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  1. In the end I wondered for the first time in my then 12 year old life why 'god' let such things happen. That was my first question and the ijit preacher telling me to 'trust in god' wasn't flying very well. Then I started taking science classes at school and OH-BoY did that spark up a hornets nest. I am very empirical minded. I could not understand how caine could have gone to the land of nodd and taken a wife when there were only 4 people.. the church responded, read the bible.. I did. Jincks I am glad that you had the sense to take Science Classes. At least you must have been lucky to be at a school that teaches science unlike many in the United Christian States of America. This is why I agree with Prof. Richard Dawkins and his objection to brainwashing children with the book of bullshit - the bible. THEY MUST BE TAUGHT SCIENCE. Christopher Hitchens in his book "god is not Great" is states how Religion poisons everything. My study of science helped rescue me from the clutches of a worse church that the Southern Baptist - the Roman Catholic Church. I fear for America now that that Liar for Jesus: Pope Ratslinger is there spreaing all his bullshit. At least his church is suffering from all the D.O.P.s (Dirty old Priests) and they have cost it millions of dollars in compensation. Jincks, continue learning science, especially Astronomy. You will soon realise that "Creation" never happened. There is no Creator/God. There was no beginning. Matter/Energy have ALWAYS existed and evolution resulted in the Universe. Man was not made by "god". "God" was made by man.
  2. It is gratfying to read the posts in this thread; that there are people who have the brains to see through the lies, deception and bullshit of that bible. Surely enough is known about the Universe through Science to prove there could not be a "God", a "Creator". There are 16 basic Laws of Nature. They show how "creation" could never happen. The most important one is the First Law of Thermodymanics which states quite clearly that matter/energy can neither be created nor destroyed. That Law has been tested and proved to be right, unlike anything in the bible. There is no proof there is a "God", no proof there was creation, no proof the first humans were Adam and Eve. The Exodus never happened. Moses (who ever he was) never received the Ten Commandments from a "God". Noah's Flood never happened. There is no contemporary evidence there was a Jesus the Nazarene. There are no Roman records of the crucifixion. All the bible is is a bad plagarism of Egyptian and Babylonian myths. Nobody knows who wrote the bible. There are no original authored manuscripts. It is interesting that America is about the only country that takes the bible literally. the European countries certainly do not. Christianity is dying out quickly there. Yet here is the most powerful and most technically advanced country in the World (so it claims), the United Christian States of America whose people get sucked in and conned by crooked bible thumpers on the basis of a book of fiction. Have a look at the video "Breaking the Science Barrier" on Richard Dawkins.net. "God" was not genocidal. Why? BECAUSE THERE WAS AND IS NO GOD. Atheists in the United Christian States of America, stand up for your rights. Go out into the community and demand your rights. America was NOT founded as a Christian Nation. If those who calim that take the time to read and study the Constitution correctly it would be quite plain that American was NEVER founded as a Christian Nation. I have lost contact with a friend of mine in the Bible Belt of Florida. He is Atheist and has paid a high price for being one: denied employment. I fear he might have paid the ultimate price: his death by suicide. he did hint at it. At the moment there are 10 Astronauts in the International Space Station working hard under the most difficult conditions for the benefit of humankind. NASA is finding it hard to get well qualified scientists because there are too many students not studying science in school because of the pressure from the Fundamentalist Christian Right. Whatever science is taught in school is thwarted by the brainless "Creationists". Alabama has a law stating that all Biology text books have a sticker demanding that "Creation Science' be taught along the truth of Evolution. That is wrong and no State should ever have such a Law. Americans, wake up to yourselves. Throw out those stupid bibles and state reading some simple science books and learn the truth.
  3. People who give children books of bible stories and claim they are true are irresponsible. There is no "god". There was no creation. Genesis is bullshit. Exodus is bullshit. Actually the whole bible is bullshit and should be catalogued under the fantasy/fiction section, not suitable for children to read.
  4. BENJAMIN: My advice to you is not to expose your 3 daughters to any more of this bible crap. Go buy yourself "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins and read that. He describes how children's minds are poisoned by religious crap so that they are brainwashed into it. Then introduce your daughters to some simple science, especially Astronomy. You should be able to buy some good books on Astronomy for children describing the Solar System, our Galaxy and the Universe and how they were all formed. There was no "God". no Creation from nothing. Matter/Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. That is the First Law of Therodymanics and is one of the fundamental 16 Laws of Physics and has been tested and proved. Nothing in the Bible can be tested and proved. The Bible is all fables based on Egyptian and Babylonian Fables. The sooner people realise that and give up claiming there is a "God" the better.
