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  1. So....FaithDefender.... you have a little baby jesus figurine sitting inside your PC box to sympathetically assist the technology right? If not, you'd best get away from that untrustworthy machine created by science. You'll just have to write us a letter obviously. Or admit to being a hypocrite as you clearly trust that your PC monitor is not going to maliciously explode and send shards into your eyeballs.
  2. Wrote a holiday story...check it out in the Creative Works forum

  3. This was a little strange. Last night I was stretched out in a recliner enjoying the warmth from the woodstove. I had a mug of rich creamy eggnog (Mmm nutmeg!) close at hand. From another room came the soft instrumental of White Christmas on the radio. I was feeling all drowsy and at peace with the world, when I started to hear something outside. I smiled, thinking "Carolers" when it dawned on me that it was too early in the Season yet for that. So who were the people I could hear outside? I went to the window and looked out. There was a mob on my front lawn trampling my snow. I might have ignored them entirely, but they had pitchforks and flaming torches. And they were incredibly angry. Concerned, I took another long sip of my eggnog. "Down with the Atheist Agenda! Save Christmas!" I heard one of them yell. Well that got me a little annoyed. I went to my computer and quickly checked over my official copy of the Atheist Agenda, thinking there was something to worry about. I went through it line by line....eating christian babies?...check...banning prayer in churches?...check...beating little old ladies on their way to Sunday Services?...check... I went through the whole Plan. Nothing in it had anything to do with Christmas. I relaxed. I'd worried than someone in our ranks had spilled the beans and been telling tales. The person on the lawn had just been guessing. From outside, I heard someone else cry out "We will win the War on Christmas! Save the Season!" Shit. War? War. I put down my eggnog. This was serious. I carefully reached for a gingerbread cookie. No cookie crumbs fell into my computer keyboard. That was good. I checked Our website, expecting to see text of our leaders gravely discussing our declaration of War on the religious holiday. Nothing was there. I checked our affiliates, thinking maybe someone had gotten a little overexcited about something and fired the first shot prematurely. Nope. So...who declared war on Christmas? I googled. Christians. Wow. Christians had declared War on their own Seasonal celebration, but were trying to pin it on everyone else! I dunked my gingerbread into my eggnog and nibbled while listening to the rabble on my front lawn. I was going to have to pull out the big guns to get those nutters away from my house. This was going to get messy. Having decided, I went to my desk and grabbed three of my chosen weapons. 40% Off coupons for some big name game console at a nearby electronics store. Regretfully, I tossed them off the balcony and into the crowd. The punching, kicking, and biting started before I'd even made it back inside. By the time I'd finished the Religious Incident Report for my local Chapter of Evil, it was all quiet on my front lawn. I made plans to call some friends the next day to help me with the mess outside. I did go outside briefly to gather some pitchforks and the remains of the torches. Their handles would make a nice addition to my woodstove. Oh! Tragedy! My snowman was demolished! And bloody snow doesn't hold together well, or look very nice. I would have to bring out the plastic Frosty the Snowman. Just like last year.
  4. Dear Mary, It's nice to see with the Holiday season upon us, as people gather to celebrate togetherness, friendship, family, and community, that there are people like you to come visit at our gathering table. You and your ilk are so eaten up with your own frustrations, stresses, and ego. And you come to us...hoping we will give you your religious fulfilment. Your need for persecution. Your desire to justify to yourself that the 'War on Christmas' (invented by Christians BTW) is real. You want banning, you made that clear, in order to feel self-righteous...to feel a 'spiritual' high. You came to the wrong people if you assume we will ban you for displaying just how uncharitable, selfish, hypocritial, and judgemental your faith really is (good job BTW). You remind us of exactly WHY we left the church, you remind us in this season of giving, to look around at this community, and see it's Value and it's People, and our hearts fill with the warmth of Family and Belonging. And other's who look to see if we might be the group they are looking for can see what you are all about too. You cannot delete it, nor can you edit it to twist the thread to appear as though we just ganged up on poor widdle Mary...oh no. You came to us in a season of Giving and posted what you posted. All I can say is, Thank You. Thank you soo much for so clearly representing exactly why we have left tables like yours in order to have our own away from your petty bickering, backstabbing, and true spiritual Ugly. You will help others find warm welcome at our fireside. Have a Happy Holidays.
  5. Calling us sinners is a lot like calling people Trolls or Gnolls because you really REALLY believe Dungeons & Dragons is Da Trooth. You have your book, I have mine. Drooling Ass Muggle.
  6. I got this crap too. On a whim, I googled the name Sancredi Mathew. LOT's of social networking sites came back, but I can't investigate further as those sites are blocked at my workplace. But yeah, I suspect a bot.
  7. Soon as they are done with their "breather" (the camping trip), first things first... I bet from what you've said about their lack of life experience, they did not think to grab their Original documentation (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card) before leaving. If they don't have driver's licenses yet, they are going to need those (which might be tricky), or to get those things replaced if possible. Then bank accounts (their own). Then jobs.
