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  1. Quite insightful, and it is a path of my own you express so well here.
  2. I recently wrote about finding peace. My life took a turn in the road where I am now between jobs, looking forward to moving to a new phase in the unfolding of my life. In reorienting myself, I'm finding it an opportunity to further understand the nature of finding that inner peace, the center from which we are able to move outward into the world, how that who we are is not grounded in our sense of accomplishments, or shortcomings. They should not be. In a group I belong to of former members of my original church organization, one member posted some thoughts about God, how that imaginin
  3. I chose tonight to break with my norm, which is to avoid mainstream culture except where it benefits. Normally, I avoid the whole Halloween thing, but tonight I decided to break from my norm and open myself to culture in offering the whole "Happy Halloween" thing in buying bags of candy to feed the children with grotesquely sweet candies as they rove the streets in their costumes. I know it sounds strange, but I've generally avoided anything that supports the mainstream traditions, largely manipulated by our religion of consumerism. But tonight, fuck it!, it was great. Simply seeing chi
  4. Hard to describe the place I have come to in my life. I am finding peace. It's nothing based in some belief, knowing some facts, or holding some faith. It's finding my own center. It's opening myself to who I am behind all the masks I wear to myself as part of a culture and human world of conventions and norms. It's setting those down and seeing that essence that is not defined by anything we normally judge the world or ourselves by. It is seeing, knowing, and being within that raw, pure essence of my own being in this world. In these moments of pure sight the world becomes a differe
  5. It is the strangest of things. Today as I meditated, of all things came to mind "the Lord's Prayer". Abruptly the words of it took on a new illumination that made sense, in no way ever repeated in Christianity's traditions I know of. The focus, intent, heart, and meaning had frankly little to do with your traditional Christian reduction of it to some paternal petition. It was a devotion to a liberation of souls from the illusion of our self-imposed prisons of our minds and hearts, into true self-realization. I can scarcely put it in words, but my impression was almost as if any real meani
  6. What's funny about this is that what one experiences in how we are free to choose love and our beliefs from within, without the external 'thou shalt' pressures of religious dogma, rightly can be called a true salvation. I too am surprised at how much of what the lingo Christianity uses in quoting Jesus means something rather constricting to them, rather than freeing. It's ironic that on the outside of the chains of that religion prison, the there is real actual meaning in many of these sayings, rather than a twisted imprisoning rule. I honestly believe the early Christian movement was
  7. Here's a link to the group: Here's a reference to the story about it on Dave's blog here: http://new.exchristian.net/2010/03/secular-bible-study-casts-wide-net.html
  8. Beginning over two years ago up until last Fall I was a regular participant, sometimes presenter, and co-organizer with what began as a joint effort between a local Methodist organization and the MN Atheists group to get together and discuss perspectives of the Bible in modern scholarship, history, culture, philosophy, and religious studies between those of faith, those with none, and those in between. It was very successful and drew great local attention and even some national attention of other groups who had tried and failed at such an effort. Beginning last fall I backed away from m
  9. New friendships, truly an event of Grace!

  10. Thank you for your words Asanerman! You have given me some food for thought to digest. One of the things that stood out to me from reading Wilber, which it appear you are familiar in areas of his thoughts I am not yet, is that of peak experience and structural adaption. I can't recall if that's exactly how he states it, but it was something I came to understand that helped me in recognizing the role of these higher states of consciousness in the whole process. I'm still processing it, and what you said above gives a great illustration and example of the 'how' that works. I was visualiz
  11. I think what stands out to me, what I hear you also saying, is that there is a certain mode of thought that it becomes particular difficult if not outright impossible to overcome in communicating an understanding. I don't think its even necessarily just cultural differences, but rather a certain mindset, and particular way of thinking about things. I'm not entirely clear why a Buddhist group thinks in mythological terms as you described, unless other than as some symbolic way to visualize the teachings as sacred. But then, isn't that what Christianity does as well saying Jesus walked on wat
  12. It's an interesting time for me in this long road of searching that has taken me to this point now, an interesting transition rather. It happened relatively recently actually, and I find myself having difficulties even seeing the world through the same set of questions I used to ask. I have always used debate and dialog to sift out the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. And even though that has been a useful tool for me, such pursuits as 'finding the Holy Grail', grabbing that prize brass ring of 'understanding' ultimately is realized in its reality when you see it, reach for it, and i
  13. Antler ... have been reading more of your posts and getting more accustomed to your style of writing. You have some advanced knowledge that I hope grasp in time. Thanks for all you share.

  14. People will always fall back to what is easier to do, which is to maintain an identity through substitutions. They look to symbols (the Dali Lama - the Pope, the Bible, who have you), to elevate as closer to that which ultimately is their own final end - that emptiness of themselves into their true Nature. You said yourself, "That is, what is emptiness? Am I ever going to be able to realize it except on an intellectual level?" It is too easy to substitute a metaphysics, theories, arguments, apologetics, systems, affiliations, self-identities, all of them from that emptying of all self id
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