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    Bad Fish

    Part of the trick is not letting the other person's perception of you affect your behavior. I'm learning this the hard way with my ex wife. Just because she thinks I'm an asshole, or treats me like I'm being an asshole, doesn't mean I'm actually an asshole. On one end of the spectrum, it's manipulation, on the other end it's immaturity/insecurity. If you let the guy down firmly but clearly, giving him the chance to spare his pride, and he fails to take that chance, then forget it. No longer your problem. Being firm and clear is difficult, but not bitchy. Not all rejected people
  3. Note that it also implies that you don't have to believe in christ as well. The righteous are perplexed because they never knew they were serving Jesus when they served their fellow man. Great story, god. Way to fuck with your followers.
  4. We have the same thing over here, if you hear in the news it's 'social security'. It was great during our baby boom where it's like a 10:1 ratio of workers to retirees, but soon it'll be something like 3 workers supporting 1 retired person. It's going to come to a head at some point over here too.
  5. Do you realize you're a fantastic writer? I'm enjoying the hell out of your blog.
  6. Welcome Gwen. I think it's almost comical how people give god the credit when they heal themselves. People should be proud of their accomplishments. I always had a problem with the whole 'when good happens it's god, when bad happens it's you' dichotomy that christianity tends to instill in people, myself included.
  7. Yeah Dave, if you get tired of hearing cuties give you accolades for a tough personal decision, just push them my way... Anyway, when I read this the first time it was like every word rang true, and the depth of your study removed my internal appeals to authority that I had been using to hang on to my last vestige of faith. It was something like "well lots of people a lot smarter than me still believe, who am I to say..." Now I tell myself "there are people a lot smarter than me on both sides of the fence." And what that means is that anyone no matter how smart, can convince themselve
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