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  1. I suddenly remembered Jian Ghomeshi's recent case and how several women did actually conspire against him. When there are no repercussions for false accusations, perhaps the number of accusers and witnesses isn't worth much. If it costs you nothing to back a sister up in a false case, in hopes that she will pay back the favor, why not do it? I mean the opportune time for it is certainly right now. Ghomeshi's accusers' collusion was revealed and their fraudulent claims fell apart in front of e-mails and message logs Ghomeshi had fortunately saved from many years back. Th
  2. Hey, I can actually respect this. Employees should ideally be fireable at any time and for any reason or no given reason at all. But let me give you this counterpoint: the employer could just fire the women for causing drama. They should be just as free to do that, shouldn't they? Well obviously it isn't absolute evidence but it is a piece of evidence. If you want to throw it away categorically, tell me what protects the innocent from false accusations then? Hah, tell me about it. This is the very problem. Presumption of innocence is a base pill
  3. I don't think you're fully cognizant of the topic here. Your input here was that at a workplace you're not supposed to pursue women but to keep it all respectfully professional. That's fine, and others have seconded this. It's not the point of contention, however. This thread is about accusations being enough reason to exact punishment. About there being no due process, no presumption of innocence, and treating lack of tact the same as serious sexual assault. Please get on board with the premises of this discussion.
  4. I wonder what the resident feminists' take on this would be. How would they personally handle the possibility of false accusations?
  5. Gotta go with Older here. It's annoying but what can you expect? Shouldn't YOU be considerate before you expect them to be considerate? They operate from a set of values you already are familiar with, whereas you come from territory that is foreign to them. You can emphatize with their fear of hell and what not. If you have been hurt by religion, aren't they still abused by it? They might be rude if they refuse to take a simple no for an answer, but to expect them to truly understand you... nah, mate. Be the bigger man if you think you are in the right and they are misguided. Respe
  6. I personally don't worry about the acidity of coffee&tea. I mean they don't even taste very sour even if you don't add any sugar. They appear to be very mild anyway around pH 5 for tea and 4.5-5 for coffee. Cola seems to be pH 2.3 which is much worse as the pH scale is logarithmic (pH 4 is ten times more acidic than pH 5) so it's sodas that I'd worry about. Besides, if I hadn't caffeine to get a little bit high on, I might go for sugar instead, lol.
  7. Also buy some mouthwash and rinse your teeth after each major sugar intake. Brushing is probably very damaging while the enamel is soft from the acids that are often used to balance the sweetness in sweets and drinks. So do not brush right after sugar intake. Then brush after 20-60 minutes or so from rinsing. This is in of course addition to brushing every morning and night. Get used to flossing six out of seven days or so. A day off to let your gums recover may be a good idea. Or maybe you won't need it, dunno. This is just what I do as I have teeth that are very susceptible to de
  8. Get used to giving it up again and again. You will fail and succumb. Then you will have to try again and go through the cravings once more. You'll get used to the cravings and the frustration denying yourself the pleasure will cause. You will also gain confidence in the fact that you are able to tolerate the frustration to a certain degree. In the end the negative feelings still be there during transitions but they will not dominate you and you can go on and off sugar according to your needs with confidence to face the unavoidable discomfort. While off sugar the cravings will
  9. I think suicide is generally a bad idea but it's so because of personal reasons. Don't think of anyone else. Instead, go for pure selfishness. And I don't mean hedonism, that shit is depressing as hell. I mean set your borders, react to the smallest violations with a frown, to slightly bigger ones with slightly more. Maintain personal autonomy and demand respect and you'll se you'll command respect, even fear. It's your life and you live for yourself. Fuck everyone else.
  10. We gotta follow our urges, more or less. Porn is relatively harmless anyway.
  11. I gotta say I have some appreciation for their mother. I mean it may have been a dick move to force the matter on you, I'm not sure what more to say about that. But from the children's perspective it could be good. She isn't shielding them from the fact that not everyone shares their beliefs. Secondly, I don't think it bad that the kid got upset. It's inavoidable. Kids have to face issues like death when they are old enough to understand the concept. There's no way around that. (Except obviously giving sweet fairy tale explanations instead of the cruel truths.) Just believe in the
  12. I don't know, didn't feel much like de-programming to me. I suppose that's a popular word to use but it doesn't resonate with me. Maybe because I've studied some programming. Iterative progress, on the other hand, would describe it aptly, if we're going to use IT words. Thoughts and ideas come and go in cycles, only to evolve slightly at a time. Even better fitting, thinking of my brain as a neural network also helps deal with some frustration as well as causes some. Can't really program those, especially if it's in your head. Just gotta let em learn and trust the process.
  13. I'm partially with your dad. I mean I'm agnostic and definitely not religious, but it is a great temptation and a source of solace for me to think that this isn't really entirely real. That this is just a test. Or a lesson. Just enjoy the ride, whether it's joy or grief or pain and terror that yours is about. That "God wants this to be a test" is a lame line, though. Your father is not being honest. It's he who wants it's like that. Who's to say what god wants? Or maybe your father meant we are just specimen on a divine test plate, ready to be scraped off and discarded for another batch.
  14. This sounds dubious to me. I checked that " Suicide and Suicide Risk in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations: Review and Recommendations" one but it didn't seem to support that claim. it did say the following: Later the article recommends the following: which wouldn't make sense if they had in any way determined that transition treatments aren't helpful.
  15. Hey that's a good point. Are birds presenting their colourful feathers in a courting gesture insecure? I'd think it's the opposite. If you're not confident in your looks, you hide them. A girl that knows she's starting to look sexy is going to display it and reap the rewards.
  16. That expression seems like just a veneer over something worse. Like "Make him an offer he cannot refuse." or "Wouldn't it be terrible if something happened to your children."
  17. Why should being an atheist be a goal or an ideal? You are what you are. If you don't believe something you don't. If you do you do. Even if there's a god, why should you fully believe the authority of Christian leaders or the bible? Did the angels indicate you should? The New Testament is a collection decided upon by a very human council anyway. Its full divinity cannot be guaranteed even if the god known by the characters in bible is real. Christian leaders are obviously fallible and even corrupt, calculating people, so I'm not going to hold their word in high regard. Seeing ange
  18. I wonder whether that "sorry bro" means "I'm sorry I impudently appeared out of blue only to ask for money" or "I'm sorry for you". Maybe it's intentionally ambiguous in order to probe you.
  19. I don't think Jaded is acting jaded enough. Such small but annoying manipulative gestures are how a certain type of people worm their way in. You compromised your integrity for the sake of avoiding embarrassment. Consequently, you also misled him with your action. Based on what you told, he has the moral high ground. I agree with Jaded on the rest, though.
  20. There's no 'should'. Either you feel guilty or you don't. You probably feel something because you took the trouble to write. Figuring out what it is and what it is related to may be useful...or may not. I mean, you'll feel it regardless.
  21. There's no god to judge so you can judge for yourself. Don't like something? You don't need to associate with it, then. There will be consequences but you're free to judge their weight as well.
  22. This does not seem entirely fair. Let's say you were forsaking lawfulness for a criminal life, and you made that argument against law.
  23. That's fascinating and ridiculous, just like the article in OP.
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