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  1. ToHellWithMe

    I want to see a psychic or a palm-reader....

    This could just mean that the show director knows how psychics work and has removed the components necessary for them to get anything out of it. Otherwise they should produce at least some clues, just like a detective looking at a case would. I would guess they didn't let the psychics interview witnesses or suspects. If I had to guess, the psychic's forte should be human interaction and reading subtle things like microexpressions.
  2. ToHellWithMe

    Ex Christians, a warning to you

    Hell just doesn't make sense. A man can tell someone they disagree with "Hey, I can understand why you'd believe that, but I just don't see it that way" without any anger or need to exact punishment. If a man can be that magnanimous, how could a god be pettier? Anger at differing views implies uncertainty and insecurity. Surely a god would at least grant a painless oblivion to its failed creations. If it's a loving god it would make sense for it to try and fix them if it's capable.
  3. ToHellWithMe

    I want to see a psychic or a palm-reader....

    If it's a choice between the fortune reader and that indian pastor, go for the fortune reader. I mean your description of the indian pastor gives me creeps. 😂 Imagine going to someone who seems sad an telling them "deep down you feel suicidial". Holy shit. At least with the fortune reader it's just a honest fraud where the money changes hands and everyone is happy and you walk away after the 30 minutes, no strings attached. Religious leaders work in more mysterious ways.
  4. ToHellWithMe

    Is Christian paranoia increasing?

    Agree with the rest but I think if you poke fun of someone you have to take responsibility. It's not exactly reasonable to expect others to humor something they might be unable to take lightly. It's a bit like patting the ass of a woman you're in good terms with. You know you can get away with it and you both know it's a joke and you don't truly disrespect her. Still, you can't expect every woman to take it well.
  5. ToHellWithMe


    You can experiment. I've found some methods that way. Crisped rice cereal has a strong effect for me in that I think it effects my blood sugar super strongly, to the extent of making me very drowsy, but eating it is not as big a pleasure as eating sweets would be, as the cereal itself isn't sweet. Primarily it's just a very quickly digestable starch. This kills the cravings without giving me the pleasure that sweets would give me. The cravings only attack me a few times over the course of a few days before they diminish to a negligible level. So if I win those fights I'm clean for the time being. Then again I also agree with Lucy. When we are dealing with difficult things or circumstances we probably need some pleasure or solace anyway. If you drop sweets it's probably going to be simply eating too much or something like that if you're not paying attention. Then again going a bit overweight might not be too bad if the alternative is losing your teeth.
  6. ToHellWithMe

    In my experience, there is no gut feeling..

    @midniterider That reminds me of the case of Natascha Kampusch who was abducted as a child and kept in a basement for 8 years. from a BBC news article: She decided to ignore what was irrational and paid the price.
  7. ToHellWithMe

    In my experience, there is no gut feeling..

    Irrational fear IS a gut feeling. It's up to you how much you trust it. 'Irrational' does not equal 'wrong'. In hindsight you will know what was the right choice. Don't get stuck on figures of speech. There are many others anyway, like someone giving you the creeps, an alarm going off in your mind etc etc. Normal people with full faculties don't murder or get murdered very often. It's mostly low-lifes who kill people they're close to. They'll usually give bad vibes to normal people.
  8. ToHellWithMe

    Unconditional Love is Garbage

    My parents also try to dominate me. I won't let them and so long as they insist on it, they won't be in my life. It's just a matter of putting your foot down and not budging. In practice that may mean cutting most connections. But is that the problem in your case? Do they tell you what to do or do they just insist on you not telling them what to do? You can't force them to think the way you'd like them to. That's within their boundaries and you cannot make demands there. Pronouns and names are a grey area I guess, but if you go with a desperate "at least grant me this", even if you're putting your feet down on it it's still pleading and that implies admitting your weak posision. Cuts both ways of course.
  9. ToHellWithMe

    Enlighten us

    I guess it's because it's true enough. For many people anyway. Maybe there are also those who don't feel like they're missing anything important. I wouldn't know.
  10. ToHellWithMe

    LDS Church

    I guess it's a matter of taste, then. I bore of lore and academics and prefer the intuitive types. What is intellectual spirituality anyway? There's no such thing. And what is religion without spirituality? The value of the religious eccentric is in his spirituality. Expecting something else of them seems irrational to me. But maybe I'm being myopic here.
  11. ToHellWithMe

    LDS Church

    You haven't been reading his posts properly. You keep nagging about evidence. He has already expressed his evidence is subjective. It follows that it's not something he could give you. Even for me it's frustrating to watch a discussion where one side doesn't even listen.
  12. ToHellWithMe

    Feeling ashamed

    I wouldn't believe anyone who says they can control their emotions. Better just accept that emotions will come just as they please.
  13. ToHellWithMe

    Feeling ashamed

    UK has national healthcare so she may have to be smart about what she says aloud. Finland has national healthcare too, and what you talk to your doctors here will go to your file which will be accessible to other health care personnel as well as some other officials. Having a mental health diagnosis is known to cause certain problems such as seeking help for other medical needs being dismissed as crazy talk. After all, under public services you're not a paying customer but a strain to their limited budget. Furthermore, actually getting to talk to specialized professionals can be either hard to achieve or very expensive if you go for a private one.
  14. ToHellWithMe

    Feeling ashamed

    I wonder what causes shame anyway. Having high expectations and failing them? Like "I should have been able to do better than this". Then again wouldn't that just cause frustration? I know that frustration can make me loathe myself to the extent of wanting to punish myself. Maybe try to re-estimate your ability to resist eating in an unhealthy way? I mean, maybe expect to fail to some extent sometimes? I'm just taking a shot in the dark here, though, so maybe this approach is useless for you. For me overeating junk primarily causes a physically unpleasant feeling. Because of the excess salt or sugar or whatever. It does also bother me slightly, making me think "eww, why did I keep eating after it stopped tasting too good?".
  15. ToHellWithMe

    Christianity and Recovery

    A few years ago I thought about the phrase "throw out the baby with the bathwater" and I've wondered if the concept of sin, human worthlessness and a just but ruthless god are the useful concepts to pick up from Christianity, and the sugar coating like eternal life and unconditional love and Jesus dying for our sins is what should be cast out. We are mundane creations, destined to return to dust and be thankful for the brief, pitiful life we had. On a side note, I kinda like how Islam is named. "Submission". It seems like that is the proper and rational attitude toward a supreme being. Not to imply that I'm in any way religious. It's just that these ideas are esthetically pleasing to me. If I were to be sold a religion, this approach would make it seem much more consistent with reality and I'd be more likely to fall for it.