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  1. It does carry a pejorative sense. Even if some black people don't care, others will take offence in their stead, and keep up the taboo status of the word. I argued it can be a worthwhile slur to use even if it isn't polite. I also argued that words don't hurt people. It's just butthurt what people feel when someone on the internet is using that word. I don't contest that in some cases, out in the real life, being called 'nigger' is often a cause for concern because of what someone calling you that implies. Even then, the word itself isn't the problem. Activists want to forbid the word, yet some people use it anyway, which causes that special kind of pain that occurs when you don't get what you want. What people should get over is that entitled attitude. When nobody is truly hurt we shouldn't pretend otherwise. If I'm called names, I don't really care. Those are just powerless insults. Why couldn't black people get over them? Why do they need to be infantilized? Those are some real questions if you want to move on to focus on real racism.
  2. Well, perhaps I should have also crossed out words by people I hold dear in addition to words written in policy. I guess not crossing things out really is a mistake. Otherwise we're going to hand an annoying excuse for leftist activists harassing people by shouting in their ear when they are just trying to go to work or school or something. Although I guess in that case the problem isn't really the words itself. Perhaps the right to protest should be limited to exclude stuff like that, but I digress. Let's narrow it down to words strangers use while arguing in a setting that is proper for arguments. Especially online. Surely in such situations words can't truly hurt at all. Sure. Slurs are an easy example of a truly harmless thing. Racial or whatever. Especially if they're words without any other meaning than that certain group. When people use them, it betrays their attitude. That attitude in itself might be a problem if it's a widely held one. The word itself is harmless, though. In my country, we have a proverb exactly for that issue. Directly translated, it goes like this: "name does not worsen a man, if the man won't the name". It means that people cannot be judged by names, unless they have made themselves infamous. I have an anecdote on the issue. It's not about race, but that shouldn't matter. Here in Finland, we have a relatively new nationalist populist party called Perussuomalaiset. When they started to become popular, the leftists and progressives started calling its members with a made up name ('persu') that sounded like 'ass' ('persus' or 'perse'). Almost immediately, what was originally meant as a slur became a shorthand that everyone uses, because the party name was so cumbersome. The one letter difference with 'ass' is obvious enough to notice and the original unpleasant association doesn't even exist anymore. For years now, even the high-profile party members themselves have been using 'persu'. That kind of natural evolution of a name was probably possible, because nobody defended them from name calling (because "Persu's are the racists and nazis and don't deserve better"). On the contrary, certain minorities are "defended" from those names, making sure they won't suffer inflation and remain offensive or even become offensive despite not really being much so before the leftists etc so decided.
  3. I do think it's helpful. Pejoratives make people display more or less butthurt. If that butthurt it's out of proportion, you know not to take what they say too seriously. As for those who are slightly less butthurt: come on! It's just words. They can't hurt anyone unless they're written as policy or something. When a word doesn't have such official impact, just ignore the mischief and take the neutral meaning of the word and continue the discussion based on that.
  4. There have certainly been a lot of accusations flung at Trump during the past 3+ years. Some of them even have a little merit, such as his failure to end American involvement in foreign wars. Then again, that accusation only comes from the Right and the shunned anti-war Left, so let's forget that after all. As for the whole election-meddling Russian lapdog narrative? Gone out of the window. Wasn't even one of the impeachment articles. For all their talk of impeachment since day 0, the Democrats and the left-leaning media sure were lucky that Trump finally did something impeachable more than 2 years into his presidency. If he hadn't, they would've probably had to whip up something disproportionate out of a minor matter to save their faces. I'm happy for them it didn't need to come to that.
  5. When you invest, things like occasional bankruptcies don't really matter. You gotta take risks if you seek gains. Some losses are inevitable. How many businesses does a billionaire own, anyway? Dozens? Hundreds? What's 4 failed ventures there? You'd have to compare aggregate sums of lost money vs. gained money to judge him as a businessman. I've no clue about his tax returns, but he doesn't have to be a financial wizard in any case. It's enough he is competent. In fact, you have a 2-party system, so logically it's enough if he isn't as big of a disaster a Democrat would be. You say you have a skyrocketing national debt. Increasing public health care & forgiving student debts isn't gonna alleviate that. As for his personality, what does it matter? He could be the lowest scum of earth but if he acts businesslike in office and serves the interests of American people, his vices are irrelevant. Bad name? So has every US president. Warmongering, drone strikes, sex scandals, whatever. You don't need to be loved if you are the strongest. Everyone will have to deal with you and take you seriously regardless.