  5. RubySera, I read with great interest and fascination the post " The Bible was not the product of some deity" in this Forum by Franciscan Monkey. HereticZero's reply shows the big problem with the belief in Christianity based on belief in the bible: "People have come to believe the bible is true because the idea of it being true has been pounded into their memory night and day by someone telling them it is true night and day. Peer pressure is what keeps the church running. This is why the church threatens to pull its fellowship from anyone who does not toe the line. Fear of being turned out keeps the membership in line. Fear runs the church. If someone does not believe the bible is true and without error then they are obviously against the holy ghost which is an unforgiveable sin. My life has been much more peaceful since I left the cult behind." Franciscan Monkey whose brain had not been totally poisoned by Christianity, while partaking in all those bible studies, noticed many contradictions, expecially in the Gospels. He decided to read the bible from an objective point of view. He soon realised what crap is in the bible. it does not make sense. As far as charity and helping one's fellow human, the notion that no non-Christian could be that way is ridiculous. There are many Atheists who are better than many Christians. As far as humility is concerned, the least humble is the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church. Look at it's opulence. Look at how it's clergy consider themselves above their faithfull. If Jesus was the person depicted in the bible, how would he react if he returned and saw the Vatican and the Pope. The word "humility" is not in the vocabulary of the Roman Catholic Church. I can personally testify to that from the priests and bishops I have known. It took Franciscan Monkey all that time with bible story to become an Atheist.. He saw the problem from within. In my case I was aslo brought up in a strict Christian tradition: Roman Catholic parents, who were very good people. I saw the problem from without. I mean by that my study of Astophysics. That led me to the logical conclusion that there was no "God" and no creation. I suppose I was never a devout Roman Catholic. I appeased my mother by going along with the religious deception until I could not stand it any longer. One Easter sunday about 30+ years ago I announced I had had it and would no longer go to Mass because I no longer believed there was a "God'. Mother did accept my decision.
  6. About the origin of Judeo/Christianity. I have been studying how it came from the Egyptian and Babylonian Religions. More of it came from Egyptology. That would be because Hebrews lived in Egypt for many years. Then comes the bible fable of the Exodus. It was nothing like the description in the Book of Exodus. There is no archaeological evidence in the Sinai to suport it. The Ten Commendments? Read the Egyptian Book of the Dead. There you will find the 42 negative confessions. The story of Moses finding his people worshipping a statue of a sacred bull. The Egyptians had been worshipping the sacred Apis (bull) for about 1,500 years. Move forward to the New Testament and Jesus, born of a virgin. Horus was the son of Isis, a "virgin" and died and rose from the dead. By the way, Mary was not a virgin.. That is a mis-translation of the Hebrew word Almah meaning a young woman. Other bible fables came from the Babylonians while the Hebrews were exiled there. The story of Noah's Flood is a huge exageration based on the flooding of the Tigris-Euphrates valley. The connection between Mythra and Jesus is close. Both were born of Virgins, were crucified and rose from the dead. To put it plainly, the Bible is a poor plagiarism of myths from earlier religions. Logical conclusions? (Spock)
  7. The sooner Americans give up this crazy notion about a "God" and stop dragging the US back to the Dark Ages the better for all.
  8. This is one of the best testamonies I have read. I just wish all Christians or anyone who believes in a "god" on the basis of faith would just sit down and think: think how illogical is the concept of a "god".
  9. LoneSoldier, First of all, I was brought up a Roman Catholic from birth. I see you were indoctrinated into Christianity by your 'friends' at the tender age of five, before you could learn any science. Did you ever learn science at school? Were you ever interested in science. You see, therein lies the problem. If all a person knows is Christianity he cannot understand the truth of science. I got talking to an elderly man today in a newsagent. I happened to be mentioning to people present that I am a bedraggled refugee from the"Holy" Roman Catholic Church, now a Card Carrying Atheist. Outside the shop this man asked me how long since I had been to Mass. I said about 35 years. He said: "Don't you believe in God?" I said no. He asked: "What do you believe in?" I said nothing. He then started the usual spiel about creation and even the trees in the street being made by a "god". He could not understand how I could not believe in the fable of creation. He asked "Where did it all come from?" I asked him if he knew any science. His answer was no. I tried to explain the principle of Matter/Energy always having existed, but, as I thought, he was unable to understand that. This is not as big a problem in Australia as it is in America. We do not have a BIble Belt like in the States. We do have small pockets of bible thumpers, but the majority of Australians dislike people preaching at them. Science is taught in all schools and teaching so-called "intelligent design" is forbidden. I can't understand how anyone could waste a few years of their lives at bible schools and studying Theology at University unless it was for the sole purpose of knowing about it so one could debunk it. Fancy a University course devoted to the study of something based on a non-existant fictional "god". Those resources could be better spent teaching science for the benefit of mankind. What benefit to mankind has religion been? Look at the Dark Ages and the Holy Inquisition lasting from the 4th centry CE until the early 19th century. Mulitudes of people were slaughtered. Education was supressed or even banned by the Church. Am I glad I do not live in America, or worse still an Islamic country.
