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  1. No, but I wouldn't hold that against him. It's probably just prudent considering the copyright strike warfare that you can wage on youtube. He does link to the ex-c girl's original video, though.
  2. ToHellWithMe

    What to do about the young minds?

    If your subterfuge is transparent enough but never directly admitting to anything, the good thing is it'll hint to the kids that religion is something they should be critical of but probably remain careful about what they question aloud. Of course if they're too dense to notice that even you have to pay lip service to the crazy believers, they might rebel directly and get burned. Or get you burned thanks to their loose lips. It also gives them the out of it all being just a game (or preparation for handling those pesky atheists) if they're not ready to let go of the fairytale mindset yet.
  3. ToHellWithMe

    WTF, YouTube?!?!?!

    Sounds like either connection/db issues on the server-side (will fix themselves, usually within hours) or that you've switched to your google account instead of your youtube account (I think you automatically have both). You can check for the latter by clicking your profile pic and choosing "Switch account".
  4. ToHellWithMe

    OH, the irony of my apostacy!

    Well, it gives me peace, so it's the opposite of what you think. The idea that I might be deluded and the craziest fundy might actually be correct calms me down. If they're right, we'll see. If they're not, we'll never know. And also right now we can't know.
  5. ToHellWithMe

    OH, the irony of my apostacy!

    I don't think you do. You just gotta accept that possibility. There's not much you can do if it's up to god to elect you or not.
  6. He seems like a fairly reasonable fundy, but he doesn't quite pay the due respect to the person he's responding to. 1:03-1:15 is an unnecessary thing to say unless you intend to set an adversary tone. Using a ridiculing fake voice as a rhetoric tool when representing her arguments (6:32) also kinda irked me. Not very big failings, but big enough for me. The rest of the video is just too preachy to listen to but makes me question my initial judgement of him being reasonable. He's getting too heated up at times. I can imagine his attitude might amuse his regular viewers who probably share his views anyway, as well as intimidate those who harbor doubts into being very careful about how they raise them in order not to be ridiculed and condescended to.
  7. ToHellWithMe

    What now?

    That makes sense. I mean, if there's a god, I'm sure he knows how this goes. A world without evidence for god, a world where lying to the congregation can make you profit -> it's only reasonable that people reject the form in which god is marketed. If god doesn't understand the reality of that, he isn't much of a god. If they ask you to pray together with them, I see not much harm in doing so, unless it's about them asserting their control over you or something disrespectful like that. Besides, so what if it's a weak moment for you and that's why you might cave in? Then that's the reason you prayed, not your faith.
  8. ToHellWithMe

    Update left church

    I like the way you think. Such calm, logical justice in that decision. I hope your husband is sensible enough to appreciate it as well. Not sure what you're worried about here. Confusion is inevitable in life. People are equipped to deal with it. Kids are smarter than they let on and in any case they're very adaptable. Besides, if there's a doubter as near them as you are, it's not going to be an enormous challenge, as the fear of questioning things is primarily the fear of social consequences. In any case I wouldn't push it. Even secular kids might have their own patterns of magical thinking, and even if it shouldn't be reinforced with praise, I don't feel like it should be opposed. But that's just my preference.
  9. ToHellWithMe

    Jordan Peterson-Why I don't go to Church

    I mean in the ongoing culture war. JBP offers criticism of the progressive dogma that anyone can understand. There probably isn't a single academic making competitive arguments, in good faith and layman terms, against what Peterson is both popular for and hated for. Yet, many of them are quick to denounce Peterson and many other anti-SJW's. Based on what? Where are the counter-arguments regarding the relevant stuff? That is freedom of speech, mollycoddling university students, presumption of innocence, due process, etc. Where does anyone address anti-SJW arguments on those topics?
  10. ToHellWithMe

    God cannot be judged by human standards

    You cannot really trump them without making up similar lies. On the other hand, if you accuse them of making things up, the question is why do you argue with someone who isn't acting in good faith? You have to step above that. Like, plead on meta level: "don't you see how that's a bit unfair?" Of course there are cards to play against that as well. Etc, etc. Just give up and simply state your own beliefs. Who says you have to defend them? Just state them.
  11. ToHellWithMe

    Jordan Peterson-Why I don't go to Church

    I'm actually the same and the answer should be obvious. If a lofty title is what the title-worshippers require, then why not point out someone with such title who still disagrees with them? Secondly, JBP is obviously smart and useful, so why not take advantage of his thoughts and popularity? If most people with big titles are self-important, arrogant assholes who refuse to address common-sense criticism, it's then pretty interesting to see someone with a big title who isn't quite like that. Makes one wonder that perhaps the others stay within their ivory towers because they have to take refuge there.
  12. ToHellWithMe

    Jordan Peterson-Why I don't go to Church

    I've never heard that story before. JBP shot up to fame because of his refusal to use 'them', 'ze/zir' or 'xe/xir' despite what was at the time probably intended to be put in effect as a legal obligation to do so. I don't recall him being against transgenderism in general, or against usage of preferred pronoun as long as it is either he or she. Anti-SJW's aren't generally as unreasonable or regressive as you paint them as. There are even transgendered people among them. Neither do JBP's fans seem cynical to me. They're mostly young people who still have the capacity to idolize someone. He is a professor of psychology. Ph. D. That means he does have a toolset to interpret various things involving human behaviour. I'll just quote JBP: "I have been studying authoritarianism on the right and the left for 35 years. I wrote a book, Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief, on the topic, which explores how ideologies hijack language and belief."
  13. ToHellWithMe


    Stop right there. Why suppose God is Creator? This looks like a 'personal connection' kind of topic.
  14. ToHellWithMe


    Even if there's a god, it's not like they can really know what are the performative steps you have to take to form a connection to god. Perhaps they're innocent and it's simple for them, but for a more mature and worldly mind twisted enough to comprehend scheming, the same steps simply won't take you there.
  15. ToHellWithMe

    Why do I have to endre this crap

    SB does need to understand that his fickle personality can annoy others. If he wants to be the way he is, he has to pay the price. You want to be you but people might dislike the real you. They have right to that. Your burden is yours to carry. Don't expect sympathy. I know I have very little to give. b) It's just a picture. It can only ruin you if you accompany it by whining about it on top of all.