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  1. Also, a new poll determined that 45% of gay men plan to vote for Trump. link to newsweek
  2. Imprisonment is expensive. If walling off proper neighborhoods is not an option, giving the poor welfare to reduce petty crime could be the cheapest solution. Well, I guess forced labor within prisons could offset the costs, too.
  3. I'd recommend they ask for the formation of an independent governmental body to investigate the occasions where police uses force instead of the current system where the police investigates itself and concludes what it did was justified. Yeah, saw very good footage of the act on Twitter. Pushing aside a crowd blocking your road is not necessarily such a bad look, even if you push them too hard like he probably did. After seeing the self-centered brats disturb normal folks like that for too long, it's quite cathartic to see someone finally snap. That
  4. You could be. Or you could just be too foolish to feel fear, because the punishment by hellfire is too distant, even if you believe it. Only you can know what is true about yourself. Then again, like @TheRedneckProfessorpoints out, others have their own fears to face, and you can't know what it's like for them, i.e. how fearsome they find it to risk some personal loss in this current life. In essence, terms like 'brave' and 'coward' are primarily hot air to suck up to those we can take advantage of or slander our opponents with. Perhaps if you were being tortured by fla
  5. This is what I always thought when I was young. If there's an eternal life waiting for those who are saved, why lead a life here that resembles a secular one in any way? There ought to be no tolerance for such depravity. Every moment should be dedicated to god. The only explanation is, deep down they don't really believe it. You'd probably have to look in a monastery to find real believers.
  6. Believers do have a rational reason in wanting to preserve their social circles. We are political animals and well adapted to it. If we need to, we have the ability to ignore even fairly obvious contradictions and practice doublethink as far as developing a Stockholm syndrome. Religion can easily be influential enough to sever familial ties. It is only rational to praise whatever idol you must to avoid losing people you depend on. If living such a lie would be too difficult to consciously juggle (or otherwise threatens your sanity), truly believing the lie becomes the rational choi
  7. When you limit speech, it will cause unexpected consequences. Consider the following story: https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-07-15/teenage-boy-was-given-estrogen-developed-breast-tissue-while-in-l-a-county-juvenile-hall-lawsuit-alleges In summary, a doctor prescribed estrogen to some incarcerated 16-year-old boy who probably didn't even realize what it would do to him. Now, hear me out. It's possible that other professionals working with the boy had some idea of what was going on. Normally, there would be a good chance that they could inter
  8. I doubt very many are trying to silence the radicals either. Most are just trying to point out what the radicals are doing, outside of the more visible rioting. Point out that the mainstream media sometimes isn't critical enough of what is going on and often outright sides with the insanity. Hopefully, that will get people to change their voting criteria and make businesses consider whether they really need to cave in to the cancel culture. What quite many do want, however, is to restore law and order. Let's not pretend it's just talk that companies and institutions cave in to. Man
  9. I contend the other side, i.e. the current radical left, is not simply speaking against their opponents. Instead, they're trying to punish their political opinions to dissuade other opponents from speaking up. They are also further trying to integrate their own ideology into the system.
  10. I guess I didn't state that one properly. They're not asking for elective courses. They meant it should be pushed onto everyone. They specifically state that those elective courses already exist, but not everyone is taking them. Indoctrination. And they obviously have dogma. Violate it and you might get canceled. That's why it's like religion. Except that it's secular. My issue isn't with democracy. It's with what the ideologues want. Hence, I'm speaking against it.
  11. Here in Finland, there a petition just made the news: BLM-sympathetic college students demand anti-racism to be taught at schools. Just a few weeks ago, our feminist government also touted "intersectionalism" as the basis for all its forthcoming equality efforts. This ideology is starting to look more and more like secular religion. It's a neat way to enforce a dogma while bypassing restrictions placed against other religions. Even the U.S. Army has an "Equity and Inclusion Agency" that just deemed the phrase "Make America Great Again" a slogan for covert white supremacy.
  12. Right: 1.72, Libertarian: 6.26 Foreign Policy -3.76 (non-interventionist) Culture: 0
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