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  1. There isn't really anything to replace it with, I think. It is a problem, but one without a well-defined solution. I guess you just have to live with it and hope that the need itself disappears or at least weakens, as your brain adapts to the new perception of reality. Just raise your own kids without that clutch, so they're adapted to manage without it from the get-go. After 15 years, I find myself still believing on some level and to some extent. I don't subscribe to religion anymore, but I just need the illusion of meaning for comfort, sometimes.
  2. His blog was political to begin with. It just developed into a political career because it was good stuff. He built it from ground up. There were no switches.
  3. With the Internet, though, you don't need expensive campaigns to gain popularity. So it's kinda funny if people truly are apathetic now when it's more feasible than ever for a literal nobody to rise up based on their own merit. The leader of the most popular party in my country used to be a linguistics researcher. Basically a nobody without any connections. He published an internet blog of his own as a hobby, and gained fame and popularity through his writings criticizing the most obviously insane aspects of progressive politics. He and many of his supporters joined an extant party and ousted the previous leader by winning the internal vote. He brags how his election campaign budgets are measured in hundreds of euros and the typical TV-advertising politicians can only gnash their teeth.
  4. It's similar here in Finland but I gotta say it hasn't been yet established that our "far-right" populist party is going to betray the expectations. They are shunned by all or almost all of the other parties and therefore are not in power. It is yet to be determined how they would use the power if they had it. I think it's a form of simplistic paranoia to assume they'd obviously bring back the fifties and the eugenics when it's only a small minority of their voters who seek anything like that. Most are just normal people seeking some common sense sanity and upholding the freedom of speech. It's a much more likely failure scenario that they'd just succumb to the typical mild forms of corruption and become like the other parties, accomplishing nothing much and stalling anything that threatens the status quo. For now they have my vote. If they betray my expectations by anything other than mostly harmless incompetence, then I'll stop voting altogether again.
  5. Imagine a democracy where those who don't know enough about politics voluntarily abstain from voting.
  6. Just wait till you find about "ex-wife". I kid you not. It's a crazy world out there.
  7. Is there something stopping you from challenging those metaphysical positions in your own topic within Lion's Den? I mean unless you're too afraid, of course.
  8. Seems tinfoily to me. Christian Post is a news website, so I'd wager they just want to write an article on deconversion. I doubt they're in the business of training apologists. Assuming such extreme bad faith is somewhat ridiculous.
  9. truly inspiring Sometimes, not often enough, I think that we get the leaders that we deserve and the media that we deserve. Things are just as the should be and I should just live my life and adapt.
  10. There's no welfare that is libertarian, but if you'd have to envision a form of welfare that is as libertarian as possible, a no-strings-attached basic income would probably be one. Negative income tax for the lowest income brackets could be another. Anything more complex requires a lot more "statism" in the implementation.
  11. When you're in a hostile place, perhaps you should act polite and courteous. Indignant attitude and haughtiness is only gonna get you a bloody nose. Learn the game. An underdog has to play differently from the dominant one.
  12. Suddenly I'm reminded of how dangerous marriage can be under typical US legislation. Be careful.
  13. I guess people are able to choose a narrative and even convince themselves of it to an extent, but I don't think that's a way of integrity. It's not actual belief. They just choose to ignore the fact that they don't really believe. Perhaps the whole meme of Christianity has evolved to abuse that mechanism, with the cosmic reward&punishment incentivising it. Gotta just suppress those doubts and glorify the constant practice of self-deception as piety or something. Therefore, no, you cannot choose what you believe. You might think your beliefs changed when you converted but that's just because you don't have a more accurate description of what really changed.
  14. Yes, I hate the political system, but I can't conceive of a better one. I also have a really low patience for entertaining other people's ideas of what would be a better system. Is religion separate from politics? No. Everything is political. Especially identity groups and interest groups. Religion is both.
  15. Gotta commend those pastors Woolf and Kwon for denouncing the shit properly and engaging in self-reflection regarding their share of responsibility, just like muslim leaders should if their sheeple justify their crimes with religious ideology.
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