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  1. This one reminds me of another point. Taking the time to thoroughly evaluate the proposition before being allowed to give it up is also part of many a salesman's pitch. Giving them a chance like that seems like a fair and reasonable thing to do. Thing is, they have had that discussion many times with other potential customers. Chances are they are good at playing that game. Truth is you don't have to give it much thought. You can dismiss it in seconds as "sorry but your product doesn't sound interesting to me, goodbye". What is more, you can reasonably demand them to give basic respect fo
  2. Certainty? There is no such luxury. Hell presumes soul and some cosmic purpose regarding them. With such assumptions, anyone can claim anything and it cannot be proven or verified. Just deal with it.
  3. It was down for me too for the last couple of hours.
  4. "Atheist YouTuber says we don’t need second- or third-wave feminism…because religion isn’t male-dominated" That article title is misleading hyperbole. I immediately checked whether TAA really said that. And yeah, he did, in a list of things at 3m55s into his video. It is a weak point in that list, but why the hell do they make an article title out of it as if that were some of the main points in the video? That is petty. As is the rest of that article. Hypocritical, too. Exemplarily so.
  5. I'm laughing aloud already. That's just too stereotypical. I can see why SL suspects your story is made up. Nobody is supposed to take the crazy feminism stuff that seriously (isn't that right SL?), and I don't think many are. She's got to be just testing how far she is able to take it.
  6. Atheists don't look at what's happening to atheists in middle east while claiming that it is actually the West which hates atheists and respond with tantrums when facts are pointed out regarding the Middle East. There are also not atheists claiming that Muslims are actually very tolerant of lack of belief.
  7. That's weird. Divide & impera? I've read somewhere (probably generalizing hugely) that Russian men and women have a uniquely weird relationship, starting from the mother-son relations. Something like mothers beating their sons who then grow up to detest women in that regard and probably retaliate.
  8. As you said, you were brutally honest. She couldn't handle it. Good riddance, perhaps. Or maybe you dumped too much on her? Dunno. Your wife's guess sounds reasonable as well. But didn't Mary hear from Danny that you are married? Or maybe Danny didn't realise that it was relevant.
  9. It's nice to believe there might be a soul that lives on. If and when I allow myself such luxury, I probably care less about people in my life. Or my own limited life for that matter, and what I do with it. I'd rather call it weak than stupid, because I think nobody really is as stupid as to truly believe in it. Even the religious ones just hope so, I'm certain.
  10. Shouldn't hurt to be a bit sceptical about everything. If you just listen and believe in the science class, how does that differ from the religious indoctrination?
  11. Well, #IStandWithHateSpeech has been hot lately.
  12. You might not be compatible with your therapist. If there are too big differences between you and them, you'd perhaps better move on, as it could take years (or forever) to work around. Besides, you are paying them to be useful. About the Standford case, it goes to show that the society is neither fair nor entirely just. Class matters. Connections and social influence matter. Better accept legal justice as an unreachable ideal.
  13. Much of this should be general knowledge already. The often touted meme is simply false propaganda: to say that in comparison to men's earnings, "women earn 77/82 cents per dollar for the same job" is simply not true. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gender_pay_gap_in_the_United_States (^emphasis above mine) (^emphasis above mine) Above is just one example of a study that does some controlling of the various variables. There are more in the wikipedia article. Much of this really should be obvious, given that discriminating by gender this way is illegal. Even if it for some reason w
  14. Christian arguments mostly don't touch me at all anymore. I just have no patience whatsoever for them. There's other stuff I have done that make me feel like an idiot and make me want to curse and hit myself even years later. The stuff I've done because of religion is not that big of a deal. At most it just feels mildly embarrassing now.
  15. W...why on earth? Didn't you just mention 100% evidence on that he's not trustworthy.
  16. Probably way more consistent among women that haven't been raped, so...
  17. By teaching them. Either give so good explanations that you don't even need to commit the mistakes, or maybe let you commit mistakes but mitigate the damage so that it's essentially just a lesson. Or maybe don't even mitigate the damage to really drive the point home and force them to take responsibility instead of rely on god, and only use the final, wise generation for whatever mysterious godly schemes you have in store for them.
  18. Majority need not be outraged. Afraid is enough. If your boss gets told by dozens of angry voices that you're a known racist and harasser of women on the internet, he might find it wisest to let you go.
  19. Oh, Milo. He is lovely. He's so slippery and so many expressions flash on his face. I don't disagree too much with him but I do find his debating style frustrating. His arguments appeal to common sense and shared perceptions. While that is amusing, it's not useful when arguing with feminists, who will demand that you cite your sources. Still, I guess he's doing an effective job at poking easy holes in the commonplace feminist propaganda.
  20. There's a quagmire that way as well, known as re-education. You don't want the pc folks administering that either.
  21. I guess you are talking about post #27 with the butt pinch? In #52 there's no physical contact so it doesn't sound like an 'assault'.
  22. Interesting. I've not really thought about the dominance point of view, but you're not the first to bring it up. It's so barbaric it's hard to think that many like that would be walkking free in a modern, crowded and complex society. Sure being able to do that would have been useful for you, but do old peeps have the right to expect much such finesse from young people? I realize I'm probably being an idealist about this. Right or not, an old prick just might make a scene if refused with anything less than laudable politeness.
  23. It seems to me you've constructed a bit of a straw-man to argue against. The reason why women have complaints against unwanted sexual attention is that so frequently it does involve aggressive behavior that goes beyond rudeness to intimidation and hostility. Sure, sometimes people just complain about people they don't think are attractive staring at them, but the reason street harassment is considered a real social problem by feminists rather than just a minor annoyance is because it so often goes well beyond being offended by mere attraction. It's about hating being made to feel afraid of vio
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