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    Political humorist in musical comedy, cooperative economic development for democratic equality

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  1. @AntiChrist I think this is the same concept and warning in Buddhism against STRIVING, false attachment or delusion, or indoctrination by authority of others instead of proof and reason behind our choice to accept. There is nothing wrong with universal beliefs that come naturally. We all believe in some sense of truth or justice, that is faith based but we inherently hold naturally without striving. We believe what we remember from the past, or dream at night. Though we cannot prove what we dreamed, we generally believe each other. Someday, how people talk about spiritual experiences will be accepted as normal, like discussing the meaning of dreams without any need to argue or prove. When beliefs get so biased they conflict and exclude others, that is what harms relations and communication. As long as we forgive differences, we can all have our own beliefs and process. And just learn to listen to the raw concepts someone means, not get caught up in the language they use to express their thoughts, whether religious, political or neutral. Thanks for the referral and link! One of my favorite mentors quit his Baptist pastoring at 19 and became a lifelong atheist advocate for prison reform, still teaching free grace abd forgiveness for humanity sake but without religion the Bible God or Chr
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