their experience? I drove with a friend from Florida to New Mexico. He had a difficult time believing most of America was small towns, farms, and the like. We were talking about over population and even after seeing, he had trouble believing this country is no where near over populated. Neither is the world for that matter. The media puts a negative slant on people as individuals and portrays 'us as a species' i
  12. Could be just the opposite. Reach a certain point in technological advancement, the most advanced of which is in the hands of immature and greedy men and their military, and then... What would you do if you saw a kid sitting next to a gas can and playing with matches?
  13. He's right about that. Happened in Baalbek and the Americas too. Well, that would be great except some of the oldest building project just stopped. It is like they were building all this and then something came and destroyed them. Many were left unfinished. In Baalbek there sits a stone about 1000 metric tons. It was quarried and moved only a little. You don't go to that effort and just leave it. Same story all over the world. Very strange.
  14. This thing is no god and the biblical Jesus, as his story is told, never existed - at least there is no evidence he did, and I'm having a very hard time with this, understanding and describing it. Something I noticed is that for many people it's either one of the organized religions and their god, or none, meaning nothing beyond us. To me that's a choice between true and false and I don't think things are that simple. Anyway, I'm not convinced it's that simple. I have experienced more than a few things that just cannot be explained. Let me tell you about one. I'll include as much as I can reme
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