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  1. http://morningoffering.blogspot.com/2013/11/bashing-heads-troublesome-passages-of.html Mmmkaayy...
  2. As a kid, I was told it had something to do with the Flood, because you notice that people have shorter lives afterwards. However, that didn't really explain why this happened.
  3. Evelyn


  4. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/07/18/bryan-fischer-americans-have-a-patriotic-duty-to-worship-god/
  5. Keep asking questions, keep reading about the history of the Christian faith and the Jewish faith, about who really wrote the books of the Old and New Testaments, about how it was decided by the Council of Nicaea which books were included in the Bible and which were not, though the Catholics kept several of then in there. I recommend reading "Abraham, A Journey to the Heart of Three Faiths" by Nicholas Feiler, which examines the origins of the story of Abraham and how he has been used by Judaism, Christianity, and Islam to promote their religions. Also read "A History of God" by Karen Armstrong, which examines Western society's belief in one god and examines those three faiths and the evolution of their concepts of god. Keep on being inquisitive. Some people might not be comfortable with that but what is the point of having a faith and belief if it does not stand up to questioning? If you turn off the questioning now, it will come back later.
  6. The relationship with a deity is definitely abusive. "Believe in me or you will burn in hell" is the biggie. I call it "faith at gunpoint". I was born and raised in a fundy family. I had a choice, sure, though the only choice was to believe. That's how my relationship was with the Christian deity - believe or die. That is a relationship based on fear and that is abuse.
  7. Like others have said, this process will take time. I deconverted almost 10 years ago and sometimes the Xian memories (or memes) still go through my head - old songs and hymns and etc. Consider this, though, that these things are about an imaginary sky god. Maybe you are not ready to think about that but it might help. Or, realize that god is the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. We have been told he is this mighty and powerful being and then we look behind the curtain and, poof, no one is there. I really liked Fwee's post about the pit viper hypnotizing the bird. It is so true. It can be too easy to think, "What's the harm?" Oh, but look back and remember what harm it did to you. Best thing, you can escape the viper's clutches with honesty and rational thought. And it is so freeing when you realize that you won't get zapped by the sky god!
  8. Welcome TNHeathen! I've been to Nashville and was amazed at the churches on every corner, whew! As much as hubby and I love Nashville (hubby is a musician), I don't think we'd like the super-religious atmosphere. I come from a very fundy family and have not told them that I deconverted almost 10 years ago, so I know what it's like to have to play the game. Keep on in your journey and process of deconversion. You will find lots of support here.
  9. Welcome back! I'm hanging out here today because I find myself slightly sliding back to Xianity, kind of in a dream (or I should say nightmare!!!) so am snapping myself back to reality. Sometimes you need help and encouragement from others because it's too easy to get seduced by Jeebus when you are by yourself. If you are around others, they can verbally smack you upside the head and say, "Bro (sis), what in the heck are you doing/thinking?!! Wake up!"
  10. I deconverted 8 years ago and yes, it is so wonderful to be free! To everyone who is struggling with the deconversion process, I tell you to hang in there, it does get better. Occasionally, verses from the buy-bull go through my head but I just look at them and say "well, of course they say this-or-that, the patriarchs of either Judiasm or Xianity would have to write that stuff so the sheep-ple would keep on believing". If they wrote, "this stuff is is a crock of sh*t", their followers wouldn't stay around for very long.
  11. At least you got a book that it relevant to your life, even if it is a belief system that you have rejected. A few years ago, I got a book anonymously in the mail. It was a book published by National Geographic that was a collection of photographs taken in South Korea. I have no real interest in South Korea, have no friends or relatives who live there (though I have a relative who lives in Hong Kong but she said she did not send this book to me). It was a "gently used" book, not new, so when I called Customer Service at National Geographic, they couldn't tell me anything other than I have no account with them. The envelope had no return address and the postage was "prepaid first class" so no post mark as to where it was mailed from. There was no note with the book and nothing inside the book, no names or notes, that indicated who might have previously owned it. So very strange. I totally agree with the other commentors that you should come up with uses for the pages of the book you got and post that on Facebook, ha ha! However, since you got it anonymously, you have no obligation to anyone to do anything with it. Line a litter box or bird cage with the pages, put the pages into a shredder, or burn it.
  12. I went to a Christian junior high and senior high (in America) and while they had students from a lot of different denominations, they preached the hard-core, believe in Jesus or be sent to hell, message. My husband went to a Catholic high school and he said this one actually did teach critical thinking and a somewhat liberal view of Church history, which was surprising. I'm glad, Sunny49, that you realize what happened to you and are now recovering. Hang in there, it will get better.
  13. Welcome to Ex-C, Mudhoney! I'm a former pentecostal, charismatic, Word of Faith fundy. Whew, I got tired just typing all of that. Yes, it is very freeing to finally say "I don't believe that any more!" It's been seven years of freedom for me, and yes, it does get better as time goes on.
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