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    I'm a married mom of 4 now adults, and Oma to 1 (How time flies )

    I was raised in the Pentecostal cult and have escaped with many scars of which I'm learning to let go of and move forward from.

    I'm a lil neurotic with a dash of OCD and an extra heaping helping of stress and worry and that sums me up pretty good in a nutshell! :D

    I deal with these issues with jokes and have accepted that I can not fight who I am, only learn to live with myself and I do that with humor or I at least try to. I also believe being raised in a fear mongering extremist environment helped feed these demons I have. Facing them has been one of the hardest and at the same time liberating things I've ever had to do. I will, for the rest of my life work to rid the world of religious extremism and believe it to be one of the most dangerous ideologies on the earth. I have nothing but contempt for what it does to people and families.

    EX-C has been a wonderful asset to my life and has helped me in ways I can not accurately express. I have been inspired by many here, and I'm deeply grateful for this wonderful place of refuge for people who have been thru such hell and torment.

    Thanks to Dave and all members who make this site one of the best on the www. :D

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  1. Jeff, So very Sorry to hear of your latest episode Jeff!! I know you love the outdoors and I very much enjoy your photos from the hikes. Is there anywhere in Texas close to you that you can hike? Anyone that can join you? Maybe a local Hiking group? Maybe it's just me, but it seems like when you're out in nature you have less episodes. I hope you're on the mend soon!!! Let me know if there's anything I can do, even if it's just to listen. All the best ♥
  2. Deconversion is much like grieving, it takes a lot of time and a lot to process. Christianity is based on emotion, and convincing ourselves to not only believe blindly, but to attach and invest a whole lot of feelings to those beliefs. I remember when I first realized what I believed so deeply and truly to be a lie. I remember getting physically ill. Just because one knows rationally that the dogma isn't true doesn't mean our feelings necessarily follow suit. The first few Xmas's I was filled with Rage and wrath whenever I heard xmas tunes or any time anyone invoked Jesus's 'birth'. I remember flipping a nut due to the fact my children were required to sing "Christian xmas " songs during their public school holiday concert. I had so much rage that I had been 'duped' that I confronted any and all people in my life with anger and betrayal if they dare brought it up to my face. My feelings of rage ran deep, because my "Love" and "trust" for Christ had run just as deep. I was at the same time studying Judaism, attempting then to "find the one truth", and that actually helped calm down a lot of my anger and rage, and help start new Family Holiday traditions actually. I dragged my poor husband and all 4 of our kids thru my grief of 'losing god'. Sometimes I had envy for believers because they were actually clueless but at peace of mind. Over the years I have come to make Xmas all about my family and friends. Sharing laughs, lots of fattening food and lots of adult beverages! (HA) Every Xmas, we go out for Chinese and a Movie as a family. My kids are all grown now, but we now continue this tradition with our grandchild and sometimes my parents join us as well. We do gifts, no one has to cook, or clean up. It's just a day to enjoy our family and share gifts and laugh. No stress...Just fun. I'm now at the point where I love Xmas music again. I love the holiday, the shopping, the decorating, the party's. I love it all. As far as the Thankful posts on Facebook due to Thanksgiving coming. I think everyone's Facebook is littered with these types of posts. Even if people are invoking their chosen deity, I think a little positive posting of things people are grateful for are a good thing, there needs to be more positive in the world. I'll take the thankful posts anyway over the drama and to much Info ones!! I wish you much peace of mind on your journey, Welcome to Exc!! .
  3. Well you can handle it a few ways. You can, send her back other unsolicited Bible verses, or strike up a conversation about the ones she sent in question. For example If she sent this: Proverbs 1:7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge. Proverbs 3:7 Fear the Lord. Respond with: 2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 1 John 4:8, 18 God is Love. (v.8) There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love. (v.18) Ask her to explain the glaring difference and ask how both can be true if they are both the "Truth" and both from "God"? It might be a little overwhelming for her and she could stop sending you anything all together, or get defensive. Tell her you love her but you're confused and she needs to explain. This forces her to intellectually confront contradictions without argument. I find that people react different when you Ask as opposed to telling them. Even if you already know the answer it gives them a sense of worth. Anyways, best of luck!!
  4. I just updated my post with an edit, Thanks for pointing it out.
  5. LOL @ the topic of Bad drivers. I'm reading some of these and looking like a dope laughing out loud. As I feel opposite to what some of you are saying. Some wisdom from a Person that tailgates, My husband and I are constantly having this debate, as he sounds a lot like some of you here. I don't like to hold people up, I feel that Everyone's time is valuable. I don't like forcing anyone delay or inconvenience, almost to a fault I guess. It is a personal thing with me, Hence I expect the same respect in return. Personally I feel if someone is not going at least 5 MPH past the speed limit, they are driving to slow. I either want you to drive faster, or move over, I don't actually care which one. If you don't like tailgaters, move over, what's the big deal? If you find that more people tailgate then should, it's not them that's the problem, Drive a lil faster. I'm not out to enjoy the scenery, I have places to go and want to spend the least amount of time getting there as possible. Driving is a waste of my time. Truthfully, I'd do much better if I had a instant transporter, but alas I wasn't born in that time period unfortunately. If there is nothing in front of you and a long-ass line of cars behind you.............. PULL OVER, please know just about everyone is most likely cussing in your general direction. I feel