  6. Me, too, but it's probably different from how you see it. Most of the mainstream media have joined the Democrats in demonizing Trump and rallying their audience on a crusade of hatred against him, with little evidence of any wrongdoing, let alone any remarkable wrongdoing. Fools blinded by their self-righteousness seem perfectly willing to erode democracy in order to depose someone they have decided to project all their grievances on. My guess is all they'll truly accomplish is eroding their own credibility.
  7. Is Trudeau that different from Hillary, though? When Hillary was the only alternative, the better choice for many was still Trump, despite all his character flaws. Look at USA now. Everything is fine, the economy has still been growing stronger. Everyone screamed he'll be Hitler and still treat him like he is, when he actually proved to be harmless. Why would anyone who voted for Trump jump ship? Trump's gonna win in 2020 without anyone being able to challenge him.
  8. Trump is trying to pander to the Jews and people be like "is he planning to holocaust them?" Sad.
  9. Nope. But it's gonna cost you a lot. It's so typical that when something becomes too expensive and/or obsolete, instead of making it leaner and weeding out cumbersome regulation, politicians just suggest it should be 'free' ie tax-funded. And because resources still are limited, the gatekeeping method becomes something other than the ability to pay. Queues, usually. Some people die while they wait months or years for some big operation and some get better on their own. Doctors are also reluctant to make serious diagnoses because that would make you entitled to further, expensive inspections and treatments and it's gonna put a strain on their budget. You probably can't afford to opt for private care, either, because the taxation is so high. Ok I take what I said back. It can actually kill you. Isn't the same going on with college education in the US? Forgiving student loans is a common talking point nowadays. Make that available for everyone and you've essentially made college tax-funded, while the colleges can charge the students however much the students are able to take out loans. In my country, the same applies to housing benefits. If you're poor enough, the state pays 80% of your rent up to 320€ per month, so the zero level is actually 400€, and apartment prices have become inflated.
  10. You mean me? I was referring to the fact that a leftist might call you phobic if you don't accept their dogma. XD
  11. Unless there's a massive surge of migrants, being scared is probably an exaggerated response and that fact will be used against you. Something-phobic, they might call you. Where I live (Finland, Europe), the influx of asylum seekers from Africa and ME is usually quite steady. As such, there's normally no reason to urgently cry wolf. There was a huge migrant surge in 2015 that strained the system and people freaked out, but perhaps that was not the intention of anyone, at least not any party in our politics. Funnily enough, both the establishment Left and Right support the influx here. While the migrants will mostly vote for the Left, the old right-wing parties are quite happy with the fact that the migrants are a pool of cheap labor. They will condemn crimes by the migrants to appeal to their voter base but won't do anything to curb the influx. Only the new right-wing parties in Europe point out ugly facts such as that the migrants mostly remain unemployed, but those parties are shunned as "far-right racists".
  12. Surprisingly, the clearly left-aligned publication Rolling Stone magazine did an article about how Russian agents spread misinformation meant to be palatable to the Left. Until now, as far as I've seen, every leftist has been happy to pretend that it's the MAGA side that is infested with Russian trolls. Pictured in the article is a viral misinformation tweet by what the magazine says was a Russian account. The tweet is from 2018. I gotta ask, if the Russians supposedly already have their own puppet acting as the President of the United States, why smear his voter base? source: https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-features/russia-troll-2020-election-interference-twitter-916482/
  13. But perhaps the filthy rich deserve to make their kids rich. It's their money and if they want to use it to give the best possible life for their kids, that's their perogative. But discussing morals like that is somewhat useless. We will be self-interested anyway, so let's skip directly to that. What rules can we set so that the rich people are forced to hand most of their money back to us common people? This train of thought alone leads to socialistic idealism, so we'd better temper it by remembering the opponent can make moves, too. We gotta ask ourselves what should the rich and powerful do in order to keep their money and power to themselves. How can they avoid having to give us more than what we need to keep ourselves productive? And if socialistic ideas seem to be gaining in popularity, how should they use that naïvety to grab more power instead?
  14. Tim Pool made a short but interesting point I'd like to share. He puts it better than I probably can, and I'll link his Youtube video here at the relevant time stamp for your convenience (from 6:14 until 8:10). The gist of it is: If you want to sow discord and cause political division in the USA, what is the best method currently? Is it through Trump administration or is it through the Democrats? Trump and people working for him have been under a lot of scrutiny, as the Democrats have cried wolf since 2016 and still manage to hold the accuser's podium. To whom do you throw a bone for the greatest effect? Who is more desperate for results? Tim asks the question in the context of the whistleblower complaint and whether it's possible that he was a useful idiot and therefore an attack vector.
  15. Isn't impeachment just a matter of a majority vote by the house of representatives, though? Therefore, the offense need not be real or substantial.
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