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  1. That makes sense. I mean, if there's a god, I'm sure he knows how this goes. A world without evidence for god, a world where lying to the congregation can make you profit -> it's only reasonable that people reject the form in which god is marketed. If god doesn't understand the reality of that, he isn't much of a god. If they ask you to pray together with them, I see not much harm in doing so, unless it's about them asserting their control over you or something disrespectful like that. Besides, so what if it's a weak moment for you and that's why you might cave in? Then that's t
  2. I like the way you think. Such calm, logical justice in that decision. I hope your husband is sensible enough to appreciate it as well. Not sure what you're worried about here. Confusion is inevitable in life. People are equipped to deal with it. Kids are smarter than they let on and in any case they're very adaptable. Besides, if there's a doubter as near them as you are, it's not going to be an enormous challenge, as the fear of questioning things is primarily the fear of social consequences. In any case I wouldn't push it. Even secular kids might have their
  3. You cannot really trump them without making up similar lies. On the other hand, if you accuse them of making things up, the question is why do you argue with someone who isn't acting in good faith? You have to step above that. Like, plead on meta level: "don't you see how that's a bit unfair?" Of course there are cards to play against that as well. Etc, etc. Just give up and simply state your own beliefs. Who says you have to defend them? Just state them.
  4. Stop right there. Why suppose God is Creator? This looks like a 'personal connection' kind of topic.
  5. Even if there's a god, it's not like they can really know what are the performative steps you have to take to form a connection to god. Perhaps they're innocent and it's simple for them, but for a more mature and worldly mind twisted enough to comprehend scheming, the same steps simply won't take you there.
  6. SB does need to understand that his fickle personality can annoy others. If he wants to be the way he is, he has to pay the price. You want to be you but people might dislike the real you. They have right to that. Your burden is yours to carry. Don't expect sympathy. I know I have very little to give. b) It's just a picture. It can only ruin you if you accompany it by whining about it on top of all.
  7. There's something pitiful and endearing about innocent, self-centered neediness, but when it's a grown adult doing it, it's annoying. It's not even innocent because she's making it sound like she's asking it for the children, definitely not herself. The next level would be to make the kids do the fundraising, door-to-door or something. Then you'd have to refuse the kids themselves and face their disappointment, lol.
  8. Well, it's not like you owe her the truth or even a solid reason. Just treat her as target practice.
  9. Anger may disappear or change into something else when you ascertain their motives. Acting as if they know all the answers can be just a way to assert authority. It's not that they necessarily care much for what they argue, they simply hold on to the positions that have proved useful in dealing with people who try to reason with them in good faith.
  10. Mythology sounds better. Don't hand them that.
  11. It is perfectly reasonable but it's probably impossible. If you were a prospective new member they just might cut you some slack at first. But you know it's different when it's someone already established. On some level they know how it all might just be wishful thinking. That is probably something most of them have to deny and not face. Hence, someone bringing into daylight what they are afraid of is a threat. Come out when you are ready to threaten them. That is, when you no longer stand to lose too much. Or never come out. I went the unenthusiasm route, where I simpl
  12. It's a position so weak it's kind of a defense in itself. Like why even bother engaging?
  13. Accept the guilt with pleasure. Take the credit. You won and he lost. Or at least you chose the winning side. He fought from a lame position so it's no big wonder he lost. Still, it's on him to accept the loss. Haha, his side even had god supposedly. How can he blame you?
  14. I doubt anyone here has any idea what it's like to be in a shelter with your disability. Especially without knowing the nature of the disability. Here, you are the only one with the information necessary to make a rational decision. I've seen footage of abuse within elderly homes. The workers might hate their thankless, low-paying jobs and take it out on the patients. Even if they don't stoop that low they might simply take it as easy as possible at the patient's expense. It's a reality and a possibility many of us have to consider later in life. Sooner if you're disabl
  15. What? This is the internet. When it gets to be too much, you close the tab and take a break. There's no safer place to say whatever you want to try saying. Worst that can happen is you get banned. Assuming you haven't given out your details and made an enemy out of someone crazy. Only one who can save you is you. You can only trust people you're certain share an interest with you. And you can't really be certain, so always be vigilant. Professionals have to keep making money and helping you not need them anymore lowers their income. Relatives might be nearly as selfish, needing
  16. I dunno if what you respond matters much. She's super formal, preachy and makes verbose declarations but it's not like you must necessarily respond in kind. Just figure out how you feel about her attitude and whether you can deal with it and still enjoy her company. If you can imagine how hanging out with her would be now with her Jesus agenda declared, you probably know what must be stated if you're to keep hanging out. If you can't imagine it, then why say anything unnecessary before finding out?
  17. Holy shit. I hadn't read that before. Some confidence that Paul dude had. There's no reasoning with his attitude. I hope you can see the circularity of those arguments, though.
  18. Of course not. I had some interesting, delightful feelings induced by thought experiments but there's nothing I could look back at and think "Oh yeah I used to truly know God".
  19. What if it is you who has found pride and bravado instead of god? Maybe you're just in such awe at your creative mind that you presume it has to be divine revelation? lol I mean it's you who is boasting and disdaining right here right now, isn't it?
  20. So Jesus is still in picture. Maybe it's not so much converging then as it is just being torn to two directions. Whatevs. It's ok to align yourself one way but it's just as ok to remain unaligned. Except of course if you're facing a tyrant
  21. How do you know it's getting worse? Maybe he's converging toward the truth about himself.
  22. Alright, but is it what Christianity teaches real?
  23. We can swear we're atheist or that we're theist, but as long as we have a single doubt about it we're actually both. In that sense it doesn't matter much what we say we are. Just say what is wise to say to accomplish what you need. Besides, if there's a god, I'm sure he sees right through us anyway, so there's simply no need to fret. I doubt you can hustle yourself to heaven with words so you can just as well state the truth about your beliefs. Sure, the congregation might be outraged but who are they anyway? Well... I guess they might burn you on a stake so there's that.
  24. You don't know which way it has been finalized, though, because from the temporal perspective it has not been finalized yet. Under your assumptions about God. Perhaps end3 is working under different ones. Also, that "hard truth" makes it sound as if you're not simply working under intellectual assumptions but some faith. Maybe I spoke too hastily in my previous post, lol. Faith and belief are separate. You can have faith that if there's a god he is good, even if you don't really believe there is a god. Or, I guess, you can also have faith that if there's
  25. I think you are confusing belief with sticking to commonly held presuppositions. I can be consistent about Santa Claus' qualities while discussing Santa Claus. It would be funny if you asked me how I can believe he is old and bearded when I don't even believe he exists. No, I don't believe either but if you want to play with another definition, you have to state that definition or I'll have to work with common assumptions.
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