sometimes that people get off on holding up the world, because they frankly enjoy being assholes, No, I don't see you at all as the victim if people are waving gestures or yelling something to you. I think you brought it on yourself by attempting to hold up the world, you're a little selfish. Just because you have time to waste doesn't mean everyone else does. I know there's a lot of snowbirds in New England in the summer time, but I can't help but notice some of the worst and slowest drivers are from FLA. People from Maine are also slow drivers as most of the time the Speed-limit is 25 MPH everywhere there except highways. So natrually they believe that to be the case even when the sign say's 45. Stop riding the breaks.. I hate people who keep breaking when there is no reason to, On the highway especially. Speaking of the Highway... There actually is a SLOW lane and a Fast lane. If you're going to be driving in the fast lane, keep up with traffic, if not.. Pull over. Again the people behind aren't flashing their lights to warn for police in the area. If you're going to cut people off, please make sure you're going as fast as they were, Nothing chaps my ass more then some douche Yielding at the stop sign to go as s.......l......o.......w. as possible. That honk you keep hearing isn't someone saying hello. To the person who claims people just need to leave early, Life doesn't always work that way, sometimes,I feel people have NO idea about how schedules work. Having 4 kids who had to be in many different places at the same time, there isn't always enough hours in the day. Maybe the dentist ran over, or a Doctors appointment. Maybe one kids job is making them finish up before allowing them to leave on time, making others late. Then some ass decides to teach a Lesson to the frustrated person behind them and by going even slower. Really? If you're driving and attempting to teach lessons, maybe you ought to be a little less perfect and have a little understanding. Most people who are in a hurry are just trying to make it on time to the next thing. My kids have since grown, but I find myself sympathetic to people in a rush. If I'm holding someone up, I let them pass, who cares? That's how I see it anyway. Please Forgive any and all Spelling and Grammatical Errors, It was not my intention to piss off the Grammar Police. I'll allow my mistakes to stand, so the perfect spellers can feel better about themselves.
  6. When she's upset at you for leaving the faith, toss her some things to think about. Every time deconversion comes up ask her to help you answer some questions. Use the many examples of lopsided Justice, outright wrongs, contradictions and so on that the bible/dogma provides. No fighting, no arguing. Ask the question and tell her when she has a honest answer that makes sense you'll listen. Thing is, question by question you'll be forcing her to think about her beliefs. She will either try to avoid you asking her more hard questions or she will start to leave the dogma herself. A quick question that hits deep: What made Lot Righteous in gods eyes? Was it him offering his virgin daughters up to the mad mob to be raped to save two strangers or getting them both pregnant while he was in a drunken stupor in the cave? Odd that two city's burned including but not limited to innocent children. Terribly unjust that people were sentenced to death by god for supposed sex crimes, even before the laws ( The Commandments) were given, Yet Lots Sex Crimes make him Righteous somehow. Nutz Set new traditions for holidays. Do something with the family that's fun and completely about them. Every Christmas we go out for Chinese, No one has to cook or clean up, we have lots of fun and sometimes go to a movie. I enjoy everything Secular about the Holidays, Easter is filled with Chocolate Bunnies and Eggs, you know all that Istar stuff. We have family get together's and have fun. Your wife might be reluctant at first but who can argue about family time? . As for Drinking, I'm personally not a beer Person. Try a nice mild Wine like White Zinfandel or White Merlot they are sweet and good wines to start with. I also very much enjoy vodka martinis and Cosmos. Nothing wrong with drinking in moderation.
  7. My deepest sympathy's Mike, I'm very sorry for this horrific and devastating loss, and my thoughts are extended to your entire family and friends that this tragedy has touched. .I'm sorry I don't have better or more comforting words. Some of those Facebook things Spam, Sometimes by signing petitions, cards, or even some games publishes things to everyone on your list or chooses random people on your friends list if you don't uncheck a box or something. I'm not saying that's what happened, but it's possible. I have a couple of FB that have passed over the years and while their walls are filled with remember whens and I miss you's theirs also those nauseating petitions, games and other spam worthy things. I honestly don't think the particular sender does it on purpose, I think many just don't know to uncheck the box or hit cancel.
  8. I guess you're right. Their imaginary Christ sounds like a petulant child, The imaginary Santa sounds more 'adult' in the lame post... . Seriously ... I can't believe she has six likes with people commenting demanding everyone know the real reason for the season. If only they knew how stupid they appear to the rest of the thinking world.
  9. Uhh... WTF ... From a fundy on my facebook, posted this morning. Adults really post this shit?
  10. I don't think it sounds like a prank at all. When I was a little girl, this same "war" was waged on the Smurfs, it might be before some of you guys time but I remember . Seriously, Papa Smurf was leading all the children away from God, there was a certain number of smurfs that was symbolic (I don't remember now, what that number was or the meaning). But I do remember it consumed a lot of time and discussion. This newspaper clip shows that it's the same scare bs, different show, I'll bet dollars to donuts this women goes to an Ass of God Church. .
  11. This was posted over on FB's Fundies say the darndest things, Thought I would share here... WTF LOL
  12. Exactly Mcdaddy, It completely escapes them just how absurd they sound. I got a chuckle out of it, thought I'd share!
  13. By their contant godspam posts I Know this to all be true.
  14. There must be 20 posts a day by this person. Most of them this stupid. LOL!!! I never post, Never like, never comment and mostly hide the garbage. I'm waiting for the day to be asked if I love the Devil.
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