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  1. LOL I gotta say I approve of that one. A licensed practicioner would not have the guts to say that even if it were exactly what someone needs to hear.
  2. #metoo

    If you mean he shouldn't be able to settle cases with money it's a different topic. I'll indulge in it this much: if allegations of his harassment could be a strong enough case to bring DJT down with, it would likely have already happened. As it hasn't, there either have been no strong cases or all of them have been settled. The only important link between DJT and this topic is the fact that for him, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is obviously still in effect. Leftist haters ready to make up accusations out of thin air likely exist in great numbers and according to the "fire him just in case" logic in this thread, DJT should indeed be fired. If that standard were to apply to the elite, is there a male who could become and remain a president for one day?
  3. I dont want to go down this route. I want go nowhere near it in fact if I can avoid it. My point was about something else.
  4. fraid that if there's an official definition i'm not aware of it. and cannot be arsed to google any in a discussion such as this that clearly should happen with lay terms. get on my level, nerd
  5. LOL dude it's a matter of definition, not studies
  6. Sorry dude but that is pussy talk. Psychological damage doesn't exist unless caused by actual brain damage. What hurts is the realization that they don't respect you and now you'll have to deal with it. You thought you had a relationship with at least a modicum of respect only to discover that it didn't exist. That's supposed to hurt, because it's the way things are reinforced psychologically. It's not damage, it's the opposite. It develops your judgement and it's a beneficial thing for your survival. The only offence against you is the improper, unsolicited crossing of your boundaries. Not what you feel about it. You alone are responsible for your feelings.
  7. #metoo

    At this point they just want us to submit and meekly live under the Damoclean sword.
  8. #metoo

    Disregarding everything I disagree with in your message, I'll take this one bit instead. Because it's probably the crux of #metoo anyway. If you're in a high enough position, you can avoid repercussions for sexual offences lesser men can be easily destroyed with.
  9. #metoo

    That's new to me. I googled it up and: So, another boastful joke. Not a crime. If she heard it and understood it, sure she could be uncomfortable if she's been fed with victim narratives or offended if she's got a spine instead, but is this really where you want to draw the line? How about instead of criminalizing this you teach girls they don't need to give a shit about words like that? That they can even serve them back? That they have no less agency than men in a civilized context where violence is not an option?
  10. #metoo

    It could have been all talk, too. Posturing, you know. Appearing macho by expressing ridiculously over-the-top misogyny. It's just because it's Trump that we might actually believe it. Anyone else say that? Obvious joke. 4d-chess-wise it might not have been a good move as come candidacy it's top headline material. Finest shit to fling. Then again, he won anyway, so maybe it was a good move. If he really has done it, I suppose it's such a special case we can only shrug. I mean he can buy his way out. If the victims (assuming they exist) are pacified by the money instead of continuing to pursue justice, that's their problem I suppose, and speaks of Trump's good judgement at approaching women who like money first and foremost.
  11. #metoo

    I can sympathize with that partially and that wasn't what I felt like tackling first when I read the post. Sure, now that you mention it and I think about it more I feel disgust. Don't fucking degrade yourself unless it's essential to your physical safety or something. If you want respect you're going to have to draw lines and be confrontational. If there are people around you have witnesses and you don't really have to fear physical abuse. A damsel in violent distress is a fine excuse to fuck the obviously offending dude up. Hell, everyone would jump on the opportunity. Humiliate him so badly he can only cry in frustration like a baby and lose all self-respect. Just imagining it brings me satisfaction. I'd be even seen as a hero. Hah! Even more reason not to cry #metoo but to solve the problem with your own ability. Like a man would have to. Being a public tattletale is a career suicide. A woman with victim mentality is a liability to any company. Not gonna get hired again. A man might get fired too if his bully is his boss or something and he refuses to take shit from him. That's just his bad luck then. But he could have good luck and gain his respect. It's a gamble he should take.
  12. #metoo

    Well, yeah. Sometimes I should do that, too. Maybe even show sympathy if it's a situation where I can afford to. But in the end, judgemental attitude is the way to confidence, earning respect and getting out of abuse, so they better adopt it. Seeing an example might serve them, too. In some things there can be no fucking excuses. Only harsh judgement.
  13. #metoo

    I'd have to see the situation to agree. Usually "it's for our kids" is just something they tell themselves in order to excuse their lack of backbone. Would probably set a better example for the children to walk away from abuse. Show the kids they don't need to tolerate stuff like that or sacrifice their wellbeing for others. They can probably use both. Consider the above scenario. Judge the abused wives for lack of backbone but also provide shelter or something so they can leave when they need to. If their lack of action is not a failure, neither is facing the fears and taking action any accomplishment.
  14. #metoo

    Oh I'm with you on this. What has come to light is just the tip of the iceberg. I've seen the sleazy, slightly gropy advances women have to suffer within my own groups of friends. To my puzzlement they seem to put up with the lack of respect to quite an extent, while if it were me being treated like that I would put a quick, harsh stop to it. With some backbone they could frighten those sleazy men and somewhat tarnish their rep while gaining respect themselves. Yet they won't do that.
  15. #metoo

    We do not share that rosy view of people. Many women will accuse innocent men of rape to protect their own reputation when the women themselves have been faithless. Some women will even threaten a taxi driver with a false allegation to avoid paying the fare.