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  1. I believe 'choose' is a perfectly acceptable word there. Even if everyone agrees that one can feel dysphoria about the sex of the body they inhabit, whether they identify their gender according to their sex or according to their feelings is still a matter of choice. Even if we all agree it should be a free choice or that they should choose to identify according to the feelings, it's still that: a choice. Even if I'm somehow wrong about that, there's still the degree of this infraction to consider. It definitely isn't so unreasonable anyone should be getting angry about it or cancel
  2. Kathy Griffin also got fired from CNN in 2017 after she did a photoshoot where she held Donald Trump's bloody, severed head. Back then every other public personality seemed to be all but begging for someone to assassinate Donald Trump, but I guess it was the gruesome image going viral and re-printed everywhere that was finally seen as going too far. I suppose CNN cared for at least some appearance of political neutrality.
  3. Children are basically property, so you'll have to be careful and calculating while you bide your time until 18. Do whatever you must to survive and avoid pitfalls. When I was around 26 I noticed my bank account I'd been using since childhood listed my parents as having full access to it. In theory, if they wanted to control me, they could have driven me into quite some trouble by taking away my money at any time. Thankfully, their manipulation has always been softer than that. Perhaps they also forgot about the whole fact. I've also read about a girl who dated a man he
  4. Well this is sexist, but most women can be kinda emotional. It probably works from the evolutionary perspective given how prevalent it is. Therefore, a) there's nothing too wrong with it and b) you just gotta deal with it, whether you're a man or a woman. Nobody will be surprised by it and almost everyone will give leeway for it. Given how you are observing it, you're fine anyway. Sure, you will go on overdrive at times, but afterward you can analyze it.
  5. You could be. Or you could just be too foolish to feel fear, because the punishment by hellfire is too distant, even if you believe it. Only you can know what is true about yourself. Then again, like @TheRedneckProfessorpoints out, others have their own fears to face, and you can't know what it's like for them, i.e. how fearsome they find it to risk some personal loss in this current life. In essence, terms like 'brave' and 'coward' are primarily hot air to suck up to those we can take advantage of or slander our opponents with. Perhaps if you were being tortured by fla
  6. Believers do have a rational reason in wanting to preserve their social circles. We are political animals and well adapted to it. If we need to, we have the ability to ignore even fairly obvious contradictions and practice doublethink as far as developing a Stockholm syndrome. Religion can easily be influential enough to sever familial ties. It is only rational to praise whatever idol you must to avoid losing people you depend on. If living such a lie would be too difficult to consciously juggle (or otherwise threatens your sanity), truly believing the lie becomes the rational choi
  7. Isn't impeachment just a matter of a majority vote by the house of representatives, though? Therefore, the offense need not be real or substantial.
  8. That question is irrelevant. The more might God has, the easier it should be to give me evidence. The more God knows, the more precisely he knows what it is that I need to believe in him. The real question is what evidence do I have, and where does it lead me to. If there's God, I can only assume he will give me and has given me whatever he wants me to have and the rest is up to me. If it doesn't lead me to the truth, then that is also part of God's plan. I can therefore only have faith.
  9. There isn't really anything to replace it with, I think. It is a problem, but one without a well-defined solution. I guess you just have to live with it and hope that the need itself disappears or at least weakens, as your brain adapts to the new perception of reality. Just raise your own kids without that clutch, so they're adapted to manage without it from the get-go. After 15 years, I find myself still believing on some level and to some extent. I don't subscribe to religion anymore, but I just need the illusion of meaning for comfort, sometimes.
  10. Just wait till you find about "ex-wife". I kid you not. It's a crazy world out there.
  11. Is there something stopping you from challenging those metaphysical positions in your own topic within Lion's Den? I mean unless you're too afraid, of course.
  12. Seems tinfoily to me. Christian Post is a news website, so I'd wager they just want to write an article on deconversion. I doubt they're in the business of training apologists. Assuming such extreme bad faith is somewhat ridiculous.
  13. When you're in a hostile place, perhaps you should act polite and courteous. Indignant attitude and haughtiness is only gonna get you a bloody nose. Learn the game. An underdog has to play differently from the dominant one.
  14. Suddenly I'm reminded of how dangerous marriage can be under typical US legislation. Be careful.
  15. I guess people are able to choose a narrative and even convince themselves of it to an extent, but I don't think that's a way of integrity. It's not actual belief. They just choose to ignore the fact that they don't really believe. Perhaps the whole meme of Christianity has evolved to abuse that mechanism, with the cosmic reward&punishment incentivising it. Gotta just suppress those doubts and glorify the constant practice of self-deception as piety or something. Therefore, no, you cannot choose what you believe. You might think your beliefs changed when you convert
  16. Yes, I hate the political system, but I can't conceive of a better one. I also have a really low patience for entertaining other people's ideas of what would be a better system. Is religion separate from politics? No. Everything is political. Especially identity groups and interest groups. Religion is both.
  17. Guilt sounds correct. I mean, you probably played a role in how his beliefs evolved? Aint no shirking that responsibility. Your part of the blame shouldn't be too big unless your husband can't think for himself. Shame seems unnecessary, unless you played dirty somehow. I guess there's often something we do wrong or weaknesses we subconsciously abuse even without intending to do so. My first girlfriend was vocally suspicious of my previously religious background, and I tried to placate her by defacing my Bible, lol. I think I should be ashamed of having been that easy to make d
  18. I guess some people are wishy-washy. Big talk first, but then they flip and talk just as big for the other side. I don't get it, really. I treat it as a phenomenon I observe more than something I can relate to. Maybe it's got something to do with identity. Some people insist that people need an identity. I don't get that either.
  19. We don't truly choose our beliefs. Just recognize yours and accept them as a fact. Fighting off doubts as a Christian is just as unfruitful.
  20. If he was converted by a single sermon, that sounds so flimsy there might be a chance he flips back again, (and again). Dream sounds a bit deeper, as it originates from his own subconscious. Some dreams can be very profound and make you think. If it made him realize he was being foolishly hopeful about, say, gradually changing your worldview, and wasting time because of it, then that mindset might be harder to revert. If you wanna land him regardless, maybe you have to offer him that hope, lol.
  21. You shouldn't. Being seen as a troll is inavoidable. Perhaps what you do is what being a troll mostly is: certain personality traits make it so that it's natural to approach a topic from both extremes, and people with opposing personality traits might detest it, as is their right. The bigger man will just suck it up and deal with it.
  22. If your subterfuge is transparent enough but never directly admitting to anything, the good thing is it'll hint to the kids that religion is something they should be critical of but probably remain careful about what they question aloud. Of course if they're too dense to notice that even you have to pay lip service to the crazy believers, they might rebel directly and get burned. Or get you burned thanks to their loose lips. It also gives them the out of it all being just a game (or preparation for handling those pesky atheists) if they're not ready to let go of the fairytale minds
  23. Sounds like either connection/db issues on the server-side (will fix themselves, usually within hours) or that you've switched to your google account instead of your youtube account (I think you automatically have both). You can check for the latter by clicking your profile pic and choosing "Switch account".
  24. Well, it gives me peace, so it's the opposite of what you think. The idea that I might be deluded and the craziest fundy might actually be correct calms me down. If they're right, we'll see. If they're not, we'll never know. And also right now we can't know.
  25. I don't think you do. You just gotta accept that possibility. There's not much you can do if it's up to god to elect you or not.
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