  10. The OP shows how stupid are these bible colleges. No offence as you attended one, however you woke up to the bullshit. I was brought up as a Roman Catholic meaning I was brainwashed and was not allowed to think or question. I notice that so many Americans find themselves in the same situation: Taught there is a "God/Creator", that the bible is the inerrant "word" of this "god". Therein lies the big problem: accepting a book of fiction as though it is true. Anyone with any sense of logic should see how wrong that is, yet they waste their time, money and lives living under this lie. I recovered from Christianity. I am abhored by the bible. I feel sorry for the poor people who get sucked in by it. II was lucky that I got a good science education, not via Roman Catholic School of course, but under my own steam. I learned Astronomy and Astrophysics. I suppose I am lucky that I live in a country that does not suffer from Christianity like the United States does. Australians can be Christian or Atheist and nobody interferes with that. What is the problem in America, or as it should be called the United Christian States of America. It is becoming a backward country. These bible colleges should be taken over for the teaching of Science: the truth, not lies and bullshit on the basis of the book of bullshit: the "Holey Babble".
  11. Webmaster, This story you wrote is a very sad one. Typical of those of Christians who have been brainwashed by fundies and are left so confused that they don't know where to turn. My advice to you is to consider if there really is a "god". You seem so uncertain about it. Read Dawkins, Harris and Hitchens. Read books and articles on the internet that are not written by Christians and bible thumpers. You seem to doubt the bible. Find out the real origin of the bible. You will find that it is no different from any other so-call "holy-books" from other ancient religions. In fact there is a very close resemblance to Egyptian and Babylonian Myths. It is actually a very poor plagiarism of these tales. Can you really prove there is a "god". No, nobody can. "God" is the figment of the imagination of people who have not the scientific knowledge to find out the real facts, or have been so brainwashed that they are incapable of doing so. This seems to be worse in the United "Christian" States of America where the quacks of fundamentalist preachers wont let people question or think for themselves. I know exactly what that is like having been brought up in the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church. That is why I am now an Atheist. My recent readings have strengthened my Atheism. Get rid of that stupid bible and read something sensible.
  12. My advice to the writer of the OP is not to take any notice of Christians, especially those who want to make you believe. Remember that they are under the impression that there is some "god" that created everything and they base that on the bible. There is no "god/creator". You should never touch a bible ever again. It is the most confusing book to the point it being dangerous in the wrong hands. That is why the Holy Inquisition happened resulting in the slaughter of countless of billions of people because the questioned the church. Christianity is a poison that has been affecting humans badly for 2000 years.
  13. This is the sort of story that makes my blood boil, makes be glad I gave up religion and glad I do not live in America. I am a bedraggled refugee from the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church and am an Australian. When I became Atheist I suffered none of the terrible discrimination ex-christian Americans suffer. I told all my relatives and friends what I had done, and none of them cared about it. It was my business and nobody else's. THe problem I see in America is this brainwashing of people to believe there is a "god" and the bible is the "word of god". Well there is no "god" and the bible is a book of bullshit.
  14. Sean, That is one of the best testimonials I have ever read. To quote the usual saying: "Been there done that". I call myself a bedraggled refugee from the "Holy" Catholic Church. I was sent to a Jesuit boys only college. I did hold out till I was about 30 for the sake of my family, but I never really believed all the crap, especially as I learned more Science and Astronomy. I gatber you are in the USA. At my school in Australia, biology was a no-no. Also they skipped most of the Old Testament with all it's horrors. We were never allowed to think or question. I never swallowed the crap about the Trinity, but was not game to say so. The priests knew how to use the strap - 6 of the best on the hands. As far as the 10 Commandments are concerned, have a look at the 42 Negative Confessions in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. Also have a look for pics of the statue of Isis and her baby Horus and compare it with the painting of the Madonna and Child. If you don't know who began the Holy Roman Catholic Church have a look at the history of the Council of Nicea 325. It was started by the Pagan Emperor of Rome, Constantine I and based closely on the God Mithras whose birthday was the 25th December. The main reason why Christianity became the largest religion in the World was because it was the official religion of the Roman Empire and all those who did not covert were persecuted and slaughtered. Then have a look for the History of Apollonius of Tyana, especially the account written by Philostratus (available on the Internet to read and print). YOu will see where Christianity came from. Question: Was there really a Jesus the Nazarene?
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