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  1. Thankyou for your reply! It calms me down. At least I'm not alone with this problem. And yes, I can't live if i'm not honest. I never ever want to lie to my girlfriend and I want to tell here every single thing that matters to me or that might matter to her. I just go crazy for a while and can't sleep my nights if I can't be honest. (Last night i waited 6 hours for sleep, these thoughts racing in my head with gazillions of others, equally scary possibilities.) Still, what Jesus said about adultery by just looking... was bible perhaps partially written by women?!
  2. I'm 22 and I've not professed any religion, least of them Christianity, in three and half years. I never was a bible-reader, I just adopted the morals and everything from what I was told by my parents and christian summer camp teachers and such. When I finally tried to do some bible reading and thinking on christian issues, like there being both evil and suffering in the world and in the other hand the creator of it is supposedly a good, omnipotent, omniscient god. Based on that and a few similar, strictly logical issues (I believe in logic), I rejected what I was taught. Now I'm beginning
  3. Never read the whole of it. Nor did I lie about it but avoided talking about the topic. I had a complex attitude toward that book; I supposed I should be quite totally in the correct mood to allow myself to read the holy texts. And yet from the excerpts I'd heard I could deduce it really has no plot and contains a lot of boring stuff like genealogies and laws I'm not supposed to care about anymore. Thus, I never felt like reading it. Only in the very end of my faith did I feel like having to take a serious look at it to prevent myself dropping out of the fold. After having read only about 30 p
  4. My guess is the pastor's answer is what the Christians on this site would answer, wondering why the heathens have the energy to always strike at this kind of points. I wonder, though, why is it that this kind of questions don't seem to disturb Christians much. Mayhaps it's not a relevant question unless one has their ethical sense develop to a point this becomes a screaming, loud flaw. Then they can become most important factors to deconversion. At least in my case it was so... Anyway the contrast is curiously huge: 'reason to abandon faith' vs. 'annoying question'. In a way I find thi
  5. I'm not even getting to enjoy arguments because my language skill doesn't allow it. Yet, on one occasion me and the guy who's most eagerly trying to convert me discussed the Karma system. I noticed that this topic I can take to the meta level and then be able to discuss it using pretty simple words. I said that to believe in the Karma system I would first have to believe that there is an entity called 'soul', and I don't see a reason to believe even in that. Thus, talking about under what kind of system this 'soul' functions is meaningless. He couldn't understand why I wouldn't find it obv
  6. After a nice long break I'm having problems with religious people. Funny thing is I'm currently in Japan which I thought to be a very secular society. Oh well, I guess it mostly is, but I happened to run to local fundies in the form of a Buddhism club in local college that I exchanged into 2.5 months ago. They're Buddhists of a messianic and evangelical sect (called Jodo Shinshu). What you probably will find amusing is that they believe in a (long time dead) buddha called Amida Buddha who will save those who believe in him. This is done by changing all the bad karma into good karma and the
  7. Amethyst, I totally second that, and especially find your attitude most suitable. The quote in the OP lies on the assumptions that absoluteness is firm and Good and relativity is unstable and Bad. Showing the shittiness of classifying things like that will provoke some thinking on the fundies' part. I hope I'm right and the possible defending fundies will not ignore your post.
  8. Definitely the hope for heaven. The other stuff I was only interested in as a means to reach the eternity of happiness. Also, because I felt bad for being so selfish, I prayed God to make me better follower and find a motivation in love rather than in anticipation for a reward. Therefore I might've answered this honestly even couple of years ago; it was not one of those problems that needed to be kept away from thoughts.
  9. Whaat? Should I take this as a compliment on a good post? Or perhaps as gladness at my activity as opposed to me complaining about not being active in the "ExC life" section? Either way I'm happy, thx.
  10. I'd reword the problem as follows: Whereas some people in some point during their troubles caused by buying into something realize they're been.. tricked, other people don't want to admit that or want to trust anyway because they have been brought up as lambs. I cannot explain this very well either. I guess it's an attribute of their character, perhaps patience. Some have more patience than others. When it's time to compare results of the choices it'll be seen whose attribute was better suited to reality. You also provided one more possible attribute: I find this close to patience but a
  11. gwenmead, I've done thinking on the "what do I want?" topic but haven't been able to come up with any concrete or possible goals. When I was younger, and still believed in miracles, I believed that God's miracle will sooner or later transform me to a shiny demi-god warrior of God. That was my scarily concrete goal until I got 15 or so, when I began to doubt the possibility of it. Nowadays, however, I'm completely disillusioned and only want to be as happy as possible, whatever the means, and the means I've yet to find. I've tried the "not caring too much about my future, waiting passiv
  12. I guess I could fit the clinical definion of 'depressed', although I don't like to use that word myself cause most of the time my mood is tolerable and sometimes I'm even happy. Never tried to see a professional, too proud and too paranoid about that. Not that I couldn't ty one day, though. Did a search on that St. John's Wart. Seems interesting. I might give it a try if I happen to find it somewhere. Thx. I usually don't read anything but fiction but I will give it a try if I can find those books anywhere here. (I'm from Finland and atm studying in Japan.) I'm almost 21 so I g
  13. Starting with a couple of brief points: 1) I'm not sure if my problem really originates from my Christian past. I am able to show links to it, but I'm not sure werther it's just likely of me to make them up or do I think them up because there really is a connection. 2) I might be pathetic and going to bring it up here, but I'm not looking for compassion or pity, just ideas and knowledge of similar experiences Okay, moving on to where I really like to begin from. Trying to keep it tolerably compact. I still was a Christian couple of years ago, although weakening one at th
  14. I fail to see how Razor's quote answers to the SerenityNow's. SerenityNow's quote lists sins that'll earn you hell. (Also it's interesting to note unbelief is one of them, not the prerequisite for the other ones to earn you hell.) Razors quote is about works, not about sinning. Or am i completely lost as i don't think 'not-sinning' equals to 'work' here?
  15. This thread is rather inspirational, and it occurred to me while reading that point of trashy's post that maybe understanding the christian stance is the way to go. At least for me it seems both emotionally and reasonally most effective reply to accusations of never really being christian is to clarify that i can understand why they are likely to view it that way: it is the only explanation that doesn't contradict their beliefs. Perhaps the ex-christian could drive home the point that they, too, understand and used to trust the "once saved, always saved" dogma and yet God didn't want or
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