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  1. Then what are you doing here? Interesting sig. I can't have a sig. You know why? They took it away. You know why? It's a game. [looks around; whispers] Pssstttt! They don't know that I can only win. They don't know that I am already one of them. Under cover. Don't tell anyone, and go and play somewhere else if you are really bored with Jesus. Interesting sig If you make people think they're thinking, they'll love you; but if you really make them think they'll hate you. - Don Marquis
  2. Bullshit. Everything you say is a lie. The Jehovah's Witnesses had a ban on vaccines for years. Gave so called biblical support that Jehovah thought vaccines were the same cannibalism. Isn't that ridiculous? I've pointed this out to Jehovah's Witnesses oblivious to this fact for 25 years. As I said from the start, it is important for ex-christians to recognize a few things. Like why they were believers, what they came out of and what they replaced it with. It's all about thinking. A kid is told about Santa Claus and believes it without question. Then the kid is told there is no Santa Claus and he believes it without question. All the while not having any inclination to ask the questions the kid needs to ask. All the while adhering dogmatically to group think. Only changing the group in the process. This is why these stupid things (the holocaust, 911, vaccines, et cetera) are important to me. Stand back and look at why people believe. It doesn't have jack shit to do with what they believe. It's all irrelevant. The important thing is why they believe and what it will make them do. And for fuck's sake, stop pretending like you are interested in or have ever participated in a single meaningful dialogue with anyone on any subject. Jesus included. You just go along with the others keeping in mind you have no power here but to stroke your own pathetic ego. I am only the most brief and recent plaid shirt with glowing eyes you project at and you aren't fooling me. Once a christian always a christian.
  3. [Laughs] No. I'm bored with Jesus. You better tell everyone else, including the moderator (aren't you all moderators in this circle jerk?) to go back there and delete their pathetic attempts to defend the murderous pharmaceutical companies and their child killing vaccines up to the point when I clearly demonstrated my superior evidence.
  4. I'm not interested in conspiracy. I'm aware that this is an ex-christian website. You are not happy to oblige the discussion of jesus and I've already found someplace else to go. I never start on one without the next prepared. YOU WILL BAN ME LIKE I SAID YOU WOULD BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO REAL ARGUMENT ABOUT THE EFFICACY OF VACCINES OR THE TRUTH THAT WILL SET YOU FREE! We haven't even gotten to the holocaust or 911.
  5. The sun isn't yellow, it's chicken.
  6. Uh-huh. Those conspiracy nuts over in Great Barrington . . . dancing around with their aluminum pointy hats! The legitimate scientists like in the videos I put up earlier, with Michael Yeadon, Vice President and Chief Science Officer at Pfizer; Professor Sucharit Bhakdi, M.D., Leemon McHenry, PhD, Dr John P.A. Ioannidis, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Robert Kennedy Jr, founder of the Children's Health Defense - these aren't conspiracy nuts.
  7. Probably true because those are the ones not brainwashed like the other idiots. I know that in my science class I was curled up in the back corner of the room reading Frank Herbert and Douglas Adams. What were you doing?
  8. [Laughs] No refuting that, then, huh? Just the usual Credentials fallacy, ad hominem, and appeal to the stone. Shocker.
  9. I just presented you with the evidence, duh.
  10. Idiot. I would love to "deconvert" people! More than your stupid ass. Like I said before, people don't "deconvert" people. People deconvert themselves. And no one is reading this shit besides us idiots who are writing it.
  11. Until the so called pandemic I had no interest in this type of discussion. I got my flu shots, my tetanus shots, my pneumonia shots and though it seemed to me the pharmaceutical corporations obviously had too much power, especially through their generous donations to Washington, I didn't question vaccines or the healthcare industry. In a little over a year, though, I've learned a great deal. I've read books, articles and watched videos. What I'm saying isn't ever intended to be presented as unquestionable fact, even though in the heat of debate it sounds like it. It is intended to be presented as information I've personally found and given with the challenge to show me I'm wrong. That challenge is only ever answered with ideological impediment. I'm not against science and technology any more than I am religion. What I'm against is the transmogrification of science and religion for ideological, financial or political gains. That is where the money is and that is why everything is fucked up. Vaccines didn't eradicate disease. Plumbing, sanitation, nutrition, refrigeration, safe drinking water eradicated disease. Now, in developing countries like Africa have, on top of those challenges, vaccines being used to cripple and kill their population so people like Bill Gates, who has made billions from doing just that in places like that, can swoop in and get the resources. Which is why several small, poor, African nations are suing those people. And why places like India are kicking those people out . . . then comes the plandemic. If you look at what was killing people in the 1800's when vaccinations were beginning to be implemented heavily, you see many of those diseases were never vaccinated. The measles vaccination in 1963, for example. Hepatitis b. Why are we giving hepatitis b vaccines at birth? A disease that is contracted through sex with promiscuous homosexuals, prostitutes and intravenous drug users? Because they made the vaccines but those people weren't buying them. They needed a return on their investment. How many industries in the US have come to Washington saying that they have done so much damage that they were being sued into bankruptcy and so get blanket protection from liability, have their own court and have all been found guilty by the DOJ to have distribute products that they knew would seriously injure and kill people? That alone isn't cause for concern when mandated for children to be "educated?" Taxpayers fund the research and development of vaccines which are patented by the CDC etc. then manufacturers turn around and sell those untested, unsafe vaccines to the public at exorbitant prices, which seriously injure and kill thousands. If you vaccinate billions they kill millions. All they have to do is put the known side effects on the insert. Okay, so what are the side effects? The diseases that are slowly killing us all over time and which those same pharmaceutical manufacturers are selling us drugs for, also at exorbitant prices. And millions of ignorant bobble heads laugh at "conspiracy theorists" and "anti-vaxxers" who are almost exclusively parents of murdered or seriously injured children. People arguing about that for over 100 years.
  12. No, you are waiting for me to say something worthwhile to you. You have self imposed blinders on.
  13. Education is extremely important. Which is why it should be a personal responsibility, like spirituality. The power and prestige of arrogant, ignorant corporate state sponsored propagandists is removed by educating oneself. That means being skeptical of the nonsense they propagate. Like vaccines. Swine flu of 1976. Sars Covid 19. Surgical, cloth, or N95 Masks preventing the spread of disease.
  14. No, what I need to do is hold your hand while I show you how grammar, an elite tool of racism, is an arbitrary set of rules fabricated by the aforementioned morons such as yourself. But I have to choose my battles more carefully. I'll show you a cartoon that explains it so you can understand. While you are busy missing the point while managing to look smug and pedantic.
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