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  1. ToHellWithMe

    How to stop watching porn when feeling lonely?

    I've found ideas like this useful to consider but useless to trust much. It's too optimistic and arbitrary. We have needs we must fulfill. We have ways to cope, self-deception being one of the strongest, but there's probably a limit. The more you have been neglecting your needs the worse they will hit you one day. That or you lose it. Not to dismiss the entirety of your point. Just saying that you have to be prudent.
  2. ToHellWithMe

    How to stop watching porn when feeling lonely?

    I'm not addicted to porn either. Yet I, too, feel very down when the deed is done. Not really disgusted, though. It's rather like there's no meaning to anything afterwards. That's why I avoid it. At least as a male, you do lose your sexual energy upon release. For many days. The energy you'd otherwise channel in some way. With that energy unreleased there's at least some direction to my life even if I'm unhappy. I mean I'll be desperate for female company and super frustrated, but at least I'll feel there's something to aim for. It'll inspire me to go out and watch people, make eye contact, realize how far out of my reach every passerby is even when I look them in the eye. That'll make me gain frustration, loneliness and feelings of inadequacy. My hope is that little by little the suffering will reveal me the way, so to speak. I mean is it even that bad if it doesn't turn into a long-lasting, numbing depression? Taking the porn way will ensure that and I don't want that. Sure, I'm often very sad but it's not like my life is a struggle for survival or anything. On the contrary, even if I'm not well off I have it nice enough and I should use the physical comfort to power my journey through the despair as clear-headed as possible, without succumbing to escapism.
  3. ToHellWithMe

    America is waking up to the farce that is feminism

    Seeking unfair advantage does not necessarily come from hunger for power. Might be just regular hunger. Or greed. Consider diversity quotas for example. Could also be just a hidden need to be called out for the shit they spout because they didn't have a father around to set them straight. So they demand things unfairly so they either benefit by getting them easily or by finding someone whose spine they can depend on to guide them into responsible adulthood.
  4. ToHellWithMe

    Neuroscience and Political Party?!

    Easy to say, isn't it. If you're good at this, it could be worth it to start curating things. Maybe others will find you trustworthy and useful. I support (on Patreon) a couple of Youtubers who do just that. Then again I'm just teasing you. I don't think you are quite there yet. You'll likely have to make your peace with the frustrating, non-ideal reality first before you can command such a special trust and respect. And after you do, you might find you're not really interested. There are other pursuits in life. My conclusions aren't all that strong. Only some of my beliefs are strong. I just state my thoughts simply to save our time. I said "divide&rule strategy" because I felt like going with that, but that's really just the best case scenario for us. Things might not really be that nice.
  5. ToHellWithMe

    Neuroscience and Political Party?!

    You do an honour to my gut feeling by calling it pseudoscience. Idealism. The reality is that I do not have the time, energy and expertise to do research, yet I have to make judgements for myself. And I'm not the only one. Everyone has to draw their own conclusions and decide what is in their best interest. And they have to do it with limited information. Besides, I don't trust science that far. I have looked deep into a couple of studies and seen how they produced the desired results and realized you cannot draw any useful conclusions from that. Yet, people citing those studies will draw the conclusions that seemingly follow. It's all just politically motivated. Test settings can be devised in a way to suit your needs.
  6. ToHellWithMe

    Neuroscience and Political Party?!

    End result of a successful divide&rule strategy. You have one side raging emotionally and burying their heads in sand and refusing to assess the merciless, inavoidable realities. They want to be treated according to their needs and therefore demand everyone's needs fulfilled, not realizing there might come a time when charity is a luxury that has to be discarded. A time when threats will be shot instead of placated. Then you have one side terrified of that and willing to sacrifice anything that isn't necessary in order to correct the course to a sustainable one and avoid a future where the above hellish scenario will come true. They know it has happened often in history, and as such it is naïve to think it couldn't happen where they are as well, all too soon. That is assuming the article is true, which I do somewhat doubt. To my gut, the dichotomy seems too simplistic to yield a 82,9% accuracy.
  7. ToHellWithMe

    This Site Exhausts Me

    Many of us have a need for some banter. Could be at a regular table in a pub. Could be on Twitter. It makes perfect sense that for some it could be here.
  8. ToHellWithMe

    Mental Illness

    I've heard shelters can indeed be humiliating in USA if that's where you're from. I'm from Europe and cannot really offer any advice. All I've seen on the topic is a youtube video by a former homeless guy in Kansas.
  9. ToHellWithMe

    Mental Illness

    So, why are you going to die and why could you not at least find shelter even if you'll be homeless?
  10. They're both making pretty good points. Both also seem kind of annoying.
  11. ToHellWithMe

    Mental Illness

    Haha, how concise. And relatable, tbh. I was raised into Christianity, and accepting that it's all fantasy was painful and still persists to be painful as fuck. At times of weakness anyway.
  12. ToHellWithMe

    More Examples of Male Privledge

    I don't, though. I dismiss based on behavior. Their gender only makes me expect some measure of certain behavior. Then it's just a matter of distancing myself from the ones that make me frown too often. There are measured, harmless ways to exhibit the typical feminine attitude. When done that way I don't think they are going to upset anyone except insecure or humorless men.
  13. ToHellWithMe

    More Examples of Male Privledge

    I don't know if equality is a worthwhile pursuit at all, unless it's equal treatment in front of law. Truth is we are not equal in all aspects. We are born with varying talents and pursue various things that are of different monetary value. To the latter I'd have to say no. That's too flimsy a reason. Maybe some can combine two jobs if one can be done rather passively, in which case it is alright that individually they wouldn't pay enough to support his livelihood. Insisting on minimum wage could mean that the jobs won't exist at all anymore.
  14. ToHellWithMe

    More Examples of Male Privledge

    I guess I could have said 'assertion' instead of 'argument'. My problem was I didn't know what he was talking about.
  15. ToHellWithMe

    More Examples of Male Privledge

    Ah, yes. We do have many here on this forum. I meant it in the wider sense. But IDK. I guess it's a matter of opinion when you put it that way. To me it looks like feminism is utterly dominating the mainstream, and even the pretty crazy forms are tolerated. Maybe my views are too slanted.