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  1. When you're in a hostile place, perhaps you should act polite and courteous. Indignant attitude and haughtiness is only gonna get you a bloody nose. Learn the game. An underdog has to play differently from the dominant one.
  2. Suddenly I'm reminded of how dangerous marriage can be under typical US legislation. Be careful.
  3. I guess people are able to choose a narrative and even convince themselves of it to an extent, but I don't think that's a way of integrity. It's not actual belief. They just choose to ignore the fact that they don't really believe. Perhaps the whole meme of Christianity has evolved to abuse that mechanism, with the cosmic reward&punishment incentivising it. Gotta just suppress those doubts and glorify the constant practice of self-deception as piety or something. Therefore, no, you cannot choose what you believe. You might think your beliefs changed when you converted but that's just because you don't have a more accurate description of what really changed.
  4. Yes, I hate the political system, but I can't conceive of a better one. I also have a really low patience for entertaining other people's ideas of what would be a better system. Is religion separate from politics? No. Everything is political. Especially identity groups and interest groups. Religion is both.
  5. Gotta commend those pastors Woolf and Kwon for denouncing the shit properly and engaging in self-reflection regarding their share of responsibility, just like muslim leaders should if their sheeple justify their crimes with religious ideology.
  6. Guilt sounds correct. I mean, you probably played a role in how his beliefs evolved? Aint no shirking that responsibility. Your part of the blame shouldn't be too big unless your husband can't think for himself. Shame seems unnecessary, unless you played dirty somehow. I guess there's often something we do wrong or weaknesses we subconsciously abuse even without intending to do so. My first girlfriend was vocally suspicious of my previously religious background, and I tried to placate her by defacing my Bible, lol. I think I should be ashamed of having been that easy to make dance, as I've since learned it's the nature of women to test their man's backbone with some unfair play.
  7. I guess some people are wishy-washy. Big talk first, but then they flip and talk just as big for the other side. I don't get it, really. I treat it as a phenomenon I observe more than something I can relate to. Maybe it's got something to do with identity. Some people insist that people need an identity. I don't get that either.
  8. I see. Perhaps Germany has a very different microcosm of politics and reporting from how it's in my country or in the English media. I assume there is at least some leftist violence in Germany then? Unless the media is conjuring stuff up from thin air. I mean we don't have really any leftist violence to report here and what the media does all the time is paint the people and politicians who want to curb the economic migrant influx as far-right or racist. Police having a serious in-group bias and leniency toward their own is a serious but known issue pretty much everywhere. So perhaps it's just that and it isn't the case that the institution itself aligns far right? Stomp too hard on relatively light or ambiguous offenses and maybe they risk distrust and more disorder among their ranks. Or something like that. At least in Finland the top brass of police profile themselves as embracing all cultures and against all hate speech on the social media, while it's known that among the lower ranks of police there are actually numerous supporters for the opposition with their own closed social media communities. Another problem here is that the police doesn't take care of all migrant-related crimes anymore. The Oulu rape cases which garnered international attention begun with a civilian tracking his daughter's rapist down, devising a honey trap for him and then making an arrest because the prosecution or police refused to authorize any action. Only after that were the police also forced to take the guy in and prosecution happened. After that the police didn't publicize the case before, again, civilians spread the information on social media, after which the police was forced to finally come out that yeah it's true, there are sprawling rape cases under investigation. Given that, it's no wonder if some officers choose to turn a blind eye toward vigilante action. If it's the only kind of action there is. I wonder if Germany has the same problem.
  9. Not sure if I'm missing on a joke or something here. How is the government telling you that terrorism comes from the left? All I see is leniency toward the far left and harsh measures toward the far right. When there's any kind of terror incident, the first response is to go after islamophobic hate speech. Most terrorists in the West are right-wing or muslim. I don't think anyone argues otherwise. In other parts of the world, sure, there are Communist militants who commit hardline acts of terror. Not really in the West, though. I guess the far left here, while large, mostly consists of spoiled and often rich brats breaking and burning things or going for the occasional sucker punch. Not really people who are putting their life on the line for something they believe in.
  10. Well, that's how I'd do it, if I were still in that camp. I'd put on a show about my enlightened compassion to rival the show my peers would no doubt also be putting on. Then I'd hopefully be among the apparently most virtuous. But now that I've mostly rid myself of that camp, I can afford to say fuck the hypocricy and please instate only policy that is blind to ethnicity and race. So what if they can't live in harmony with the reindeer anymore? I can't either. Only reason I cannot profitably cry about it is because I wasn't born Sámi. It's the future. They gotta learn to code, too.
  11. Further down this side track, on Tuesday, Facebook has also decided banning is the way to solve the problem. source: Vice That still leaves the term 'ethnonationalism', banning of which might be difficult, as the concept of Black Nation is pretty much mainstream with the movie Black Panther. Also, in my country the Sámi people are ethnically strictly exclusionist because they receive ethnicity-based benefits from the Finnish state. It would be problematic to oppose that exclusivity as their perceived plight is definitely a fashionable concept every progressive wants to score brownie points with.
  12. If you need to refer to his manifesto Try googling the quote above (it's from the manifesto) with double quotes around it and you should find a source that isn't blocked or taken down yet. I mean it isn't an illegal piece of writing in most countries. If you're from NZ, be sure to do it in a private window so it will not remain in your browser cache, as that might count as 'possession', carrying a risk of a 10-year prison sentence
  13. Oh, I do. There's an argument to be made for criminalizing the act of inciting, say, angry mobs to lynching someone, but criminalizing the sharing and possession of writings where the context makes it obvious it's part of a fucking spree shooter's manifesto? People are sentient enough to know doing as the killer suggests would make you a terrorist, too. That's not all of the manifesto. In fact I didn't even read that far. The beginning where he explained his background, radicalization process and motivations contained no incitement. As for combating his ideology, "Terrorism is bad!" won't truly cut it, you know. If someone is ready to throw their life away for something, it's going to be something of absolute importance to them. Of course you could try to remove the need to argue against them by ensuring those ideas never propagate. But can you really accomplish that? It seems more likely that in the end you'll only be lending credence to the opposition when they say (as this shooter also said) that the mainstream media and the system are trying to hide things from the people.
  14. Hah! NZ banned even the written manifesto. Possession or sharing is punishable by up to 14 years of imprisonment. The same of course applies to the video. Move along, nothing to see here, nothing to read here. Previously, NZ (as well as some Australian) internet service providers have already barred their customers from access to multiple video hosting sites, web forums and web text archive services where you could access the shooting video or the manifesto.
  15. No data, just an opinion. I think Columbine etc certainly did trigger copycats, but I also think oversaturation is a thing. There are already enough cases to introduce the spree killing concept to those who are attracted to it. Can't put the genie back in the bottle. Having seen the Christchurch shooting video, I personally don't think it can attract as much as it will just show how empty and meaningless the whole act is. But that's just my guess, of course. Still, I hope you can see at least my principle, that if it's possible to portray an incident in a way that whets up people's appetites, it's also possible to dispel any magic and help the angry folks see there wouldn't be much glory in that course of action after all.
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