  8. This type of marital relationship used to work great in the 1700s and 1800s. Of course...part of what made it work was the lack of expectation regarding romance, love, or husbandly fidelity at the time. When hubby wearied of the intellectual isolation of his spouse, he headed out with the boys for sport, social clubs, or to seek more worldly sexual companionship. Seeing as that is NOT the modern expectation of a marriage, this probably is not going to be the happiest of unions. Especially when your brother is being forced to change so much. When the bloom is off the rose, expect him to want to hang out with you (and his movies) more.
  9. Bedwarmers. A couple gets into bed....who has the cold hands, feet, and ass? *raises hand* Seriously, when my BF is not visiting, night-time showers are mandatory to warm me up enough to fall asleep faster than the insomnia can kick in. I'm sitting here pondering the idea of life without men. Would the majority of women I know become less neurotic? I don't think a day goes by I don't overhear one of my co-workers stressing about appearance, attire, or wondering why He did this, said that, or didn't. I know at this point, I would not be happy without men, because most other women are nutty. But then a LOT of that nuttiness is because of men...so would that quality I dislike in them go away? Would I be able to find something in these ladies I've written off as superficial crazies, that would actually be worth something? Maybe get to see a REAL and worthwhile side of them for once?
  10. Did we need to know you were on the John? That's not the only time you reach for reading material I hope. Especially when the reading matterial is potentially inflammatory I hope the Preperation-H was nearby.
  11. Billy Joel's We Didn't Start The Fire Every damn line is a Wikipedia search for modern history (shhhh don't tell her it's educational, just encourage her to wiki each subject) Pink is pretty good. She tends to go for empowerment and rejection of "traditional" female stereotypes. Music is a good venue....but the BEST is for her daddy to do "non-girly" activities with her. Playing catch, tinkering in the workshop, re-landscaping the yard... show her that gender has nothing to do with physical activity or capability.
  12. Ditto, especially if it's tuned to the news. You already KNOW what is going on....take a break. Focus on your own ONE life for a couple weeks before gathering the miseries and pains of thousands of other lives back into your noggin.
  13. Oh my Dad is amazing, no doubt! He is the standard I've measured others (and myself) by my whole life. Other people openly respect him. He truly is a Good Man. Little Father's Day story foy ya....sorry to hijack the thread with it....but it's a fine tale. On Sunday, one of the room renters was showing off his new computer. My Dad was in his room as they'd been discussing running a cable from the Hub so he could get internet access. So I walk in to see the new computer the guy is so proud of. It's a Dell Laptop, and when he "woke" it, it started to automatically play the movie in the DVD tray. Whiiiiich happened to be gay porn. He turns ashen and quickly closes the laptop. My dad shakes his head, and walks out to help mom with dinner while I laugh my damn ass off. Poor guy was RED. He didn't want to join us for dinner, but we made him. And my dad, he justs says: "Gee, and I thought you were a Boy Scout." to the guy with a smile as he passed him the spaghetti. Now this renter has always had a very active dating life....I mean ACTIVE. More than once my Dad has been joined at breakfast by young men who were overnight "guests" (and not just the renters "guests", but on one occasion, one of mine wandered out of my apartment and upstairs to sit and drink coffee with my Dad...he said later he'd wished he had a camera for the look on my face). I don't know how, or why my Dad came to define tolerance to this extent (compared to the close-minded bigots and jackasses he's worked with over the years), but it's really cool.
  14. Vacuumflux, your post just made me realize something.... My mom is a damn hypocrite!! DAD gets privacy. I never see dad nekkid or on the john... MOM on the other hand..... I've frequently visited them and had conversations with mom both changing her clothes or taking a dump. No biggie because I'm another female...right? Except my DAD is often standing right there talking to her too! It's no big thing...we are all family right? But for her to turn around and call ME an exhibitionist when I'm naked and alone in my apartment..... HOLY CRAP!!! I've let her off easy just ignoring her when she has said that to me for YEARS!! She goes to the bathroom with a husband and daughter audience (My Dad has always given me privacy when changing clothes or in the bathroom...not mom though), and she call ME the exhibitionist!? Holysonofabitchingmooseballsonfire! And YES I just noticed this! Mom being naked in front of both me and my father at the same time has just been so much a part of life, that her nudity has become freaking invisible!
  15. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one. Me too! Though not without society trying VERY hard! I felt the insults behind the peer pressures, but the momentary shame was always followed by considerably more anger and I continued to "rebel" even when my feelings were still being hurt. Now I think back on the little girls trying to get dressed while keeping their towels wrapped around them after swim practice, and I feel bad for them. My mother has tried to shame me (yes, even as an adult) being naked in the privacy of my own apartment with the blinds all drawn still gets me slapped with "exibitionist" every now and then.
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